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You’ll be okay

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Seth Rollins x Reader

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“I’m sorry (Y/N) but I don’t want to be in a relationship when I have romantic storyline. You’ll be okay.”

“Why couldn’t you just say no to the storyline? How could you do this to me?”

“It’s what’s best for me. It’s what’s best for business.”


You were still heartbroken by what your previous boyfriend had said to you before the show. What were you going to do now? You went from sad to furious. The same words “You’ll be okay” continued to play over and over in your head. Your sad tears had turned into angry ones. You got up from the chair you were sitting on backstage and started pacing.

“You okay love?” Your friend Paige had noticed how furious you were.

“Seth broke up with me…for a storyline!” Paige’s jaw dropped before she put a hand on your shoulder.

“Fuck him..”

“Paige we were together for 6 months.” She nodded understanding how deep your emotions were running.

“Do you have a match tonight?” You shook your head.

“No but that doesn’t mean the wwe universe isn’t going to see me.” Paige looked at you confused and you took her hand and took her to your locker room.


He left all of his stuff with you, he obviously hadn’t thought this through. You and Paige were sitting on a couch in the locker room while you were telling her what happened.

“.. and all he kept saying was ‘you’ll be alright’. “

“What a douche”

Paige was trying to comfort you when an idea popped into your head. You cut her off mid-sentence.

“How much time is left for the show?”

“About an hour why?”

“Grab this luggage and follow me.” Paige tried to protest but you were already out the door. She took it and followed.

You stormed down the hallway, and finally made it to the curtain. You yelled to the sound guy “Play my music. Don’t ask questions just do it.” He did what he was told and the wwe universe roared. Seth was currently doing a promo with his new blonde “storyline” . Perfect.

You grabbed a mic and walked down the ramp, Paige came to realization and was grinning from ear to ear. You and her walked down to the ring.

“Seth! How are you ?! Is this her? The pretty new storyline? How cute.” Paige threw the luggage on the mat and slid it over to you. The blonde ran out of the ring and motioned for Seth to come with her.

“(Y/N) what are you doing?!?!” You gave him a wink and turned to the crowd. They were going crazy.

“Hey everyone! Guess what! This guy broke up with me for a storyline!” Everyone started with this “Boo’s” and “You sold out” chants. Seth reached for his luggage muttering in the mic. You grabbed him by his shirt and threw him hard enough to get him out of the ring. Paige climbed into the ring and stood next to her best friend. Seth started yelling for you to stop as you opened the luggage. Paige prevented him from coming up.

“Who wants something from the sell out’s luggage?” You yelled into the mic and everyone was cheering again. You took everything out of the luggage and threw it into the crowd. Seth tried retrieving things but he had no luck. You took the empty luggage and threw it in his direction. He moved soon enough for it not to hit him. He grabbed his mic and yelled out “you’re crazy!” You gave him a smirk and said, “I might be.. but you’ll be alright.” With that you put your hands up and the crowd roared, chanting your name. No one hurts you and gets away with it.