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Woah woah woah! Goth calm down he or she is just being a kid! No need for such ageretion! Just calm down ok? *Nervously pats his shoulder*

“I put you a bucket of paint on your face without knowing or accident? What do you feel?”

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just so u know!! al ot of those videos with the buckets of paint being mixed are actually glaze for clay projects!!

Oh shoot forreal?? :O I thought they were all nail polish!! I guess it’s a good thing I haven’t been tagging them all as “nail polish” then lol! ^^;;

I forgot all about pottery glaze, that’s really neat!

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Alright here we go I just asked @anarchetypal about this because I am on a Spree™ but I need your take on shithead Ryan. I'm pretty sure you've done this before but I've read all of your everything and I need m o r e

Not sure if you meant just generally or you actually wanted something specific but here we go~

  • Listen, any one of the Fakes would tell you Ryan’s mask is less about hiding his identity than it is about hiding the fact that he is nearly always laughing. It didn’t take him long to realise that with his reputation literally anything he does will be interpreted as threatening and even the most innocuous activities are treated as utterly unnerving. If people knew just how often Ryan was flat out messing with them there wouldn’t be nearly so many desperately worried discussions trying to unravel what depravity the Vagabond is getting up to with a bucket of paint and a dust-buster. 
  • While most of the others find accompanying Gavin as the muscle in a meeting somewhat monotonous and dry (there are exceptions of course, the contacts that Gavin plays ridiculous roles for, or the meetings that go south and kick off, but for the most part its a bit of posturing and trying not to tune out while Gavin does his thing) Ryan always has a ball. Ryan is just about the only Fake who could give Gavin a run for his money in regards to a flare for the unnecessarily dramatic, so when the two of them head off together they invariably go well and truely overboard. Whoever the pair meet with, no matter how well they’ve done their job or how many positive interactions they’ve previously had with Gavin alone will spend the entirety of their meeting tracking Ryan’s movements around the room, absolutely sure they’re about to die. 
  • After watching a few too many episodes of Brooklyn Nine-nine Ryan picks up the habit of making the occasional outrageously out of character confession just to watch people squirm with the realisation that no one will ever believe them if they tell. After all the unspeakable horrors Los Santos has witnessed from the Vagabond none are prepared to entertain for a single moment the possibility that he might also enjoy the Spice Girls, cry in Disney movies or hula-hoop at a competitive level. 
  • Any time the Fake’s accept a new member Ryan tends to silently shadow them everywhere they go for a couple of weeks in full Vagabond get up. Everyone assumes, quite reasonably and with no small amount of blind terror, that the Vagabond is protective, distrustful, and all too eagerly awaiting the chance to kill them off at the first sign of a slip up. In reality Ryan knows just how vetted anyone has to be before Geoff will let them into the family, and just really enjoys toying with their emotions while he can.
  • There’s a narrow window towards the back of the LSPD bullpen - a little unorthodox but the glass is thick and one-way tinted so security isn’t really a problem. What is a problem is the fact that every now and then a member of the force will swear up and down that they saw the Vagabond’s awful skull standing there leering at them through the glass. 
  • Ryan found out, through pure accident, that leaving his mask balanced atop of his hanging jacket is a surefire way to terrify Geoff in the middle of the night. Before it really sinks in he is woken on three seperate occasions by that all-too distinctive shriek; the first incident had the whole crew running guns drawn, the second was met with endless mockery and by the third Ryan just lays in bed, listening to the others thundering into the hallway, and grins. From that point on Ryan just gets more creative about where he leaves his spectre self; the bathroom, the pantry, and on one memorable occasion, suspended right outside Geoff’s door. 

Hausa–Fulani girl - Nigeria

The Hausa- Fulani people are on of the largest ethnic groups in Nigeria, a country with over 300 ethnic groups. The group is a fusion of the Hausa and Fulani people, whose cultures have become intertwined. 


Two is always better than one ;)

[life has been kicking me in the face lately so I needed to draw some reaper76 to make me feel better. p.s. I can’t colour so if you think you can do a rad job, or you just want to have fun with a paint bucket, the lineart is totally there- tag me if you post it :)]

Kiddie asks

1. tire swing- do you prefer the indoors or the outdoors?

2. paint bucket- what’s your favorite color?

3. raincoat- do you like the rain?

4. refrigerator- do you like drawing or coloring better?

5. plushie- do you have toys? which one is your favorite?

6. dandelion- what’s your favorite season?

7. pacifier- do you stim?

8. fuzzy- do you have a specific piece of clothing that makes you feel like a kid?

9. reading nook- do you like reading? what’s your favorite book?

10. raspberries- what makes you giggle?

11. nightlight- are you afraid of the dark?

12. nick jr.- what’s your favorite kiddie show?

13. blankie- do you have a comfort item?

14. baby tooth- what’s one thing you miss from your childhood?

15. cradle- what age do you regress to?

16. treehouse- do you have a special place that makes you feel safe?

18. Alphabet soup- what’s one thing that always makes you feel better?

19. bubbles- what do you consider fun?

20. baby powder- do you have a specific scent that you associate with being small?

Holi - India

Holi is a spring festival, known as the festival of colour, or the festival of love. It is the most widely celebrated Hindu festival. Though it is mainly observed in India & Nepal, celebrations have spread to other parts of the world, and is now celebrated by non religious people who enjoy the sentiment of love and colour that the festival stands for.