paint strip

please don’t paint stripping as some privileged form of sex work lite – it’s not. it’s hard physical labor to dance all night, strip clubs are extremely exploitative workplaces, and we experience astronomical levels of sexual assault!

i have never once worked a shift without a man groping my breasts or vulva without my consent, ever, not in five years!

and sometimes we pay money instead of making money for all this, too. if it’s a slow night and you can’t make enough to cover your house fee and some guy tries to finger you roughly on stage? too bad, so sad. no manager is ever gonna care. you should’ve worked harder.

The pants I’m wearing are pants I sewed myself
that is both metaphor and physical reality
and the explanation of that does not detract 
from the worth of it 
the pants are no more or less beautiful
because I admit to taking the time
to touch them until they hugged me just right
the metaphor is the same
lighting up the room I sit in will not make it smaller
touring all the corners
pawing through the layers of clothes on the floor
won’t strip the paint
art is no different
my art is no different
—  A.O.A.M. || Explanation

DIY Calvin and Hobbes Mural

Calvin and Hobbes is my favorite comic strip of all times

The creator of Calvin and Hobbes, Bill Watterson, never licensed any of his characters for anything - so there are no mugs, no stuffed characters etc… So to say that I really like this mural is an understatement.

Go to the link here to check out step-by-step photos by Imgur User TXMorgan to see how to paint your own Calvin and Hobbes Mural.

I posted this roundup of DIY Knit, Crochet and Plush Hobbes from the Calvin and Hobbes Comic Strip here.

Here is a miniature DIY Amigurumi Hobbes with a Free Pattern from Mia’s Atelier.

Omegaverse (6) Masterlist

part one, part two, part three, part four, part five

All Of His Charms (ao3) -  somanydestiel

Summary:  He seems to come back to himself and takes a deep breath. “Sorry. It’s kind of late- after ten o’ clock- we should be getting to bed.” I follow him up the stairs and back into his room, admiring the dark stained wood of his furniture and the modern pale colors it’s painted. While he strips down to his boxers and pulls on a pair of pajama pants, I stand awkwardly. He climbs into bed and holds the duvet open for me, raising an eyebrow. “What?” “Come to bed.” I hope my legs don’t quake, because despite all that Phil’s shown me tonight, I still have vivid images in my mind of exactly what he could do if he wanted to. Crawling into bed, I try to settle the fear in my stomach. In my chest, my heart pounds when he puts a hand over my hips, but he quickly falls asleep. Phil’s just going to sleep. So I scoot close and let my had rest on his chest. All too soon, I fall asleep too.

Bond With Me - your-precious-phan-blog

Summary:  Omega!Dan goes into his first heat during school and Alpha!Phil looks after him

Confusion (ao3) - younastyyyyyyy

Summary: dan is an omega, phil finds his dildo, louis walks in and katy gives them a camera.ORphan has kinky sex and film it on katy’s camera.

I’ll Always Love You - your-precious-phan-blog

Summary:  Dan and Phil have been trying desperatly to conceive a child of their own.

I’m Not Your Omega - your-precious-phan-blog

Summary: (tw) Dan’s in heat while Phil is at work. with no way to contact Phil with his forgotten phone another Alpha picks up Dan’s scent and walks into their home to claim Dan as his own. Will Phil get home in time to save his Omega? Does his Omega need saving at all?TW- Blood, non-con

In A Strange Room With a New Last Name (ao3) - yellowlampshade

Summary: The first thing Dan did after accepting the proposal was write to Chris.Just days after turning eighteen, Dan is forced by his parents to accept a marriage proposal from an Alpha he’s never met.“Daniel? Daniel, wait, you don’t have to…” Philip was behind him, his hand on Dan’s to stop him from undressing, and he couldn’t be numb anymore. Every feeling hit him at once and suddenly he was crying and couldn’t stop. He brought his hands to his face to muffle his sobs, and this wasn’t how this was supposed to happen, it was so much better when he felt nothing because now everything hurt. He missed his room and his friends and his brother and Chris and he was so afraid of this.

I See Your Echo On A Blank Page - dancingwithstarlightatmidnight

Summary:  Omega Daniel James has lost everything. He was happy once; he had an Alpha. His name was Phil Lester, and he was ripped away from him. Or was he?  Ten years after Phil’s “death”, he reappears and begins to search for his Omega.  Now, Dan is a wanted rebel leader. Will they reach eachother?

Mr. Lester  - your-precious-phan-blog

Summary:  Omega!Student!Dan had his first heat in school and Alpha!Teacher!Phil gets him through it.

New Family (ao3) -  PHILosophy97

Summary: When Dan and Phil decide to finally have kits, there is a long procedure they must carry out.Smut and fluff

Oblivious - ultxmasunicornphanfics

Summary:  Alpha!Dan calms a scared omega at the cinema, Omega!Phil gets a little jealous.

