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Why aren’t there more female investment bankers? Maybe it’s actually the same reason there aren’t more male investment bankers who aren’t insufferable alpha males – because investment banking is a gigantic fly trap for macho assholes and ideally nobody should be doing it. The real question is why are there so many macho assholes, and why do we let them beat the economy like a rented mule? This is of course in no way to suggest that efforts to reduce gender imbalances should cease, because there are going to be people of any gender who want to be investment bankers for whatever reason, and equality means all of them should by God have an equal chance at wasting their lives (and the legal right to be paid maternity/paternity leave to raise their devil spawn). The point is just to illustrate that what men do is automatically seen as desirable, as opposed to maybe asking if maybe something having no women in it maybe means it’s maybe bullshit.

5 Responses to Sexism That Just Make Everything Worse

Feminism means that men should have paid paternity leave to bond with their child.

Feminism is about fathers rights being balanced alongside a mothers, especially if there is evidence that the mother isn’t capable.

Feminism means both men and women have the choice to work or to be stay at home parents.

Feminism means women should be prosecuted for rape and sexual assault on the same level as men, whether it’s against other women or against men.

Feminism means women are allowed to work in both STEM areas AND garbage disposal and sewage works, and that men can work in beauty and care areas.

Real feminism wants equality between the sexes. Real feminism doesn’t prize women above men. Real feminism values men and women in their strengths and weaknesses, and recognises that men and women can’t necessarily do the same due to biological differences.

Feminism is for both men and women.

Out of 193 countries in the United Nations, only a small handful do not have a national paid parental leave law: New Guinea, Suriname, a few South Pacific island nations and the United States.

In the U.S., that means a lot moms and dads go back to work much sooner after the birth of a baby than they would like because they can’t afford unpaid time off.

Jody Heymann, founding director of the World Policy Analysis Center at UCLA, says the global landscape for paid parental leave looks bright, but the U.S. is far behind.

“The U.S. is absolutely the only high-income country that doesn’t, and as you can tell by the numbers, overwhelmingly the world provides it,” she says. “The world not only provides paid maternity leave, but they provide adequate paid paternity leave.”

Countries Around The World Beat The U.S. On Paid Parental Leave

Map: Alyson Hurt/NPR

Retention of female employees and their mobility into higher paying roles can be improved when paid parental leave is encouraged for both men and women.

PREACH.* That’s from the Seattle City Council, who, spurred by Councilmember Jean Godden, moved one step closer to offering paid family leave for City employees of all genders today.

The resolution, which offers four weeks of paid family leave to parents (including foster and adoptive parents) of all gender who have been with the City for more than six months, will go before full council on Monday, where it will definitely pass.

The vote came after a series of testimonies from community members (and their kids!), which Godden said gave her “a lump in her throat.” 

“It’s one thing to make legislation, it’s another to see…who it will impact,” she said. 

Though the new legislation will only apply to City employees, the hope is that it will eventually be expanded, similar to the Safe and Sick Leave, to all workers in the City of Seattle. Unfortunately, it’s likely to face an uphill battle from the business community who, as we’ve seen from $15 and the aforementioned sick leave ordinance, tend to be a hard sell on pro-worker matters that will cost money. They are also, as demonstrated by both of those laws, slow to comply.

But this is a start. And while four weeks is still well below the international average in developed nations, it’s above the national requirement, which is zero.

Good work, Jean Godden!

*Though we would not use binary gender language because that’s exclusive. We would say “for all genders.”

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Hi Tobey! I have a quick question- why is it so controversial for me to not support federally required paid maternity leave? Anytime I express this opinion in pro choice circle I get crucified! Under capitalism, all paid maternity leave will do is make women look less desirable to hire (lest they get pregnant) and hurt afab people like me who don't want children. When you're an adult you're supposed to plan for a kid, not just expect work to pay it off. Just my opinion tho, what's yours?

I believe we should have federally required paid maternity and paternity leave.

Where Do Fathers Receive The Most Paternity Leave? [Infographic]

70 countries around the world now provide paid paternity leave for fathers. The length of time offered and the average payment level differ drastically between countries. Read more >

We want employees to have the flexibility and confidence to balance the needs of their growing families without worrying about work or finances. Parents can return part-time, full-time, or return and then go back out as needed. We’ll just keep paying them normally, eliminating the headache of switching to state or disability pay. Each employee gets to figure out what’s best for them and their family, and then works with their managers for coverage during their absences.

America Has the Worst Family Leave Policies Of Any Developed Country

In the U.S., you’re guaranteed zero weeks of paid leave and 12 weeks of protected leave, meaning your job will be waiting for you three months after your child is born. Under America’s Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) of 1993, however, this is only for employees who have been at a company of 50 or more workers for at least a year, and even in these circumstances, employers are not required to provide any sort of compensation for your leave. The 50-employee requirement also puts workers at smaller, newer companies at a disadvantage. So if you’re pregnant at a tiny start-up in the U.S., your paid and protected leave options are at the discretion of your manager. Even if you work at a company with more than 50 people, you might run into some trouble if you find out you’re having a kid before hitting your one-year employee mark.

Swedish dads must now take at least 3 months of paternity leave

Starting in 2016, Swedish fathers must take a third month of paid parental leave. The country already allowed parents to split up to 16 months of paid leave, but previously required that fathers only had to take off a minimum of two of those months. Now, mothers and fathers are each required to take three months off and divide the remaining 10 months however they choose. This could help Sweden reach gender equality.

Every country collects taxes. Only America chooses to spend over half [57%] on the military. We could easily have universal health and education, zero medical debt and zero student debt, months of paid family leave and paid paternity leave, but we give all that tax money to defense spending.


Netflix is giving every employee up to a year of paid parental leave

Netflix, the online movie streaming service, will now offer employees unlimited maternity or paternity leave for the first year after the birth or adoption of a child, the company announced Tuesday in a statement. this comes in addition to the company’s “unlimited vacation” policy. But some former employees aren’t buying it.

Bernie Sanders was recently told by a Republic presidential candidate that “I think Bernie Sanders is a great candidate for president — of Norway”. Apart from the fact that Norway is a parliamentary constitutional monarchy with a prime minister - and not a president - it is the world´s best country to live in, according to the UN. 12 years in a row. A presidential candidate actually used the most successful economic and social policy in the world, the Nordic social democracy - with the highest scoring country on the Gender Equality Index, free higher (and lower) education, paid paternity and maternity leave, free health care and with some of the lowest crime rates in the world, as an insult