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Things Spider-man: Homecoming borrowed from Miles Morales: Part Dos

After putting off the movie out of spite, I decided to see it after someone paid for it…with friends…and Game of Thrones wasn’t on…and it was during the time where where no one is around to watch it.

And I have to say…that was probably the best Spider-man movie of all-time, which is not saying much because Spider-man 2 was an overrated, but decent movie. Spider-man only succeeded because of the hype of a Spider-man movie. Yeah, Ganke/Ned was profoundly annoying because I was so bothered that they just ripped off Miles, and the Tony Stark is the most controlling asshole ever. Look, you know what I am going to say, but you read the title and you must be thinking when he is going to get to the point? So I digress.

First off, part dos? Here is the first one. Happy? Read this one and then come back and continue reading this post. Don’t worry, I am sure you have a tab feature so you can open that sucker right on up. You are not being rude or anything, by all means, take your time.

You done? No? No big deal. Not my fault that you read slower than molasses running in the Tundra.

Okay. So I watched this movie and said, “okay, that was an interesting reveal.” If you haven’t seen the movie and do not want to be spoiled well too bad, I am going to spoil the shit out of you.

Liz Allen’s dad is the Vulture. I was like…oh, that is literally an only Spider-man situation. Sorry if it seems like I am pimping my previous posts because I work really hard on them, okay!?, it is relevant I swear, but to summarize, I have stated that the best Spider-man villains are the ones that are apart of both Peter’s and Spider-man’s life. This movie did better than most Spider-man/Peter Parker related media has done in nearly a decade. LOOKING AT YOU, SLOTT, YOU FUCKING HACK!

Okay, I need to calm down. I found this particular reveal peculiar because it seemed familiar. I had to check myself, and Peter literally has no villains where his girlfriend’s dad is evil. Sure, in the Spectacular Spider-man, Liz Allen’s brother became Molten Man, but he was a reluctant case and not out and out bad. Outside of that, this seemed like a new Spider-man situation…

except it’s not.

So I’ve said that Brian Michael Bendis has created only two Spider-man-esque villains for Miles. This is Katie Bishop, Miles’ ex-girlfriend. For the longest, readers of the series had to wonder just who in the fuck is this girl aside from the fact that she is the Ultimate version of Kate Bishop. And we did not get any clue to her identity or even her character for an entire year and half.

Look, there are so many problems with this comic book that it is driving me insane.

Anyways, Miles was having this Spider-man dilemma of whether he should tell his girlfriend his secret identity because he felt bad about lying to her. Miles is a good boy.

It didn’t go well.

So after another fucking five months of waiting, we finally figure out what is the deal with her.

And this is why I demand to see voting records of any potential white girlfriend,  her parents, and her grandparents because I’ll be damned if I am caught dating a fucking Nazi. Well, in the Ultimate Universe, Hydra is more like the tea party, which is just as bad.

Of course, it is not a 1 to 1 comparison because in the movie, Liz Allen is not Daddy’s Little Villain. I don’t think Liz Allen approves of her dad’s crimes or anything unlike Katie “Little Miss Nazi” Bishop over here. And honestly, the movie pulled it off better since in the comic, it was revealed to just the reader and then Miles’ finds out later. In the movie, you are just as surprised as Peter was to see Vulture answer the door when Peter is picking up Liz at Homecoming.

But it gets to me because Miles’ haters are going to throw shit at Miles even though you basically watched his fucking story or a story with a shit ton of his elements. Very little of any of it was Peter based. Miles does not have many stories that he can tell because Brian Michael Bendis, but the little he has was given to Peter for no reason that I can discern. And that bothers me sooo much. Peter has literally a metric vault of stories and villains and scenarios,why look to his legacy?

Anyways, it was a great movie. Totally recommend you see it.

Seventeen Reaction: You Working w/ Another Member

Requested by anon~ Hello, Can I request Seventeen’s reaction when you are working with other member/s? For example, Jihoon’s reaction while watching you and Soonyoung making moves for their comeback. Thankyouuu~ and Happy New Year :))

SCOUPS - dino

He would really really love seeing you get along with any of the other members. When he saw Dino excitedly showing you dancing videos on YouTube as ideas for the choreography you were making together a grin would spread across his face. He really values synergy between his S/O and the other members because they both mean so much to him. So seeing you working with another member would make him feel whole and that he could balance being a leader and a boyfriend easily.

