basically i just hit 600 followers (where did all of you even come from holy shit) and i just wanted to make a cheesy post for all the people that come to mind when i think about who i follow. it came out kind of crazy but it’s late and i’m tired so take it or leave it!! they aren’t in alphabetical order or any order for that matter i just love you all and wanted to get this done as a thank you! bolded are favs for life.

bryansbeard litafan4ever brayswyatts robvandamdatass breakhisneck ajleesus 
alexkoslov hideoitami sailorlouis shitloadsofwrestling fishbulbsuplex brieyoungs 
mcmahonism ibreathewwe twerkforambrose deanambrase ajbryans nicolesbella 
drunkrollins brenduries cmskunk indycena heelkofi maryse0uellet rcknrollins whatwwe 
realityera youtappedout drewsgalloway demonbalor nikkimode paigejlees 
colincassadys ajleesabs stealing-the-show glamslams dolphziggler rollins-central 
youareajabroni samizayn fabj0hn prawnmichaels alundrablayze dritydeeds alexasbliss
briesus typhoidcandy bruckrumlow jerikane aj-punks lltas realmickfoley spearforme 
zackryders ajspaige cenavsowens badnewsbo scumbagseth elenaglilbert cruellasethvil
suplexcitybitches uce-o sabrinawwe thebriesbella blacktylers youngbaaes 
jessegasms reignsroman nikkibellanetwork paigescream luchalita rethsollins 
corporateministry ambrollinz zaynrollins starbrose boughtin finnsitami rohmanreigns 


W O W. That is all I can say right now. I’ve been around this blog for a little more than a year now, much longer than I thought I would stay active. I’ve met a lot of really awesome people, I’ve followed a lot of quality blogs, and I’ve made some great friends. I really wanted to finally make this new follow forever to THANK each and every one of my followers, new and old, for sticking around with me and for helping me reach 2,000 followers. I am awestruck, I can’t believe there are that many of you here on this lame ass blog full of me gushing over wrestlers [ or bitching about the things I don’t like ]. A follower number is just that – a number – and I would be content with even 1 person who wanted to follow me and liked seeing the stuff I have to say/reblog. Regardless, I’m so thrilled to have stuck around this long and gotten to this point. If I had the resources I would for sure be doing a giveaway of some sort, but right now it’s just not possible. So instead here is my follow forever ! 

THE ANGELS : those people i have spoken too a few times or a lot, and that i consider good friends.

elenaglilbert , deansroman , sethsmugassrollins , shesanambrosegirl , cruellasethvil , stephslays , slayjaylee , alexasbliss , ajleesus , spasticchipmunkhuman , typhoidcandy , paigesaj , tylerbreezie , cmxpunk , allhailkingbarrett , skippingcrazychick , scumbagseth , unbreakablerollins , fightbarnesfight

SO MUCH QUALITY: the other awesome people i follow !

a-d: aj-punks , ajbryans , ajleenation99 , allonsyambrose , alundrablayze , ambreignz , ambroleexambrollinz , arnoldhorshack , baedrianneville , blacktylers , boughtin , briesus , brieyoungs , bruckrumlow , cmlees , cmskunk , dean-got-that-ambooty , demonbalor , dirtysdeed , divaeditsdownambrosealley

e-h: fabj0hn , freaksandgeeksdaily , glamslams , gravityforgothim , harleyquinnized , hiitsmekevin , hikadoll 

i-l: iamnotunstable , jeffshardy , jerikane , jerseydeeds , jonbonfection , jonmoxslay , knight-paige , kofiskingston , lambchopviking , lanasreign , luchalita

m-p: margotrobbi , nicolesbella , nyssaslaurel, ofdivas , paigejlees , pipebombshell , princedevit

q-t: rcknrollins , reignsroman , reignssquad , robvandamdatass , rollns , sethrllins , shatteredglassceilings , sheslikealostflower , shinewizards , slayomiknight , spearrings , stylesclashed , sunsethflips , the-anvilette , thebest-thebeard , thebriesbella , thecandicelerae , thenikkibaella , theprincethrone , theshieldisthefuture 

u-z: unstablechucks , void-dilaurentis , whatwwe , wwe-army , xpunkspirationx , youareajabroni , ziggler-wwe

I’m sorry if I forgot anyone ! Every single follower of mine means something to me, dont forget that.