Pail and Shovel (ao3) -  dannihowell

Summary: Omega children are to be protected. They’re so fragile. They always have bruises, cuts and ‘owies’. Omega children are smaller than children of other genders. They rarely raise their voices even though their personalities may demand it. They cry more often than not. They pout and whine. Should they push back, their peers become violent. Omega children appear weak but more often than not, they are the strongest.

So Glad That I Found You (ao3) - sammysmiless

Summary:  “I saved every letter you wrote me, From the moment I read them, I knew you were mine. You said you were mine. I thought you were mine. Do you know what Angelica said When we saw your first letter arrive? She said “Be careful with that one, love. He will do what it takes to survive.”

Sweet Dreams (ao3) - yellowlampshade

Summary:  Omega Dan wakes up one night to a funny feeling between his legs and goes to his Alpha to help.

Temptation (ao3) - Dry_The_Rain

Summary:  In a world where Alpha’s are strong, Omega’s are beautiful and Beta’s are workers what happens to those who don’t fit in? Phil Lester and Dan Howell and two of these people: here are their stories.
(Or where Dan and Phil fall in love, even when they know it’s impossible.)

Tending To (ao3) - scribblw

Summary:  Dan’s generally a fail and his forgetfulness gets him into yet another bad situation when his heat comes around, but this time he just has to wait for his alpha to get home and take of him. (A/O smut)

The Beast Inside - your-precious-phan-blog

Summary:  Phil ignores Dan’s heat.

Treat Your Omega Right (ao3) - pretive

Summary:  Dan loved them enough to die for them, Phil needed to be strong enough to live for them.

Unusable - your-precious-phan-blog

Summary:  Dan’s current Alpha doesn’t love him. In fact he sells Dan’s body for money. One day Dan goes into heat just before his next (and regular) client Alpha Phil.   Dan ends up pregnant and when Alpha Chad finds out, he’s less then impressed.

Water (ao3) - dannihowell

Summary:  Dan loses his husband at the age of seven. Another man doesn’t enter his life for ten years.

You’re Mine (ao3) - orphan_account

Summary: (tw) rape/noncon “If you wanted some spineless Alpha who follows your every whim, you’re sorely deluded in this world,” The Alpha went on, putting his nose against Phil’s soaked underwear to breath in the scent of his slick deeply. “You’re a bitch in heat, and you’ll be treat like it until the day you die if you’re under my care,” the dark haired man rumbled into Phil’s boxers, nipping the delicate skin of his inner thighs possessively. “And who knows? The way you’re going, maybe I’ll keep you. Strap you down and fuck you, even with a bellyful of my pups. Would you like that? Knowing that you’re mine, completely and utterly?”

You’re Safe With Me - your-precious-phan-blog

Summary:  Prompt: 2009 Omegaverse - Dan has just arrived at the train station when he has his first heat. He ends up being chased into a parking lot by a stranger Alpha before Phil comes and saves him. They end going to Phil’s and sexy times ensue. Inspired by “Tag, You’re It” by Melanie Martinez.

Side chaps -
The last piece is done!!
To start, I essentially wrapped my hips in paper, like I did with my mannequin, then drew the outline shape while looking on the mirror. At first I drew them to look proportional to the model, but was having major trouble with maneuverability. The chaps would pucker at the front and come loose in the back when I lifted my leg, so I had to cut back the pattern in those areas. Also, to help with flexibility, these are only cloth, no foam backing.

The gold bevels were added. To attach the chaps to me, I reinforced with modge podge half of a foam strip, and contact cemented the other half to the back of the chap at the top, then added snaps. Pleather strips painted dark brown where glued in the back and attach with Velcro at the front.

The feathers are a mix of jet black and charcoal grey goose feathers from I cut most of the quill off of each feather and hot glued the bit that was left of each feather to the fabric. I ended up using 2 bags for each side, but could’ve either used more, or glued the entire length of the feather down to prevent the underlying fabric from showing as I was not expecting the feathers to flare like they do, but it’s kind of a neat effect I think :)

We don’t normally do full refinishing, just touchups to existing original varnish. But this cello has had a checkered past. As far as we can reconstruct, it was at some point painted green, then stripped, scratched all to hell, stained dark brown, and left varnish-less. So far (in addition to a few crack and mouse damage repairs, regraduation, bass bar, and a new neck), I have cleaned up as much of scratches and stain as possible, and given it a coat of ground mix. The plan is to finish it with a (very) dark brown oil varnish to hide as much of the blotchiness as we can. Any real-world experience cello varnishing advice from the luthiers of tumblr is welcome, as I am currently going by books and instinct. My boss doesn’t do full refinishing either. I have varnished a couple violins, and they came out fine, but they were, uh, a much more manageable size. This thing is unwieldy to say the least.