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There’s something really dangerous about the generations of today and how they react to conflict. I’ve noticed that social tolerance levels have dwindled down to almost nothing, to the point where it almost rivals the older gen that we’ve tried so hard to separate ourselves from. If one little thing is out of place in regards to a relationship, movement, or thought process, especially when expectations are centered around tumblr-based ideals, people will just cut it out of their lives completely, with no remorse or chance of redemption.

I believe we can safely establish that the world is not like tumblr, and no one should assume that it will ever function like tumblr does. Yes, as a whole the human race has come a long way in terms of open minds and forward-thinking, but holding everyone to the higher standards this website has (whether it’s unintentional or otherwise) can be emotionally compromising and a bit counterproductive.

  • “You don’t agree with us about so-and-so issue? Ugh we’re done here”.
  • “You don’t conform to our idea of so-and-so? Lol bye.”
  • “You prefer this over that? This is a waste of my time then.”

The end. Roll credits??? That’s not a very satisfying conclusion, in my opinion.

You can’t open new doors for people only to slam it back in their face if they don’t come in right off the bat. Change requires time. Change requires healthy communication and a certain amount of tolerance for it to set in. Change sometimes means accepting the plot of dirt that won’t grow anything, and instead of abandoning it and sticking with an already flourishing pasture, you continue to plant around the plot in hopes that a seed will take root. Most importantly, change requires patience.

“What if there are thorns involved in maintaining this plot of dirt? I don’t want to get hurt, and I don’t want it to hurt anyone else, so wouldn’t it just be better to call this a lost cause?” It would certainly be easier, yes. Not necessarily better. It’s not inherently difficult to shut out all of the crap that’s hard to confront in our lives, but I don’t think people realize the amount of strength and sacrifice it takes to keep working through those obstacles towards the change we so want to see. Or maybe they do realize this, and they just don’t want to put forth that much effort. It’d be more convenient if we had a quick fix for everything, after all.

Well, unfortunately, with how fast-paced and instantaneous everything is in our world today, that’s what we’ve come to expect out of time-sensitive things like our relationships, problem solving, and general social issues. “Everything should just work out in our favor all the time, no questions asked, and no room for any controversy or differing perspectives - a simple, quick, black and white solution!”

This is unreasonable.

As humans beings, we are fully equipped to deal with conflict. We are the most intelligent species on this planet, and this allows us the perseverance and the resolve we need to address problems within ourselves and each other, which helps us build stronger, more meaningful connections. When we choose not to use these assets anymore, they get dull, and at some point we might stop trying to use them altogether. Rather than fight or flight, we’ve settled ourselves into perpetual flight mode, content to live in a rose-tinted world where nothing will harm us, as long as we sidestep everything that has the capability to upset our sense of balance.

Tumblr (along with a vast majority of social media) has done a terribly marvelous job at instilling this stubborn, dismissive attitude in many of its users. Avoiding conflict on the internet is one thing; it’s definitely not a healthy way to treat real world experiences. Physically removing someone or something from your life shouldn’t be as easy as hitting the block button, should it? We want to be all-accepting and make a difference in society, and yet half of the community just stays within itself, opting to jeer or shun or ridicule, rather than reaching out to those who need that change of heart the most.

With that being said, we aren’t exactly helping anyone other than ourselves. This isn’t to say websites like tumblr haven’t changed peoples lives for the better, or sent out good messages, but I feel there’s very little tumblr has done to effect where change really needs to happen. The whole one-strike-and-you’re-out mob mentality makes that prospect a bit difficult to achieve.

I will end by saying that tumblr has helped me grow and connect in ways I never expected, and it’s a great community of individuals at the best of times. People just need to reconsider how their battles are fought and whether they even need to be battles at all, but rather an educational enlightenment for everyone involved. That’s my hope, at least.

Emily's Character

I’ve been thinking about this for weeks now but I’ve not found the right way to explain it all until now. And I only have 1 question. What the hell are they doing to Emily’s character?

It’s such a contrast from S1-4 and not in a good way. She’s gone from an honest caring soul to planting evidence against the girl she was/is in love with.

