Osomatsu-San Extra Stories Translation ‘Karamatsu of Dreams” Part One

Another translation from the Extra Stories (Bangaihen) novel. This time about Karamatsu and his dreams of putting on a live concert. Quite a lot of painfullness, as you would expect. Doing it in two parts this time.

Cultural note: The Nippon Budokan is a big indoor arena in Tokyo that was originally built to host martial arts contests. It’s also a well known concert venue, and it’s considered very prestigious to play here. An artist or group playing here is a sign that their career is on the up.

Karamatsu of Dreams - Part One

Beneath the blue sky –

Karamatsu was sitting on the roof of the house clutching his guitar.

“Heh… the Goddess of Music is fickle.”

He wasn’t playing the guitar, and he certainly wasn’t singing. From the outside, he didn’t look like he was doing anything other than basking in the sun.

His whole body was bathed in sunlight. He felt as if he were shining like the sun itself.

“Oh, Sunshine! What are you trying to do by heating me up even more? After you’ve lit my heart on fire, you’ll only end up burning yourself, aha?”

He faced the sun and put on his sunglasses.

“I’m dazzling, aren’t I? You can use me, Sunshine!” 

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Sé que debo dejarlo ir, debo darme una oportunidad con alguien más, debo darle la oportunidad a mi corazón de volver a sentir. Pero ahora mismo no puedo. No cuando todavía lo quiero, cuando cada latido de mi corazón le pertenece y mi pulso se acelera con tan solo leer su nombre. Cuando todavía una parte de mi lo espera, cuando mis pensamientos y sentimientos siguen estando siempre con el. Simplemente no puedo, el sigue teniendo esa mitad de mi que lo amo con locura. No es justo estar con alguien a medias, intentando darle lo poquito que el me dejo. Nadie merece que le quieran a medias.

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