VERNON - Joshua 

He wouldn’t think much about it. He’d notice that you had been spending a lot of time with Joshua so he’d casually ask what you two had been doing. When you let him know you were working on an English song cover he would just nod in acknowledgement and that’d be it really. He’d ask to hear it when you were done and would praise the two of you for your hard work. He’s more just happy that when he’s busy you can entertain yourself with other people instead of being solely dependant on his attention. 

MINGYU - woozi

Might be slightly pouty if it interfered with you paying attention to him. He’d notice that you were spending almost all of your time with Woozi in his studio working on a song and it would bug him when he got bored and wanted cuddles. He’d insert himself in the situation when he felt neglected and make sure you were very aware he was around. 

WONWOO - vernon 

He strikes me as someone who is pretty independent in relationships. So when he saw that you were working on lyrics with Vernon he wouldn’t think much of it and just go off to read or hang out with someone else until you weren’t busy. He’d savour what time he did have with you, but also understands the concept of sharing you with the other members when it was work related.

JOSHUA - seungkwan

He’s a sweetheart so he wouldn’t mind seeing you working on broadcast ideas with Seungkwan. He’d probably want to join in both so that he could spend time with you and so that he could also help the member you were working with. He’d appreciate you so much for helping any of the other members with anything and praise you accordingly. 

WOOZI - Scoups 

Jihoon works really hard in the studio a lot. So he’d understand that work needs to get done and not think so much of you working alongside Scoups to write fire lyrics. If it interfered with him spending time with you on his limited time off he’d ask if you could finish it later, just to ask. He’d respect whatever response you gave him though. but you wouldn’t say no to this sweetie

JEONGHAN - Minghao 

He’d really like that you get along with the other members, but let’s not forget who your boyfriend is here. He’ll attach himself to you while you work on Korean homework with Minghao. He will lazily go through the conversations with the two of you to help out but as soon as you’re done he’s going to corner you on the couch with cuddles and never let you go again. 


He would be another one to really value the coexistence between his partner and his members. They’re his brothers so for his S/O to get along with them would be like them joining their little family. That’d be super special to him. Any time you wanted to work with Hoshi to teach him a new partner dance he’d happily watch the two of you. Wanting you to teach him the dance afterwards so he could spend time with you and help you practice as well. 

DK -mingyu 

He would join in on whatever work you were doing with Mingyu to plan future outfits and hairstyle ideas for performances. He’d help with anything he could and make the two of you laugh because he’s a happy virus. All while sticking to you. He’s happy that you two get along and focuses more on being with you than you being with the member you’re working with. 

HOSHI - dk

Hoshi is another member that works extremely hard in his respective portion of the group. So seeing that while he’s working on choreography with the others you can go off and work alongside with one of his best friends. He is happy that he can spend time with you in his off time but still work without guilt when he needs to. Also thinks you’re cute when you laugh and DK makes you laugh a lot so that’s a plus. 

JUN - Wonwoo

Jun would be okay with you working with Wonwoo while he was busy with the performance unit. He would like it better when you paid attention to him but would contain himself well and keep his slight jealousy to himself. He understood that wanting you to only be interested in what he was doing all of the time was irrational. But there’s still be a little green monster hiding in his mind that only wanted you to be with him. 

MINGHAO - Jeonghan

This sweetie wouldn’t mind much. He’d only get a little jealous when Jeonghan got particularly close to you. So if he turned the corner to find Jeonghan leaning against your shoulder like a lazy lump while you rolled kimbap on the counter he’d wrap his arms around your waist and steal you away from him. 

DINO - Jun

Might get a little insecure if you work with Jun super often. So this comes out in the form of pouting. He’d tug on your sleeve and ask to show you something just to lead you away and show you something that he doesn’t care about just to get your attention. Once you’re done your work and return your attention to the baby he’ll be all chipper again.

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A/N~ Sorry this took so long! Happy New Year!!! like a month and half late I’m sorry I hope you like the reaction and that you have a nice day! Much love <3

- Admin CC

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IM ALWAYS A SLUT FOR MM IMAGINE BLOGS lololol anyways... Can I make a request of the rfa meeting their child after mc gave birth? (And for jaehee either they had a donor or both of them meeting the kid they adopted) Thanks in advance!!!

HAHA YEAH IM A SLUT FOR THEM TOO!!! i made this blog to provide my fellow mm imagine lovers with that good shit. i hope this fit your request!

