Welcome to our BRAND NEW SERIES!! In honor of having #tutorialtuesday on paigeeworld the team thought what would be more fun than doing video tutorials! Mai is a PW character who I adore so i thought a mermaid version would be adorable!

If you try this out post it on PW under #tutorialtuesday and @photovoltaick in the comments of your drawing for the chance of having your art featured in the end of next tuesdays video!!

So I started my Tutorial Series for PW and you guys should be super pumped!

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A youtube speedpaint video of Mephisto from Blue exorcist in ms paint. I wanted to get around to doing a speedpaint of a character from Blue exorcist for a while and finally got around to doing Mephisto ..

Aright that’s the best I can do before the deadline soooo
My participation to the Alice in Wonderland contest on Paigee World (if you like this drawing and have an account on PW, please leave a like on my participation, my user name is minakatana )
I really wanted to do something Alice Madness returns related so it gave me a chance to do it !