I read the same thing over and over— that love is painful when you realize you’ll have to give it up. Am I totally oblivious… completely out of touch with reality… because the thought of giving her up is unquestionable… unthought of… I could never do it, despite the burden it will be on myself.
—  Olive K.
Be kind

In times like this, be compassionate. Be kind, show respect, do whatever you can to help. Disrespect, hate and insensitivity will only bring more pain and hurt. Spread love, and please, please, do not be disrespectful to entire communities. It is not their fault. It is the fault of a few cruel individuals, and by no means should innocent people have to face hate for something that is not their fault. Be kind, be compassionate, and share love.

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PSA: A writer for CBS is making jokes about what happened at Ariana Grande's concert. Anyone with a twitter please report David Leavitt to twitter. He has a verification and alot of followers. A platform. There should be a 0 tolerence policy for ignorance reguarding people who have been granted the ability to use SM as a platiform. Ppl were injured and died today. Theres nothing funny about this pain. Bless Manchester. Spread love. End Hate. End Ignorance.

Here is the account you can report.

Why does Shaun King love pain porn? Why does he spread triggering videos and images with nary a heads up or any respect to the victims and families? I hate him for that so much.


Last print for Anime North! Hunter x Hunter is one of my favourite series so ofc i decided to fully render 20 freakin characters within a week. I love pain.

Will be available at table E16 in the Anime North Comic Market this weekend. Map is here!

the night is emerald with growth,
vines that tangle up walls &
windows, leaves hissing in the wind
like fire-caught paper, obscuring
the glass. hands bound in leather,
fingers grasping for nothing. knees
on hardwood floor. breath begging
for the light. out of many realities,
this one has settled like silt at
the bottom of a pond, wrapped
in a forced sort of silence, the clarity
of open-mouthed worship. the
aching way pain can feel like
love in the right hands.
—  bound || a.s.w.
I wanted to tell you how I felt
So much
I wanted you to know
How you made me feel
How I ached for your touch
How you hurt me
How you made me cry
How I loved you
I wanted to tell you
But I couldn’t
I couldn’t tell you how you made me feel
Because sometimes
Closure isn’t possible
Sometimes closure isn’t the right thing
So I wrote you a letter
Of how I felt
Including the pain
And the love
I sealed it with
A kiss and a tear
And with the fire
From my heart
It lit up in flames And burned
Kiss and Make up

Word count: 915

Requested?: No

Warnings: Swearing

Pairing: Dean x reader



“What the hell was that!?” You could hear the anger in Dean’s voice, his body towering over you as you tried to stay calm. Your eyes met his green ones. Instantly you saw a range of emotions flash through his eyes. Fear, love, pain but, there was one that sent chills though you to every last bone in your body.


“I was only trying to help Dean” you murmured as you fiddled with your fingers. You kept your eyes trained on your feet as you couldn’t deny what you did was incredibly stupid. But, you love this man; you would do anything for him no matter how much pain it brought you. “I thought you were going to get hurt”.

“And now look what’s happened, you’re bleeding from a giant werewolf slash on your arm that Sam barely managed to stitch up”. Now you were getting angry. You had done what you thought would be best for the team. Apparently Dean didn’t agree with you on this as he continued to shout down at you. “You always do this (Y/N)! You always have to ruin every god damn hunt we go on together!” That pushed you over the edge.

“You know what Dean, fuck you! I work so hard to try and be a part of this team! I work so hard to make sure that you and Sam have food to eat, have clean clothes to wear and a comfortable bed to sleep in every god damn night and the one time i put myself in any kind of danger to stop the man i love getting hurt, this is that thanks i get!” Honestly you were shocked with yourself that you finally snapped, and so badly. Dean just stood there for a moment looking at you, mouth opening to talk but quickly closing when you began to talk again. “I need some air”.

You started to walk out the door as you heard Dean’s voice behind you calling your name. Ignoring him you took the keys to the impala and slammed the door on your way out. After dating for 9 years it was as much your car as it was his but, the only time you took it by yourself was when you were really angry. Dean knew to give you the space you needed because of this. He knew he had to do something for you when you came back.

After driving around in the impala for over an hour you decided to drive back to the motel room you and Dean were sharing at the moment. Chuck only knows what Sam was thinking next door. You decided to check on him before having to face Dean. You lightly knocked on the door and immediately you heard footsteps on the other side. “Hey (Y/N), everything alright?”

Trying your hardest to be happy you replied. “Yeah, i just wanted to say thank you for the whole patching me up thing earlier. I really appreciate it.” He gave you a small smile and a look as if he knew you were going to continue. “Also, sorry for anything you may have heard between the argument between me and Dean, it just kinda got out of hand.” He pulled you into a hug. “Don’t be sorry. I know you and Dean love each other. Everyone argues (Y/N), you may not be the most ordinary couple in the world but you’re still a couple. Don’t worry about it, just go see your husband and make up.” You were thankful for Sam; he was always there for you especially after your arguments with Dean. He kissed you on the cheek and let you go waiting for you to walk away. “Go!” he pleaded. “Okay, okay i’m going. Thank you Sam.”

Nerves filled your body as you twisted the door handle. You told yourself to just apologise, kiss and make up. Surely that would be the easiest thing for everyone. As you opened the motel door the first thing you noticed was that the lights were off. “Dean?” you called out through the room. No reply. “DEAN!?” “Just come in you were even more confused when he said this but none the less followed his instructions.

As you walked into the motel room you noticed something that wasn’t in the room when you left. Dean had made a fort out of all the possible blankets he could find. Candles were lit in the room and in the middle of the fort was a take out. “What’s all this?” you asked as you walked further into the room. “My apology for being such a dick earlier.” He looked down in shame. “Dean I-“ you were cut off as his watery eyes met yours. “No (Y/N) let me say sorry” Dean wasn’t one for apologies so you let him talk.

“I love you okay? I only get angry because i love you so much and it would break me if something were to happen to you.” He came closer to you and wrapped his arms around your waist as you wrapped yours around his neck. “I’m sorry, like really sorry. I wish i wasn’t such a dick.” His eyes met yours once again. “Forgive me?” You looked into his eyes seeing the love as he said it. “Of course, you dork.” He leaned down to connect your lips in a passionate kiss.

Maybe the kiss and make up was the best solution was the best choice after all.

The most painful thing about losing love is giving 100% and then some and it not working out.

Doing everything right and failing is the worst because when you fuck it up for yourself you can at least have some type of closure knowing that you shot your own self in the foot.

My only fear of falling in love is falling harder than him. Nothing sounds more painful than loving someone more than they love you.
—  Excerpt from a book I’ll never write
she pretends like nothing happened because she wants people to see how strong she is. only she knows how painful and emotional she really is
—  (via sturzpoesie IG)


II. of Melophobia


@spookyyfuck‘s second piece of art: Do You Understand The Things That You’ve Been Seeing?: Come A Little Closer

I think that ocean is only my tears.

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Friendly reminder for all folks who bind, if you're under 18 and are still growing, REMEASURE YOUR CHEST EVERY COUPLE MONTHS to make sure your binder still fits. Remeasure if you feel any abnormalities at all in your ribs, too. Nobody told me this and I didn't think of it until after my ribs got bent beyond repair when I went from a B to a D in a matter of around 6 months, and now I'm living with near chronic pain. Be careful, lovelies. (I know you've got a lot of young trans followers!)

!!!! Very good advice, I never would have thought of that