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WWE Imagine

Requested: Baron sticks up for you after the other Divas make fun of the limp you have from the rough sex you and him had the night before. Fluff

Word Count:1612
Appearances: Baron Corbin x Reader
Warnings: Language ( Trash talking, I love all wrestlers and the opinions in this fic do not necessarily reflect the views or opinions I have of the said wrestlers/ Divas. It is just for content )
Author’s Notes: Loved this request keeping it fun! Hope you guys enjoy!

You stretch out, groaning as you do. The sun was peaking through the window through the hotel room drapes. You groaned again and rolled over to face Baron, his eyes were closed and his breathing came in wisps that tickled your neck. One of his arms was draped over your body, curling protectively around you and his long hair fell in waves on the pillow behind him. He always looked so peaceful in his sleep, you almost decided to remain in bed with him, but the aching in your legs and lower back urged you to the warm welcoming arms of the shower. The room was still dark as you crawled out of the bed, careful not to wake him. He had a big match tonight, and needed all the rest he could get.

You slowly walked into the bathroom, gritting your teeth as you bent to turn the hot water handle on the shower on, your legs protesting. A smile crept across your face as you recalled the reason why you were so sore. A flash of bath robe ties, and newly bought pair handcuffs flash into your mind. Baron had tied you up, and god it was amazing. You whimpered as you stepped into the hot water, hoping the warm water would ease the burning in your thighs and calves.

As you lathered your body in soap you heard someone shuffle into the bathroom. “Good morning Baron” You murmur from the shower your tone playful. “Morning baby, may I join you?” He asks, already stepping in. “I suppose” You giggle, looking him up and down, licking your lips tentatively, running your tongue slowly over your top lip then biting down on the wetness it left on the bottom lip with your teeth, taking note of the way his body stiffens in response. “Not right now, quit biting your lip, you know what it does to me” His voice is soft but firm, as he reaches up and tugs your bottom lip free of your teeth, smiling when your expression melts into a pout. “Baron” You beg simply, pushing your body into his, your legs protesting, making you wince a little. “You need a break baby, let me see your hands” He orders, already reaching for your wrist, pulling up each one in turn, and tracing the faint red welt that circled them both with his finger. “You will need to put some ice on these” He says matter-of-factly as he release your hands, to capture your face, kissing the water droplets that had pooled on your pouting lip away.

“Baron, I’m not made of glass, I can handl-” you begin, but he cuts you off, pulling you closer to him so your chests were pressed together, “Shh! No Y/N, no. That’s it. You need time to rest, you’re sore and it is very obvious. We had a amazing time last night, and we will do it again” a crooked grin forms on his face, making your stomach knot in anticipation. “But today isn’t that day. Now let’s finish our shower and then I’ll go to the gym, and you can go to styling to get ready, and I’ll meet you in the locker rooms before the show tonight, OK baby?” He says, his eyes locked on yours the whole time, his tone soothing as he rubs your back. How could you possibly say no to this man? You look up at him, his eyes were soft and caring, and his hair fell in water-soaked tendrils down his back and his shoulders, covering just the top of the tattoos that started on his chest. “ok” You sigh, defeated and continue to lather the shampoo through your hair.


“Ok baby, thank you fro dropping me off, I’ll see you in a few, I have to go to make-up now to get everything in order before the show” You lean up on your tiptoes to kiss Baron his lips finding yours with ease, his smiled as your tongue found his, about the same time the catcalls and whistles started. “Y/N, make-up” He ordered, releasing you, and turning before you can argue, you watched him walk towards the male locker room, his muscles tensing as he stopped to say hi to people, rippling as they leaned into the hand shake. You tuned, tenderly placing one foot in front of the other on your way to the cosmetics table, you limped slightly, trying to keep the pressure off your slightly more sore right leg. Each step sent a burning, throbbing spike up your leg, and not in a good way!