I have no problem with Talia right now but who even is she? She’s literally been in two episodes and that’s it. It’s like they have made Emily into this person who can’t be by herself for 5 damn seconds.

Emison fans have waited 5 whole seasons. Hell, we are still waiting on their “talk.” Talia has been in the programme 5 mins and Emily and her have had more of a heartfelt/important talk than Emison have had in the whole show barring 5 mins of 5x05.

It’s actually quite unfair and would Emily, who we’ve grown to love really do that? Rather have a conversation like that with a woman she’s known 5 mins, compared to Ali who she was in love with for years yet couldn’t spare time to talk about their kiss/es or feelings? I just don’t get it. And yeah I know it’s coming but it should have already been.

There has to come a point where Marlene and co say “okay enough is enough.”

Either get Emison together and give them time to explore something extraordinarily complex but brilliant or not at all. If Emison get one season together or get together in the last ep I will be so disappointed beyond any words.

Before Ali came back, Emily and Paige were talking about Stanford and being so in love, starting a life etc. Hardly any time had passed with Ali coming back and the epic Emison kiss.

Then hardly any time passed and Emily was back with Paige without a whim to Ali, then she was attempting to plant evidence against Ali but Paige has been gone for what a month? And now she’s with Talia presumably.

It’s like the writers don’t let her move on. She’s literally jumped from one woman to another. And it’s stupid to be quite frank. In love with Ali. Then Maya. Then Paige. Back to Maya. Samara. Paige. Ali. Paige. Talia. (That could be the wrong order but there’s been so many I’m confused).

Now we’ve all been there with teenage heartbreak and if Emily was in love with Paige as much as she said then she wouldn’t be with Talia already. Both Emison and Paily fans have been given a kick in the teeth this season.

I actually feel for Paily fans. Emily and Paige were together for like three whole seasons nearly and yet Paige’s character was never developed beyond Emily. I’ve said before and I will again, they had a great chance to develop a seriously interesting character in Paige and blew it.

Unless Paige is A, she existed for one reason and that was for Emily’s romantic interest and even Emily’s character has regressed so badly this season. The goodbye they shared wasn’t anything special in my opinion either.

Emily was tearful but that was it really. I mean what was with that? Where was the I love you etc? In my head the Emily from S1-4 would have been saying that and she would definitely have wanted to hear it back from Paige. But nope.

Now Paige is gone, Ali is in jail and Emily’s left with another nobody. Samara springs to mind since she literally vanished without a trace and I have a feeling Talia will be the same. I wish they’d just leave Emily be and develop her in a different way outside the fact that she’s a lesbian.

Shay’s acting, when she’s been asked to step up in the more emotional/bigger scenes, has actually been pretty impressive. Shay has the ability and Emily, as a character, deserves better than this kind of storyline.

She doesn’t need another woman to define her character - there’s so much more to Emily than that and I wish the writers would see that.


Paige Russell’s Eloi scarves come into the world as construction paper compositions. Unwilling to sentence these creations to a two-dimensional life, Paige transposes her work onto silk, allowing them an infinite number of transcendent new realities — worn around a collar, as a crown or tied tooth-ache around the head of a cayenne-colored hound dog. Paige made the Eloi Le Grande Zombi Scarf for our new home in New Orleans, a celebratory homage to the cultural richness of New Orleans Voodoo and the city itself. 

We were lucky enough to catch a minute with Paige to talk about her life and work in Austin, what she’s listening to and how to find inspiration in everyday moments. 

Hi Paige. I’ve been thinking about your scarves. I can only imagine what it feels like to make a thing and then have it suddenly exist folded up around someone’s neck. It’s such an intimate place. Suddenly your art is just out in the world, so close to someone. They probably get their perfume on it and the crumbs from their croissant. It’s so different than hanging something in a gallery where it’s just ogled from a distance. What does that feel like?

I think it’s awesome. I love that idea. I’ve always been a person that just wants to surround myself with beautiful objects. That’s just very important to me, to look at pretty things. For someone to choose to bring an object into their life that I made, it’s so cool. You’re right. A scarf is such a classic, utilitarian item. It’s used in so many different ways. It’s an intimate thing, and the fact that people would want to use something everyday with my work on it feels really special.

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