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Ever since Walter started watching SMASH to learn more about Paige’s favorite show, he can’t stop having random, sexual fantasies of Paige, as Marilyn Monroe, serenading him anytime she tries to talk to him about something. 

Bonus: Paige dresses up as Marilyn Monroe for Halloween, not knowing about Walter’s fantasies, and he struggles all night long during the Scorpion Halloween Party to keep his arousal in check. 

Extra Bonus: Paige eventually (and accidentally) finds out about Walter’s crazy fantasies after they’ve been together for a few years and decides to exhume the costume from the bottom of her closet. She plans on surprising him on their three year anniversary, and finally, Walter’s fantasy becomes reality.

Outlander Eps - “Vengeance Is Mine”

Chaps 43 pg. 634 - 665

“Jamie;s expression lightened slightly as Murtagh appeared from the shadows beside us, quiet as a wraith. He had a cloth-wrapped bundle under one arm: a joint from the kitchens, I thought, seeing the blotch of dark blood on the cloth. This impression was borne out by the large ham he had tucked beneath the other arm, and the strings of sausages about his neck.

Jamie wrinkled his nose, with a faint smile.

“Ye smell like a butcher, man. Can ye no go anywhere without thinkin’ of your stomach?”

Murtagh cocked his head to one side, taking in Jamie’s blood-spattered appearance.

“Better to look like the butcher than his wares, lad” he said “Shall we go?”


Now that the amazing second season is about to end and we have a long hiatus ahead of us, we thought it would be the perfect time to have a The 100 Ladies Appreciation Week! Because these ladies deserve all the love and appreciation.

  • day 1: favorite Ark-born lady
  • day 2: favorite Earth-born lady
  • day 3: favorite quote
  • day 4: happiest moment
  • day 5: most heartbreaking moment
  • day 6: favorite lady relationship
  • day 7: favorite cast member

It will begin Monday, March 23, but of course it’s okay if you start late.

The tag will be #hundredladiesweek. Just remember to include it in the first five tags, so we can see it in the tag!

Any and all sorts of edits are welcome! (graphics, gifs, and etc)

Let’s have fun and please reblog and spread the word around! And message us if you have any questions.