“Hey Y/N” Sasha bounced out of her chair, long pink hair flowing up, then resting on her back and shoulders as she landed gracefully on the ground walking forward to meet you as she seen you walking towards the chair next to her, Sasha was your best friend, you started WWE together and you had never felt closer to a fellow Diva, The WWE decided to use your friendliness and the fact that you knew each other very well to put you in a kayfab feud together. It was you and Baron versus Sasha and Ziggler. Sasha and Ziggler got along well, but they were only about the role, and everyone knew you were with Baron now-a-days.

She eyes you suspiciously as you cringed while making the little leap into the make-up chair. You settled and let out a relaxed huff, leaning your head back, “How do you feel?” She asked a smile on her face. “Fine” you shot back, glaring at her, her smile widened. “You don’t look very fine” a familiar voice called from behind you, you both turn and there stands Charlotte and Paige, Charlotte was leaning against the wall, her long blonde hair pulled back so she could have her signature make-up applied, and Paige was already made-up, smiling and standing slightly behind her, a evil smile on her face. “she looks like she may have a injury!” Paige says with false alarm to Charlotte, grabbing her arm and shaking it to exaggerate the joke.
“Yeah maybe you should let Baron stretch you out, Oh wait! Looks like she already did!” Charlotte cackles and Paige erupts into laughter, making your face turn red.

“At least she has a man to stretch with, Miss. My biggest rival was a 80 pound crazy girl and Miss. My daddy has to help me win everything” Sasha shoots back, defending you. Paige leers at her, “From what I’ve heard her ‘daddy’ stretches her out after every match too!” Paige points a perfectly manicured finger a you, making you pale, then turn very red. “Yeah we all hear the moans.” Charlotte laughs again, ‘Oh daddy, harder!’ She mimics you, laughing hysterically. You leap from your chair with angry protest from your thighs, making you wince. “What’s amatter Y/N ‘Daddy’ go a little to hard last night?” Paige mocks you a false pout forming on her face. “That’s it!” You lunge forward towards her.

“ Enough” A male voice booms making all four of you whirl around to see where it came from. Baron was striding to you, anger on his face. “Let’s go Y/N” He grabs your arm tenderly, eyeing you letting you know he means business. “But Baron my make-up-” He cuts you off, “They will finish it in your locker room” He says, his voice radiating dominance. “Ok” You look him in the eyes and nod as he mouths “Please”. You go ahead I’ll be right there. “Baron-” “Go” he orders, and you know there is no use arguing. You walk ahead of him, but stop on the other side of the door fuming. How dare those girls! You’re just in ear shot of the conversation.

“If I ever, hear either of you speaking to her in that way again, I WILL NOT stop her from beating your asses.” Baron’s voice was low and dangerous. “As it is, I will not let her lower herself to fight with such nasty woman.” He continues “She is so much better than that. Fighting what a washed up has been and a New champ who needs daddy to take care of the matches for her?” he sneers at them. You hear them take in a breath. “Leave her alone, are we clear” Baron finishes, the tone in his voice sends shivers down your back. “Crystal” Paige murmurs, almost to low for you to hear. “Got it” Charlotte whispers. “Good” You hear Baron start to walk your way.

You scurry as quickly as you can around the corner to your locker room, sitting quickly and whipping out your phone, trying to even your breathing. Baron walks in moments later. “Hey baby” You smile up at him.
“Don’t listen to those girls Y/N, you’re amazing and funny and sweet.” Baron comes to sit by you on the bench, resting his hand on your knee, you giggle and lean in to his bare chest, he was already in ring gear.
“Why thank you” you smile, snuggling into his collar bone. “ I love you” he whispers, kissing your hair.
“I love you too”.


okay were Jack Barakat and Ryan Ross both at the same venue?????

1. The first four photos from Jack’s snapchat story (sc: jbman) indicate that he was at Emo Night LA.
2. Paige Elkington’s snapchat story (sc: myfriendpage) also indicates that she was at Emo Night. Not sure if it was in LA though.
3. Did Paige change venues to see Ryan Ross or did she go to Emo Night to see Ryan?
4. Jack’s first photo shows that a P!ATD song was in the Emo Night playlist so if Ryan was there, does that mean he heard it play, along with classic FOB and MCR?

Maybe I misinterpreted the connection so PLS TELL ME WHAT WAS GOING ON???