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hi, uhm.. I'm a new student. I love what you do!! and, can you tell me how to keep calm? I'm as calm as a little chihuahua in a bouncy house.

I am calm because I am enlightened. I see things that others cannot and have experienced pain that has changed me from who I was. The peace in my is my own, the calmness is something I work for daily. 

Calming yourself can be simpler than becoming enlightened, of course. You are excitable, yes? Burn out your excitement by producing something! Make are, write, talk about it with fans! Let your excitement about things flow freely until it equals itself out, and you can find calmness on the other side. 

Like honestly I just want season four to be….lighter? Have more hope? I know they only have 6 (or possibly 2) months to live but damn, give me some fluff? This past season was so dark with all the killing and shit….like, give Clarke a haircut? Let Miller stumble across a chicken and nurture it? Let Bellamy laugh? Let Murphy continue being a sarcastic ass to everyone besides Emori? Let Octavia jump in a river and cleanse her soul? Have Raven not be in pain for a change (and none of that fake happy CoL bullshit)? Let Monty and Jasper do their handshake thingy? Make Jaha season one Jaha? Let Abby have sexytime with Kane? Give Jackson a few more lines besides “Abby, we need you in medical”? And for the love of all that is good, somebody mention Wells.

You were different. Maybe that’s what first attracted me to you, the fact that all the pain and sadness never changed the light in your eyes. You had this kind of hopeful smile through tears reminding that everything will be okay. No matter how much you’ve bern hurt before you always wear your heart on your sleeve. How much courage you have to love with such intensity without stopping not for a second. You are different and I love you for that.
Don’t You Dare: Jason Todd x Reader

Just a really short drabble this morning, but soon to be followed by some longer imagines! I’ll be trying to get a few out today, catch up on some of the requests I got over the weekend. :)

“Don’t you dare say you love me,” Jason says, his eyes strangely serious. You tilt your head, and when you start to open your mouth again he presses his fingers to your lips. “Don’t you dare,” he repeats grimly.

You pull away, frowning. “Why not?”

“Because- because bad things happen to people who get too close to me,” Jason says, his hand still outstretched towards you, and you can see that his eyes are brimming with some old pain.

“I can’t change how I feel, Jay,” you say. “But if it makes you feel better, I won’t say it. You know, anyway.”

“Yeah. I know.”

Loving him changed me in ways I have never imagined. I was in a toxic abusive marriage for such a long time, I absolutely did not know how to love, dysfunction was normality. I had no clue how to have a loving relationship or even what that meant. Loving him so fiercely and feeling the pain from my mistakes changed me, I wish who I am today was meeting him for the first time now. I want you to know I am sorry and I care about you so much.

jazzhands do you ever think about young early 20-something year old angela who became a doctor bc she lost her parents to war and wanted to help people, to be a healer, to do good who joins overwatch and isn’t content sitting in a lab she wants to be out there in the field helping and healing except one day her teammate is down and the only thing standing between them and the enemy is angela with her caduceus blaster and she fires because she has to, she tells herself over and over again that she had to do it except the enemy crumples like a puppet with their strings cut and god she’s never seen a person fall like that, they’re lying there so still she had to do it but they’re just lying there because of her and when angela finally turns to treat her teammate its with shaking hands (hands usually so steady and sure) and when she gets back to base she has to come to terms with what she’s just done and who she is and who she might have to become if she’s going to stay in the line of work

like do you ever think about that or what

Suitcases and Duffels

when sleep no longer rests you
when food no longer fills you
when love no longer has meaning to you
what do we become?
hollowed out shells of who we once were, what we used to have- waiting for something to scavenge the remains and inhabit our skin.
the best liars are those of us who people think would never tell a lie. just because you’re dumb enough to swallow my sugar coated, pretty packaged, pre-chewed words doesn’t mean they’re not poisoned.
the birds have flown the nest and the sun has risen but nothing about the new day is bright and new. it’s all the same.
im homesick for the rain for the sun for pain for change, for you

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How does Sherlock know that he can't pass a certain point? Did he get thrown back, passed out, started having a growing pain?

I actually changed the rules of the curse. Like, technically he CAN leave the kingdom but if he leaves everyone living there will suffer because he’s kind of bound to the life source of the kingdom. Mycroft has to keep him there and Sherlock’s pretty bitter about that because everyone who lives there knows about what happened with him and Moriarty and they don’t want to touch him because they’re so scared of the curse. It’s a lonely life, I did it to make the people in the chat yell at me.

okay so i found this post again about the symptoms of going onto testosterone and while it all sounds scary and awful it makes me so EXCITED

like??? somehow all of this terrible stuff that can happen to you makes me?? really excited to go on T one day?? i think it’s just the fact that I will be able to see my body changing and know that i’m going to look more like how i WANT TO LOOK!! that makes me so excited!!

and like i know i probably won’t be able to go on T until I’m out of college and have a stable job to pay for it (unless some miracle happens and i have the money to pay for it) but still!! like it’ll so be worth the wait!!

just thinking about it makes me so happy and excited.. like i will be HAPPY with my body i will be SO HAPPY

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Hi, I'm quite knew to the fandom and I have a question about Louis on stage. I've been looking old videos and it seems to me that he is less and less confident on stage? I think i saw someone say that after tmh and the closet being really on place he was more absent on stage? The Louis i see in old videos seems quite far from the one we see now. Maturity must play of course but it feel it's not all?? Any opinion? loooove your blog!

