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Okay.  But I'd love to have a tv show with Melissa McBride, Gillian Anderson, Lauren Graham, Paige Turco, and Viola Davis being the best of friends and showing the world that fifty is fabulous and damn sexy.

Oh, and if you could work in a little Henry Ian Cusick and Norman Reedus in there, I wouldn’t complain.  Cusick ‘cause, well, he somehow looks adorable and yummy at the same time.  And Reedus 'cause it might be the only hope the world has of seeing that sparkling McReedus chemistry truly set on fire.

Bonus points for Josh Holloway because dear Lord.  Need I remind anybody of James Sawyer Ford? 

Everyman funny man Nathan Fillion could be fun, too. 

Also…it’d be mighty cool with me if Julianne Moore could be play Gillian Anderson’s big sister.  Just a thought. 

Any suggestions?  Reblog with your own. 

So is it really true that Paige’s last episode is 7x15 or is that another lie that Marlene & Co. have spread


I’m BRUISED and scarred
Save me from this 
All my love will SLOWLY fade and fall apart
Someone please sing this lovesick melody


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  Laura Roslin or Abby Griffin + Character Study

Paige goes from the girl who hurts herself because she thinks she’s worthless and because she’ll never get the girl she wants, to putting herself first and walking away from the girl who wants her back because she knows she’s worth more.

Text: Raleigh

Ronnie: okay here I go
Ronnie: I am really mad at you. At the reason I’m so mad at you is because you fucking just—made me love you. I didn’t ask for this. I don’t like love. I just–now I have two more people to fucking terrify me all the time. But here we are anyways and it happened. And then, you and your softness makes it so easy to admit something I’m afraid of or something I hate, and you make a promise I’m CONVINCED you can’t keep. And then you do by asking me to move in. So here I am being more in love with you in that moment than I ever had been, and then you did what you did and shocked me and it HURTbecause all I wanted was to be with you and touch you and then you just–anyways so THEN I tell you to freaking forget it because you were gonna ruin the whole thing if you didn’t relax. Then literally as you’re getting ready to fuck me your eyes are TRAINED on Pete and Paige. Which I know was because of the biting, honestly I do understand that but it still doesn’t feel great to have to remind someone to pay attention to you while you’re fucking. So now I’m down again. Are you following this? And THEN you let me bite you which WAS a huge show of faith so now I’m confused as hell. Fast forward you’re telling me that you knew Paige would make things okay and I still just can’t really figure out why the fact that my arms around you DIDNT have that effect. And then you verbalized that you love me after all of this and I feel like I’m goons explode.

01. After the Battle of Hogwarts, Harry made sure that Serverus's body was recovered from the Shrieking Shack. He had him buried in Godric's Hollow to be close to the only woman he had ever loved. On Severus's headstone, Harry asked that the words "Here lies a brave man, who sacrificed himself for love" were craved upon it. Every time he visits his mother and father's graves, he visits Severus's also. The bravest man he has ever known.

A fanmix for the Syndicate of London // Listen

Mime-lords and mime-queens, mollishers and mobsters! Welcome to the Syndicate of London, grab a cup of saloop and a penny dreadful but don’t let the vigiles catch you.

I.  Discombobulate - Hans Zimmer II. Seven Deadly Sins - Flogging Molly III. Me and the Devil - Soap & Skin IV. She Is the New Thing - The Horrors V. Misery Is the River of the World - Tom Waits VI. I See Everything - Hans Zimmer VII. Lose Your Soul - Dead Man’s Bones VIII. Seven Devils - Florence + the Machine IX. Intervention - Arcade Fire