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Why the Donate Button/Store Link (Or: Help a Cripple Out)

Hi, Paige here.  I’ve written before here on Tumblr about my financial difficulties - stemming from my unemployment due to disability, and the high cost of searching for a diagnosis.  I recently pled for help putting a new battery in my car - which in Detroit is a necessity - and I’m hugely grateful for the help that I received.

This past year has made me realise how precarious a situation I’m in.  I live with my mother, who currently supports me.  She’s a nurse, working in a nursing home and struggling to get enough hours each week at a lower-than-average wage for nurses.  She’s looking for a new job, but that’s tough when you’re caring for a disabled daughter and working long hours.  We live paycheck-to-paycheck, and my only current contribution to the household is the little revenue I make from my Etsy shop.  At 27, with a Master’s degree and experience as a professor, this is immensely disappointing.

I’ve decided to keep the donate button on my blog open for the time being, as emergencies keep coming up, and I keep finding myself scrambling, selling off possessions, and begging online.  This way, the button is there, and this post exists and can be read in explanation.

To better explain, I’ll detail just what exactly decimates our finances.  I’m disabled, but don’t have a diagnosis.  I have memory loss, extreme pain, fatigue, weakness, and other symptoms - which is why I can’t currently work.  I desperately want a diagnosis - a diagnosis would allow me to apply for disability with much better chances of being accepted, it would afford me treatment like medications and therapies, and it would help me receive support services (a wheelchair ramp is big on this list).  To that end, I must see a doctor at least twice a month; have a large number of tests done like bloodwork, ultrasounds, and MRIs; and see specialists.  I have insurance, but it’s not great - and I pay for it myself.  I currently have a thousand-dollar MRI bill I’ve had to let go to collections.  Copays need to be payed up front, and are a rapid money drain.  I also occasionally have to visit the ER, which costs in the hundreds, or the hospital, which reaches into the thousands.  I am currently on seven medications.  This is all a huge monthly expense.

I have Celiac disease, and so have to maintain a gluten-free diet.  Because I’m underweight, I also need a high-calorie diet. Gluten-free options are always more expensive.  Like everyone, I also have a cell phone (I have no landline, and phones are absolutely necessary when you’re disabled), and a car insurance payment, as well as the expected monthly bills. 

We’ve given up on a lot.  My mother’s work shoes are falling apart; I’ve gone without a winter coat this year.  I sleep on a broken mattress, my mother is making do with a shortage of work scrubs and non-work clothes.  We don’t go to movies, or out to eat, and we didn’t do Christmas this year.  I mention this not to garner pity (especially since I’m not the only one who has to go without), but to demonstrate how far we’ve gone to save money.  My mom’s car payment is still always a struggle, and little expenses like a new car battery, or my mom’s dying cell phone are huge crises for us.

And so, I’ll be keeping this post up and linked to.  Any reblogging would be very much appreciated.  I have a PayPal account at, and a donate button on my Tumblr.  I also have an Etsy shop, The Sibilant Shoppe, at if someone prefers to buy rather than donate.  I sell beaded jewellery for disability and chronic illness pride/awareness.  I’m always happy to do custom orders similar to what I sell as well.  Donations and sales through my shop go towards pressing bills and pressing needs - like the car payment, or a doctor’s office copay.

Thanks for reading.  Thanks also to the many people who have helped me out before - buying from my shop, donating a little, advertising The Sibilant Shoppe, donating clothes or time, and so on.  It’s a huge help.  We don’t have family to lean on, we don’t have many friends - when you become sick/disabled, people tend to disappear.  Sometimes it’s just great knowing people have listened and give a shit.



i’m a fan of paige and i’m glad she got a reaction but i just think that it’s hilarious that she’s been sloppy and looked unmotivated literally for years now and the crowd wants to chant rude shit at eva but give paige one of the loudest pops of the night so far….i mean…..

kinda dissappointed that Maya couldn’t stay with Scorpion. That would’ve been so awesome. Imagine what one extra genius could mean for the team. They’d get shit done so much faster and Paige could give her tips on raising a kid as a single mother and stuff (omg I just realized how much they could relate to each other) and Ralph could also have a sibling figure to play with.

I guess it wouldn’t be smart to stick around though because she’d be constantly targeted. On the bright side, she’ll be getting free health care in Canada!