♥ When the doctor called Yoosung in to see you and your child, hE RAN INTO THE OPERATION ROOM SO QUICK.
♥ He’d just see you cradling the little bundle of joy and he’d just stop in the doorway and start crying.
♥ He can’t stop smiling, he wants to hold them so bad but he’d be patient and gentle.
♥ Regardless on how sweaty or tired you were, he’d still say you were glowing and you were so beautiful.
♥ When he got to hold his child for the first time, he would just get so emotional.
“I’m so blessed that I got to experience this all with someone as wonderful as you, MC.”

♥ He’d insist on a homebirth, he didn’t want fans to intrude during the operation.
♥ He’d get a doctor to go to his apartment to assist you with the procedure.
♥ He’d let you hold his hand while you were in labor, he’d keep motivating you and kept a positive attitude.
♥ His heart would melt once he heard the cries of his child.
♥ He’d take a bunch of photos of you resting with your newborn and he’d set it as his lock screen. It was his motivation to work hard from now on.
♥ You, Zen, and the baby would do so much stuff together to make up for the stuff he never got to do with his family in his childhood.
“I hope this baby will grow up to be just as beautiful as me you, MC!”

Jaehee (I made this one adoption):
♥ The day you and Jaehee would finally get to meet your new adopted child would be the best day of her life.
♥ Jumin would finally be nice enough to give her an entire week off to bond with her child.
♥ When they hand Jaehee the lil baby, she closes her eyes and just breathes. She finally, for once, looks at peace and not stressed.
♥ Holding the baby really does ease her nerves and reminds her that all that hard work paid off.
♥ She’d read to the baby all the time, it’s what she loves to do most in her free time. She’s the best mommy ever
“I wonder what they’ll be when they grow up. Whatever it is, I’ll support them no matter what. Unless they don’t like coffee.

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april study challenge: I thought It’d be better to answer the questions that i missed bc I started the challenge today, soo yeah..

2. favourite teacher/professor and why? he was my international business professor from last year, I loved the way he explained things and he was kinda funny but also took the class seriously (that’s the kind of teachers that I love the most) so it kept me paying attention the whole time, which is a bit difficult for me bc I have sort of an attention problem and I literally get distracted in two secs. 

3. one time where studying paid off: It was last year too, I got the worst grade of my life in an accounting exam and I was so disappointed and frustrated because everybody did so well except me. Soooo, I decided to completely dedicate my free time and work my ass off for the next exam and it turned out pretty well, I got the best score of the class and I even ended up helping my classmates to study for the rest of the semester. I felt so good with myself and it still gets me motivated.

4. why did you make a studyblr? I’ve always loved being organised and having pretty notes in my notebooks during high school and stuff so as soon as I discovered this community I just needed to join it. I actually didn’t post anything for like six months (bc I was intimidated by all of your amazing work, guys i mean you know how cool you are, right?) and I was stalking a lot of blogs 24/7, but now I think I’m ready to share some of my work and I hope I stay motivated to continue.  

-These are some pics from my in-class notes of Accounting II (yeah I’m taking another accounting class ugh), also my big pencil case (I have a smaller one that I take to class) and some of my most used pens. 

(As you already know, my camera sucks, my english is bad and I’m really sorry for that ;) )

Jinjin Scenario - The Last Time

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Summary: Everybody has moments in their life, that they hold dear. You were lucky enough to experience them, with the person dearest to your heart, before you had to go.

Genre: Tragic

Requested: No

Words: 1800

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could you do some rfa headcanons about mc getting physically hurt by someone? like in a robbery or something? and how they would handle it. thanks.

Ahhh! My first request! ᗒ ͟ʖᗕ  Thank you so much anon. I loved writing these. (I got so excited to see a request I totally rushed these I’m sORRY)


  • Legit bursts into tears. He’s worried sick that he might lose you and tries to hold your hand all the time even though you assure him you’re fine:

Please be okay. I don’t want to lose you too. I don’t want to be alone again.

  • Barely sleeps because he tries to constantly look after you. He wants people that hurt you to pay but focuses more on you because you’re so precious to him.
  • LOLOL is forgotten for at least a week. (it’s a miracle!)
  • Cooks you food and feeds you lots of healthy stuff (like fruit) so you recover faster:

Jumin said that these vitamins are really good for you! I may have to live on ramen noodles for a month but as long as you’re healthy, it’s worth it!~

  • Comes to every single doctor’s appointment. Holds you close to his side, hand draped around your waist even though you don’t need help walking. When you tell him that he doesn’t need to come every time, he just gives you a super intense look and says:

I’m not going to let anyone else hurt you so I have to come and look after you. I’m your boyfriend after all.