I believe it was all because of Harry. They stopped their stage interactions sometime during tmh, then we had wwa larry moments too but it was fucking painful because they instantly looked at the ground or turned away, heads hung down, it was really damn painful. Then otra brought changes, ot4 being a foursome brought changes, they became more blunt, more blatant. I believe Liam playfighting with him helped him be more at ease. Yes it is true that Louis’ matured but he’s still the little shit and during otra these limitations lifted, and from WWA where the big thing was a Larry screen transition we had otra with actual touches, next to you’s, serenading, after you, sharing and kicking water bottles, etc etc. So in my opinion this tension will dissolve once they’re out.

The Monster and her Pet: Caroline and Hope

It had been years since Caroline’s life had turned upside down. Years since the originals had been attacked and put under a sleeping curse. Caroline had resided in New Orleans with Klaus and his family before everything happened. After her mother died, Caroline began to change. The pain that had once almost been crippling had turned to her only motivation to get through life as a vampire. Caroline had never gotten over the death of her mother or the weeks of torture her friends had given her afterward. But she had learned to adapt. She was ruthless, stronger than ever and she hadn’t even needed to turn her humanity off. The blond had leaned that she had an allure to darkness stronger than she had ever imagined. Looking back, it made sense. Considering how in love with Klaus Mikaeslon she had became after he and his family welcomed her with open arms. Even Haley.

They had been inseparable, until that night years ago. Now, she was stuck in New York taking care of his daughter Hope. The curse had only left the two of them and Haley unharmed. So the two adults made an agreement that Caroline would care for the now teenager, while her hybrid mother searched relentlessly for a cure. Little did they know that there was most likely no cure. Haley had failed time and time again to find one. Still, the ladies were set in their ways and never gave up. 

In the beginning, they had all been happy with the arrangement. Unaware of Caroline’s mental health. Even now, she had never gotten over her past and the damage had harmed her mind. Caroline’s mind was literally deteriorating. Sure, after her mother died, she had always struggled to keep control when it came to her blood lust. Ripped in private. She honestly had no one except Hope. And that had proven to be not enough. Now, she had zero control. She was a full fledged, sadistic ripper. And though she loved the girl, she even treated Hope as her own personal pet. Which she could get away with, since she practically raised Hope and Haley’s contact with her own child had decreased dramatically. 

It had become a never ending cycle, travelling around frequently. Caroline killing and terrorizing the only one she loved. She hated herself, but she literally couldn’t help it. Therefore, she kept herself drunk. She didn’t want to feel, so it was no surprise when she stumbled home covered head to toe in blood. A man’s head in one hand and i cocktail in the other. “Hope.” Caroline called, as she fought to keep her balance against the front doorway of their mansion. “Get down here! I need you, now!” 


I’ll Be Good ~ A Dean Winchester Fanmix

01. sometimes I sleep, sometimes it’s not for days, the people I meet always go their separate ways, sometimes you tell the day, by the bottle that you drink / 02. my past has tasted bitter for years now, so I wield an iron fist, grace is just weakness, or so I’ve been told, I’ve been cold, I’ve been merciless, but the blood on my hands scares me to death / 03. and I’ll find strength in pain, and I will change my ways, I’ll know my name as it’s called again / 04. another head aches, another heart breaks, I am so much older than I can take / 05. I’ve been to hell and back so many times, I must admit, you kinda bore me / 06. I’m gonna fight ‘em off, a seven nation army couldn’t hold me back / 07. well, I know there can come fire from the sky, to refine the purest of kings, and even though, I know this fire brings me pain, even so, and just the same, make it rain, make it rain down, Lord / 08. there ain’t no grave, can hold my body down / 09. masquerading as a man with a reason, my charade is the event of the season

[ L I S T E N ]

Good morning everyone I have Awaketh!, and you rude fucks better say it back CTFU Who up & Whats on ur mind?? Somebody talk to me ! Fake people thinking they real……. And really believing it……. That’s where the the game starts getting crazy!“ Crazy how some people will hate you just because they see you getting the love they think they deserve… Ppl read into my IG & twitter too deeply. Chill, you don’t know me or my life. Quit trying to piece things together. We never really grow up on our own, somthin in life always changes us (Pain,Love,Loss,Struggle,Happiness) &make us look at shit different. Shout out to the pain. It gave me understanding !! Everyone wont find you attractive . However those that go above and beyond to express their disapproval, desire something you have. Don’t create standards for someone else that you can’t even meet or offer to someone if they came yo way. Everybody wants loyalty, consistency, & somebody who won’t quit. But everybody forgets that to get that person, you have to be that person. My ideal boyfriend would go to the gym, strip club & church with me…& I don’t know if going to the strip club is a sin but…*throws racks 😩👋 #moniquethephysique #chocolate #curves #philadelphia to #newyork #nyc #manhattan #lingerie #vixen
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I’m done. Please be nice to people. Don’t make fun of others. Don’t criticise people’s art.

I know what it feels like. And it makes me upset when I see it. Bullying is NOT a joke. It’s really painful. And it can change someone entirely. Even the smallest “joke” against someone hurts them. It’s not funny. You should never do that to a person for your own amusement.

And if you don’t like someone’s art, just IGNORE IT. Don’t go up to them and say “your art is so dumb. Why are you even doing this. You should stop.” NO! SHUT UP. That person put alot of effort into it! Your discouraging words can make someone stop using their precious gift of art. Or in anything in that matter. Singing, writing, ect. Someone can loose their love for their passion if you keep putting them down. And that’s not right. It’s wrong. I’m sick of people like that, ya know??

Please be nice to each other. For once.