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dance moms for the tv show thing, lol

i have had to adjust this slightly for it lol but here we go

  • my all-time ultimate fave person: chloe 
  • a person i didn’t used to like but now do: i dont think ive gone from disliking to liking someone, only the other way around
  • a character i used to like but now don’t: stacey i guess
  • a character i’m indifferent about: probs camryn bc shes had 0 air time
  • a character who deserved better: CHLOE AND PAIGE
  • a friendship i’ve never been able to get into: all the girls and jojo, after they were all awful to her 
  • a friendship i’ve never been able to get over: chloe and paige 
  • a cute, low-key friendship: nia and paige
  • an unpopular friendship but i still enjoyed it: idk tbh
  • a friendship that was totally wrong and never should have happened: i feel like the hylands + chloe would have had a lot better of a time without maddie
  • my favourite storyline/moment: chloe winning s2 nationals
  • a storyline that never should have been written: the zieglers leaving ffs that was so boring and long
  • my first thoughts on the show: this is cute
  • my thoughts now: this is terrible
Paily one-shot.

So I have never posted a one-shot before, but this popped into my head after last night’s episode and succeeded in being written. This is my take on what happens when Emily makes her first phone call from prison. I hope it makes up for the lack of Paily on our TV screens.

A single phone-call

Words: 1209

“This call is from the Chester Women’s Correctional facility, you have a call from inmate: Emily Fields. To accept this call, press 1.” Paige’s heart dropped in an instant. How had things gotten so bad, how did Emily end up in jail now too? A brief fleeting wave of guilt washing over her, the feeling enough to make her consider hanging up the phone then and there. Paige was terrified to hear more of Emily’s voice than just the second she heard of the girl speaking her name.

“Hello.” Paige’s voice was low, lowering herself to sit on her single dorm room floor. Her back supported against the only window.

“Paige.” Emily whispered out on a breath. She sounded tired, exhausted even. Silence left lingering for a moment but it was a momentous flash in time too, the silence shared between them enough to still the earth. This was the first time they had heard from the other in over a month. Emily releasing a worn sniffle, bringing the two back to their current harsh reality.

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