  • Blushes bright red when you wrap your hands around his neck and kiss him thanks.


  • The Beast is unleashed
  • He would beat the living shit out of anyone who dared to hurt you. Like I feel sorry for the poor idiot because it would be carnage. People would probably have to pull him off the guy who is a bloody pulp at this point. 
  • Protective mode to 259% — doesn’t leave your side at all.
  • Constantly angry with himself for allowing this to happen to you, regardless of what you say.
  • Smokes two packets a day from all the stress.
  • When you finally get through to him that it was all an accident he mellows out and just quietly apologizes for not getting there sooner and tells you how much he hates seeing you hurt.
  • Gently kisses any and all bruises he sees on your skin. Tells you “I love you” after every single kiss:

 “I should have killed him for this; for hurting you, for making you cry. I’ll never forgive him.”

  • Starts missing rehearsals because he’s taking care of you. You practically have to whack him on the head to make him go (“You have a show in two days, idiot!”)
  • Dedicates his performance to you because you can’t be there.
  • The show is amazing. Everyone gives a standing ovation. But this is the first time since you started dating that you’re not there to cheer for him so he lacks his usual flare.
  • Until he spots a group of people at the back of the theater cheering. A loud redhead, a blonde, a brunet in smart clothes, a raven head he could recognize anywhere and…and—
  • He’s leaping off the stage before anyone can say anything. The whole of RFA is there with you standing in the middle (protective circle, much?) with crutches.
  • Jumin is all dispassionate, “She insisted, so I paid off the nurses.”
  • Zen doesn’t give a shit and just pulls you in a long kiss, completely ignoring all the catcalls (*cough*Seven*cough*) and wolf whistles.


  • Tries to not show how worried she is. Fails.
  • Does extensive research on how to treat any injuries you have. Makes sure that you take all your medicine on time and that your meals are nutritious for faster recovery.
  • Hires the best lawyers to make sure that people responsible for hurting you are put away. Collects all the evidence she can get her hands on with immaculate detail.
  • Finally asks for some time off work to be with you. Jumin is not happy. Jaehee is out of fucks to give and goes on a spectacular monologue detailing how many holiday days she has left and how she will be willing to work overtime after you get better.
  • Fuck you Jumin Han
  • Is super careful with you and worries about making your injuries worse by touching you. After you insist that all you want is a good cuddle she blushes thirty-five different shades of red but happily curls up with you on her sofa.
  • Ends up reading to you while you nap in the bed, voice soft and gentle as she tries to lull you to sleep. When she thinks that you’re asleep carefully takes ahold of your hand, giving it a tentative squeeze before few tears hit the surface of the book in her lap:

I was so worried about you. I thought that someone might take you away from me. I don’t ever want to lose your warmth.”    


  • Half of the security personnel is fired immediately. How could they allow you to get hurt? It’s completely unacceptable. He has no time for useless people who can’t do their jobs, especially when that job is protecting you. 
  • Tries to think himself above petty emotions like worry but feels sick to the stomach when he sees the extent of your injuries. Your beautiful skin marred by bruises makes his blood boil and his stomach coil.
  • Doesn’t like the idea of you in a hospital (because people are incompetent idiots and how can he be sure you’re receiving proper care at all times?) so you stay at his penthouse with around the clock care from best doctors’ in the country.
  • Gets super pissy if one of the doctors so much as makes you wince by poking a bruise. Only truly allows Elizabeth near you:

We have to protect her, Elizabeth, so no one can ever hurt her again. You’ll look after her for me when I’m not here, yes?

  • You heal slowly and the pain is so bad some nights that he can only hold you in his arms with Elizabeth 3rd squeezing between you both, purring gently to calm you down.
  • When the suspect is finally apprehended Jumin asks for some “alone” time with the man.
  • Later that night when you worriedly ask if that’s blood on his collar he only says that he cut himself shaving.
  • The last you heard of the man who attacked you, he is charged with multiple accounts of fraud, attempted murder and possession of drugs; a portfolio of crimes so extensive for a simple street thug that it makes you raise an eyebrow at Jumin who only kisses you slowly in reply:

You’re safe now, and that sorry excuse for a man got what he deserved. That’s all that matters.

