Artist Warning - kurumu123

This artist is a confirmed art thief and constantly traces. She thinks that tracing isn’t art theft and that it’s a form of referencing. She is constantly not giving credit to the people who she takes bases/linearts from. 

On top of being a thief, this user is also incredibly rude and unappreciative to their followers. She often lashes out if anyone calls her out on stealing and is also known to lie constantly in an excuse to save herself. If anyone draws her fanart, she rarely thanks them. She’s very ungrateful and loves to take advantage of her followers.
And if you’re interested in doing an art trade with her, it should be noted that she is known to never finish or even start her side of the art trade. She treats them as requests rather than trades and prefers to gain rather than give. 

The art community called PaigeeWorld can’t have female nipples in any of the drawings. Because apple needs to censor everyone of them, or age up the app to 18+

Here is the thing: PaigeeWorld is a website made for art, and yet we can’t show nipples here. Classic art pieces over the time have painted them, and are praised until today. And of course, i’m talking about female nipples.

The question is: these works didn’t portray women as sexual objects, and thus, you can clearly see how natural they looked, and how it wasn’t a problem to expose them in art pieces. In later years, artists started to censor genitals, covering with flowers and other things. But not nipples. Because they aren’t sexual organs.

Then people started to sexualize them. Prior to 1936, it was illegal to even men to roam around showing their bare chests. Groups of men fought for this right and they made it, making males have the right to show them.

Women have been trying since then to get the same rights, and yet, our patriarchal society says it is wrong, and that we should remain hidden. We should accept all this over-sexualization of our own body and be quiet.

Why should female breasts keep being covered in an art community? Why is it such an evil crime when the pictures have no intention of sexualizing them?We all know ecchi and hentai exist, but there can always be rules.

I say when the breasts are exposed with no sexual intention, and just as a part of a woman’s body, we shouldn’t have to censor them. It’s just plain sexist to do so.Apple, you’re responsible for these ridiculous rules. And it’s time for a change.