Finally learned how to use SAI well, naturally the first thing to draw is my favorite Pokemon! (second pic is transparent,,,)

@cat-pun you’ve inspired me so much, I actually downloaded Sai because of your speedpainting video! I tried out some of your brushes, and they really helped me get comfortable with the new program :D!

For @trustnooneyoucant @commanderwanderau

My apologies for how bad this drawing, do not know, but I like how it turned out. In addition to today if you agrege several details that I forgot in the previous drawing with Lord Wander (especially the eyes, white paint white accidentally when are red T-T, evil my
I still have to improve, and I think this is not the exepcion my improvement: v
I understand if you do not like, I hope to make a better one soon.

Anyway, I wish you like Julie :3

Velour from Fire Emblem Fates, I really love this character ehe! ~
This was supposed to be just a doodle but I let myself get carried away Haha 😂 ~