Pulls a loose strand of hair behind your ear, placing another short kiss on your mouth before adding lowly, “No one hurts what I care about. No one.


  • Guilt.
  • Guilt.
  • Guilt.
  • Blames himself immediately. Because why must this always happen to the people he loves? All he wants to do is keep you safe and happy but always ends up putting you in danger instead:

What kind of defender am I if I can’t even protect the one most precious to me?

  • Every time he sees you flinch or grit your teeth in pain, he feels his heart shredding itself to pieces.
  • Never lets you see how much he blames himself and instead focuses on making you feel better. Tells you terrible jokes to cheer you up. Makes even worse puns:

You know, when I get naked in the bathroom, the shower usually gets turned on…

  • Sometimes you wake up late in the night to find him sitting beside your bed holding your bruised hand in his, a pained expression on his face.
  • Softest forehead kisses eVER
  • Waits till you’re asleep to work relentlessly in finding the person responsible for your pain. Slowly destroys them piece-by-piece because there is no hole, no goddamn crevice deep enough to hide them from him and his anger.
  • It’s the first time anyone in RFA has seen happy, go-lucky Seven this way but no one interferes because there is quite literal murder in that boy’s eyes.
To everyone who took an AP exam

I am so proud of you. You worked your butt off studying and I’m sure it paid off big time. The exams are over; it’s time to take a deep breath and let out all of that stress. Take a bath, read a book, do something that isn’t related to AP. There’s no use in worrying about how you did until July. Be proud of yourself for even taking the initiative and taking the exam. Best wishes to you all!

weekendwolves  asked:

Hi, I was just wondering.. how come spending more than 25-30% of your credit limit ruins your credit score? Even if you pay it all off on time? Thanks! :)

Paying off your credit cards on time definitely improves your credit score (it’s the best way, actually), but it needs to be done consistently over a long period of time. Even if you’re paying the balance off monthly, you’re still using a large portion of your available credit, which is a sign of a risky borrower. If someone uses 25-30% of their monthly income every month on a credit card, there’s a good chance that they may not actually have the funds to pay that money back at the end of the month, after they’ve paid for things like housing (30-40% of their income), food, medical bills, etc. 

While you want to increase your credit limit, you also want to keep your spending fairly low within that limit, with the exception of big ticket items and emergencies. First, I would suggest you put some of that spending on a debit card (comes straight out of your account, doesn’t risk an interest fee), but if it absolutely must be credit (you can’t wait til payday), it might be worth it to look into getting a second card, if only to spread out the spending a little and bring that 30% down to 15% per card.

Related: Debit vs Credit and How to Build Credit and Prove You Can Handle Your Finances 

Band AU Fic Tips.


- Person A of the OTP being the vocalist who constantly strains their voice, and person B being the exasperated throat-medicine buyer.

- Big brother plays the drums while little brother sticks to keyboard, and doubts that they will ever stop hearing the ‘Drums are not manly’ joke.

- 'Okay so you said that there was no way I could learn this rif so I practiced it all week and I was going to shove it in your face but I’m on the way to practice and your sitting on the pavement and you look like you’re about to cry and by God now I feel like a piece of shit for even thinking that’

- “I don’t /want/ to teach your ignorant ass how to play the bass but now I have no choice huh?”

- 'So I stage-dived and then your hand reached a rather inappropriate place and now you’re laughing pleASE STOP LAUGHING’

- Person A constantly having bleeding fingers after gigs, and person B having no idea what to do to help.

- One member of the group secretly loving Elvis and getting teased to hell when everybody finds out.

- Tour-gone-wrong when the small band end up hitchhiking across the country and playing on makeshift instruments made of rubbish on street corners just to get to the studio in time.

Tips from band member-

(1) When you stop playing, the amp gets switched off - it’s like a commandment. If you don’t switch it off, your ears are in for a world of hurt.

(2) Most of the time, bands don’t practice in typical 'mom’s garages’. In fact, all the bands I’ve ever been in are far, far cooler. The oldest member/leader of the band will often bring practice into their apartment for convenience, dealing with grumpy, stoogeish neighbours in moderation.

(3) Bands will also join in communities, booking paid gigs together and sharing resources and practice space. Some of the best friends I’ve ever made are members of other bands.

(4) I may have mentioned this above, but NEWSFLASH - playing the guitar/bass for hours hurts! An experienced guitarist will have hard skin on the tips of their fingers from years of playing, but if someone’s new to playing and is doing it for a continuous amount of time, fingers can ache and spasm, and be worn down the the point of blood.

