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ML FANDOM WEEK 8/14-8/20

**Grunge Fashion Aesthetic**


🎉🎉🎉liftx huge haul🎉🎉🎉

Biggest haul so far. This total doesn’t include most of the miscellaneous items and any of the groceries. I am also missing a couple of thousand in clothes that I gave away to friends and family along with shoes and clothes that I have already worn. If you have any questions please ask!!! ☺️

Big Michael kors blue traveler - 200
Paige boyfriend jeans - 240
Michael kors cross body- 175
Michael kors blue purse- 100
Black guess dress- 125
Instax and extra film- 90
White French connection dress-120
Paige shorts- 99
Tinsel high waisted shorts-46
Free People white shorts- 55
William rats shorts-60
Striped sweater- 60
Black French connection dress- 160
Raviya swim cover - 40
Bb Dakota white jumper - 92
Guess watch - 120
Nike shorts- 30x2=60
Free people high waisted shorts-55
Gianni bini white shorts- 70
Express leather skort-65
Express button up- 65x2= 130
Blue button up swim cover- 55
Purple tank top- 54
Black and white dress- 55
Black fancy tank- 65
Grey American apparel dress-50
Bcbg black tank dress- 100
Black long sleeve dress- 118
Cerave sunscreen- 20
It’s a 10 deep conditioner- 27
It’s a 10 shampoo- 25
St Ives spray lotion - 7
Michael kors sweater- 100
Red jumper- 54
Cetaphil lotion-13
It’s a 10 hairspray- 22
Dove spray deodorant-6
Olay face wash- 9
Not your mothers dry shampoo and beachy waves -15
Alexander wang t - 120
Free people white tee-55
Michael kors white tee-35
Tan lady tank-53
Tooth tabs-5
Breathe of fresh air-22
Sweetie pie shower jelly- 12
Helmut Lang white tee-90
Black sandals-45
Sanctuary green pants - 129
Redken deep conditioner-25
Lorac foundation-33x2=66
Lorac unzipped- 42
Bare minerals lotion -28
Naked on the run-50
It’s a 10 silk-20
It’s a 10 styling- 20
Murade acne - 42
Michael kors wallet-120
Michael kors shirt- 90
Ambercrombie jeans- 5x50=250
Hollister jeans-40x3=120
Vitamin A swim top- 90
Trina Turk top and bottom - 162
Jessica Simpson top- 60
Michael kors top-74
Michael kors bottoms-67
Victoria secret top- 40
Hurley bottoms- 30
Michael kors dress- 175
Teal giani bini dress- 130
Michael kors jacket-300
Navy converse-45
Speedy slip ons-50
Black booties-45
Michael kors maxi dress-175
Black knee high Michael kors boot-200
Michael kors down jacket- 70
Rebel fleur perfume- 50
Pink sugar-50
Ping sugar hair spray- 20
Starbucks cup-15
Michael kors black real fur jacket- 500
Lulu lemon leggings- 110x3=330
Nike leggings-75x2=150
Calvin Klein leather jacket- 155
Michael kors rose gold watch- 300
Michael kors gold watch- 200
Prada sunglasses- 340

Also I totally forgot to photograph my 480 terani couture prom dress so I’ll probably add that when I get home which brings the total to $8,700

Total: $8,220

I think I’m in love 😍😍😍

#WAIGE || “Romantic Staycation”


“Am, I would like to read like their first time, super fluff and messy and cute and when they’re done lol someone enters (probably Toby or whoever you want) and find them curl up in the sofa and makes a funny big deal(:” (requested by idkimdone

[Pairings: WAIGE & brief QUINTIS]

Title: Romantic Staycation
Writer: a-beautiful-mind-wf001 / writerfreak001

It’s been two years since Walter hired Paige for Scorpion, and four months since the genius and the translator started dating. Their first date was very awkward for Walter, but hearing Paige’s laugh and seeing her smile told him he was doing something right despite how uncomfortable he was about the fancy dinner and the strange feelings he had swimming around in the pit of his stomach. Cabe had called them butterflies – a symptom of anxiety (something Walter only felt whenever he was around Paige). While the last four months slowly became easier between him and Paige, it was still hard to hide their relationship from Toby, Happy, Sylvester and Ralph. They had no intention of telling anybody about their romantic entanglement, but Cabe found out about it by accident when he walked in on them making out in the loft a few months ago. Everyone else simply thought Paige went up there to ask Walter a question about one of their casefiles, but oh, they were greatly mistaken.

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