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so folks are starting to post their zine products, and if you’d like to see them all in one place, that can be found here:

works are sort of trickling in right now, since everyone is still learning about what happened and deciding what to do, but right now it’s the best collection that we’ll have 

my own fic will be up in awhile–it’s the 3rd in a series done by myself and the other two authors in my section, so I want to make sure I can showcase those and let everyone read all 3 together

Since a high % of my followers are MMO players, I could not stress enough how much I recommend watching Net-juu no Susume. It is a very cute and wholesome anime which mainly focuses on people in their 20s-30s playing an online MMORPG (and no, not SAO-type shit). I could not find anything more relatable to what my life has been for the past years - how an MMO can be more than just a game, but a social ground to relax and chat with people after a long day of work.

Of course, the plot doesn’t focus on that, but rather a unique story of recovering from a major breaking point in your life (I assume, as it is not clearly stated yet). I think I will hold on to the theory of what message it conveys until it is actually done airing, but its a really sweet one so far from where everything is going.

As a final point, again, this is a very laid-back show. If you aren’t fond of fuzzy fluffy feels trips, you may still enjoy the humour only MMORPG players would understand. This is not SAO or Isekai, so enjoy people afking mid-raids, sitting in weird places, standing inside each other and opening p2w boxes. The creators clearly show they are very dedicated players themselves!

Check it out if I caught you attention and definitely share what you think!

Fun Christmas ahoy in Axminster….