(5) The same applies to playing the drums or keyboard/piano. When playing the drums, your shoulders can ache and strain, and damage to your ears often is a problem. Some of the more experienced drummers I know are even HoH, because of what they do. When playing the piano in a band, you are often constantly standing, shoulders hunched rather awkwardly, and finger cramps are also common.

(6) Stickers on instruments are a turn on.

(7) Bass players tend to be tall and silent.

(8) The most a band will get paid for playing a night at the pub is $40, so they’re not living the high life (especially when they have to divide money between members). As well as this though, they do have a good chance of selling some CDs at gigs.

(9) Electronic drum sets are a gift from God above.


A Second Chance

Hey, Darlene ( @nerdyandturdy ), Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones! I hope you have wonderful and, most importantly peaceful, holidays and a Happy New Year!!! I feel like I should apologize for this fic because it got waaaaaay out of hand and has nothing to do with your suggestions.

With any luck you’ll still enjoy it, though! Happy reading! :-)

~~ @bri617aroundtheworld

June 2013

Isn’t it funny how sometimes the theory of an idea sounds absolutely amazing, and then when you put it into practice it turns to utter shit?

Yeah, this definitely fits that description.

“I wouldn’t mind tapping that,” the burly man plopping down in the uncomfortable chair opposite her drawls, licking his lips as he checks her out unapologetically. His handcuffs rattle against the metal table as he straightens in his seat. “Maybe we can turn this into a conjugal visit, baby.”

She slams her eyes shut, wondering for the hundredth time in the last hour why oh why she agreed to do this.

“Guard,” she calls, slowly exhaling through her nose, trying to dispel her frustrations.

Is it really too much to ask for a little bit of respect? She’s here to help these men and all she’s gotten in return so far are lecherous looks and sexist comments. Do they not realize that she’s trying to offer them a chance to turn their life around?

“Please escort Mr. …” she looks down at the clipboard with the list of guys to interview, marking yet another name with a big fat X, “Lynch back to his cell or wherever he came from. We’re done here.”

The lewd smirk instantly drops off his lips, turning them down in a scowl. “Bitch, I was told you’d give me a job and now you just send me away after ten seconds?” he exclaims, trying to tug away from the correctional officer that’s dragging him out of his seat. “Fuck this! You better hope I don’t see you walking down the street once I get out of here.”

She just shakes her head, biting back the snarky response lying on the tip of her tongue, while she watches him get pulled out of the interview room, ignoring his colorful commentary. There’s really no point in arguing with am asshole like him.

You’re doing this for Roy, she reminds herself firmly of the reason she’s here.

Roy Harper, her best friend since childhood who she’d grown up with in the not so glittery part of Las Vegas, who’d been caught transporting drugs for a local gang. When he’d refused to name any of the guys that had paid him to commit the crime, he’d been shipped off to prison at the tender age of 18. She’d been off at MIT at the time, feeling completely helpless as she witnessed her best friend get locked up. During his sentence, she’d only managed to visit him a handful of times during the holidays, but she’d made sure to call him every week to help keep him out of trouble.

Four years and a whole lot of good behavior later, he’d been released on parole, and assisted by A Second Chance, the very organization she’s working with now, he’d found a job and started a new life far away from his criminal past.

Without the incredible work of A Second Chance, who knows where he’d be today. Maybe he’d be part of the 52% of inmates that return to prison within three years of their release, instead of holding a steady job and happy life in Starling City.

