At my school we have a tradition where all the juniors and seniors have the option of buying a reserved parking space, with of course the option to paint it whatever you like or get your name stenciled in. I got one, kind of in the back, and this is how i painted it~ im really proud of this because im bad at painting and drawing big, and this was both and it turned out great~ sorry about the shadows tho, the people next to me decided to stand up in the middle of me taking photos

Got featured on PaigeeWorld !!

( PaigeeWorld is a drawing site / app ) 

a while back actually >:-( but i was away in the clinic so i couldn’t get a screenshot of the actual thing happening 

(that was on instagram, before i knew i would be away that week!) 

my follower count went from 100+ to 900+ which is insane to me,but i’m very happy!