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I MADE A TON OF PENTATONIX ASKS! These are largely in chronological order. I didn't do the new album because I know someone just made a post with questions for that. Have fun with it!
  • PTX : What's an internet acronym it took you a long time to understand?
  • Scott : Who is your idol?
  • Mitch : What is your favorite item of clothing? OR what's your aesthetic?
  • Superfruit : What's your weekly obsession?
  • Scomiche : What's your favorite fictional ship?
  • Kirstie : What's your favorite Disney movie?
  • Trio : How'd you meet your best friend?
  • Avi : What's your favorite mythical creature?
  • Kevin : If you could be renowned forever for being the best at one thing, what would it be?
  • Meat and Potatoes : What's your favorite meal?
  • Ben : Talk about a time you worked behind the scenes.
  • Esther : Ever played a prank?
  • Wyatt : What color is your hair?
  • Olaf : What's worth melting for?
  • Todrick Hall : Have you ever seen/been in a flash mob?
  • Lindsey Stirling : Do you play any instruments?
  • Sing-Off : Talk about a time you took a chance and it paid off.
  • Ben Folds : What do you nerd out about?
  • Sara Bareilles : Talk about a time you got hella tongue-tied.
  • Shawn Stockman : What gets you psyched every time?
  • Telephone : Have you ever auditioned for anything?
  • ET : Do you believe in aliens?
  • Your Love is My Drug : Have you ever done drugs?
  • Piece of My Heart : Have you ever had your heart broken?
  • Video Killed the Radio Star : How did you first realize your passion for whatever means the most to you?
  • Love Lockdown : What makes you angry?
  • Britney Spears Medley : What mistake do you make a lot?
  • Born to be Wild : What's the greatest adventure you've ever been on?
  • Stuck Like Glue : What can't you give up?
  • OMG : Talk about a time you made a compromise.
  • Let's Get it On : What have you never lived down? OR who's your celebrity crush?
  • Forget You/Since U Been Gone : Have you ever gotten a toxic person out of your life?
  • Dog Days are Over : Talk about a time you put your all into something, even if you were scared.
  • Without You : Are you an introvert or an extrovert?
  • Una Noche : Have you ever pulled an all-nighter?
  • Eye of the Tiger : Talk about a time you won something.
  • Moves Like Jagger : What's the first internet video you remember watching?
  • Edge of Glory : Do you live in the moment?
  • How Will I Know : Are you good at "reading" people?
  • You Da One : What do you daydream about?
  • We Are Young : What's your power song?
  • End of Time : How do you think the universe will end?
  • When Love Takes Over : If you took over the world, what would be your first action as ruler?
  • As Long as You Love Me/Wide Awake : What time do you wake up?
  • The Wizard of Ahhs: What trait would you ask the Wizard for?
  • PTX Vol. I : What's something you made long ago that you're still proud of?
  • Starships : Talk about a time no one believed in you, but you succeeded and proved them wrong. OR would you ever go to space if you had the chance?
  • The Baddest Girl : What's the most badass thing you've ever done?
  • Somebody That I Used to Know : Have you ever drifted from someone you used to be close with?
  • Aha! : Talk about a time you were caught red-handed.
  • Show You How to Love : Do you like going out to clubs?
  • Love You Long Time : What do you consider irreplacable?
  • The Chicken Song : What cracks you up every time?
  • PTXMas : How long did you believe in Santa?
  • Angels We Have Heard on High : Have you ever sung in a choir?
  • O Come, O Come Emmanuel : Are you religious?
  • Carol of the Bells : What do you have set as your ringtone?
  • The Christmas Song : Do you have a fireplace?
  • O Holy Night : Have you ever gone stargazing?
  • This Christmas : Have you ever been kissed under the mistletoe?
  • Little Drummer Boy : Talk about a time you had to improvise.
  • Go Tell it on the Mountain : Have you ever spread a rumor?
  • Payphone : How old were you when you got your first cell phone?
  • Gangnam Style : Do you speak any languages other than English?
  • NSYNC Medley : What makes you nostalgic?
  • Save the World/Don't You Worry Child : Where were you on Dec 21, 2012 (the day the world was supposed to end(again))?
  • Thrift Shop : What's the coolest thing you've gotten at a Thrift Shop?
  • Radioactive : Do you like dystopian fiction?
  • Evolution of Music : What is your favorite song from before the 21st century?
  • Oreos : What's your favorite cookie?
  • Pusher Love Girl : What's your silliest nickname?
  • PTX Vol. II : What constructive critique has stayed with you?
  • Can't Hold Us : What "clique" do you feel you identify most with?
  • Natural Disaster : Have you ever been in an earthquake?
  • Love Again : Have you ever been to a rave?
  • Valentine : What do you think is cute?
  • Hey Momma/Hit the Road Jack : What's the worst pickup line you know?
  • I Need Your Love : Have you ever had to do someone else's job?
  • Run to You : Who do you miss right now?
  • Daft Punk : If you could have one robot/cybernetic enhancement, what would it be?
  • PTXPerience : Do you keep a diary? Have you ever read someone else's diary?
  • Royals : If you could be royalty, with all the good and bad things that entails, would you want to?
  • Evolution of Beyonce : What's the most dramatic thing you've done to get the attention of someone you like or admire?
  • Cruisin' for a Bruisin' : Have you ever been in a fight?
  • Sesame Street : What's your happiest childhood memory?
  • Say Something : Go on, say something. Get it off your chest.
  • Happy : What makes you happy?
  • We Are Ninjas : What Ninja Turtle are you most like? OR what's your favorite pizza topping?
  • PTX Vol. III : How have you improved in the past year?
  • Problem : What's the biggest problem you have right now?
  • On My Way Home : How far from home have you been?
  • La La Latch : Is there any object you're particularly attached to?
  • Rather Be : Where would you rather be right now?
  • See Through : What's the closest see-through thing to you right now?
  • Papaoutai : What creeps you out? OR what's your favorite toy?
  • Standing By : What are you waiting for?
  • Hark the Herald Angels Sing : Do you believe in miracles?
  • White Winter Hymnal : Have you ever built a snowman?
  • Sleigh Ride : Have you ever ridden a horse?
  • Winter Wonderland/Don't Worry Be Happy : What helps you stop worrying?
  • That's Christmas to Me : What is your favorite holiday tradition?
  • Mary Did You Know : What's an interesting trivium you know?
  • Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy : What is your favorite Christmas story?
  • It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year : What's your favorite season?
  • Santa Claus is Coming to Town : What do you want for Christmas, and what bad habit would you give up for it?
  • Silent Night : Quick, turn off your music--what's the very first noise you hear?
  • Let it Go : Do you have any deep dark secrets?
  • Pitch Perfect : Have you ever met a celebrity? (Other than PTX.)
  • Grammy : What do you consider your greatest achievement?
  • Documentary : What's your favorite movie?
  • Evolution of Michael Jackson : What's your favorite classic Halloween monster?
  • Pentatonix : What are your hopes for the future?
4 AM Mysteries: Answer

Pairing: Nozoeli

Summary: Exams are over, and Eli finally has time to compile her notes from the fire alarm incident. The fact that she’s doing so in a cafe, sitting across from Nozomi, is absolutely irrelevant. Probably.

Note: No one guessed the correct answer, although everyone’s theories were very good. The closest people were @velteris, who guessed the correct person but not the correct method, and @marysweetlove21, who figured out the key detail.

Continuation of 4 Am Mysteries

“What if I said I was the one who pulled it all along? Would you punch me?”

“No hesitation.”

Keep reading

finally || a+i

Europe had been great, but there were enough reasons why Adam was glad that the tour was over, one of those big reasons being that he was going to get to spend time with his new girlfriend, Ivelisse. Once he’d gotten off of the plane, he disappeared into the bathroom to hopefully freshen up a bit. He was going to see his girlfriend for the first time since they started dating. Luckily he kept deodorant and cologne in his backpack. He tried his best to look alive, splashing his face with water. He took off his TRX hat off long enough to re-tuck his bangs behind his ear, then place the hat firmly back onto his head. Once he’d left the bathroom, he grabbed his luggage and then found a cab.

It was about 7:20 am by the time that he’d arrived outside of Ivelisse’s. She told him that her and Sofia would be awake. He paid the cab driver and rolled his bag up to her door. Skeptically he turned his head to the side to sniff himself, making sure he didn’t smell bad, the last thing he wanted was to see his girlfriend for the first time and smell bad. Relieved that he didn’t, he knocked on the door. He felt bad that she had to answer the door with her injured foot, but it couldn’t be helped.

Mckirk Head Canon

The first time Jim tells Leonard he looks really good today, Leonard thinks Jim is making fun of him and just answers, ‘Sure, kid.’

The second time, Jim punctuates his compliment with a wiggle of his eyebrows and Leonard blushes bright red as he stammers a sarcastic, “Well, I guess all my primping has paid off then.” Leonard stomps off before Jim can say anything else, not appreciating being mocked that way.

The third time Jim tells Leonard he looks nice, Leonard turns to glare at his best friend, only to stop short when he sees the shy, almost hopeful look on Jim’s face.

“You think I look…nice?” Leonard slowly asks.

Jim, pink in the cheeks and fidgeting nervously, just gives one jerky nod of his head.

Leonard squares his shoulders. “If you think I look nice now, you should see how I look when I’m trying to impress a date.”

Jim just stares blankly for a moment until Bones’ pointed gaze penetrates, and his eyes widen.

“You’re right. i should. How about you show me? Friday, at 8?” Jim posits, heart hammering as he awaits Bones’ answer.

“It’s a date.”