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*From Afar* Newt x reader

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Dear Author! Good day and coming week to You. I just wanted to ask for a story. Do not know if idea is interesting. But I try to express idea. So, the Reader is obliviated and had no memory about Newt. However, he is not far from You. But he is doing it in Animagus form ( I mean, like a cat or a dog). It is up to You. Then, there is somehow a meeting. Well, something like that. Thank You!

Newt could only watch in horror as the spell hit you, causing you to be obliviated and forget everything that had happened between you and him. 

The memory of him drained from your mind… When you opened your eyes, you stood there, staring in to darkness. You couldn’t remember what had brought you here and what you were doing. 

Turning around to see if anyone else was there, you slowly began to walk away making your way home. The bitter night air stung your face and you sped up. You jumped when suddenly a cat, cinnamon colored with green bluish eyes, jumped out in from of you giving you a bit of a fright.

“Oh!” You jumped back and looked at the tiny animal. It’s eyes looked sad and for some strange reason, all too familiar.

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Anything for charity

Summary: Future!fic. Oswald hosts a ‘buy a date’ charity fundraiser at the Iceberg Lounge and Edward participates simply for the opportunity to flaunt himself on stage. Prompt provided by @nygmaticreport​!

As Edward ascended the steps leading to the stage, the overhanging lights slowly transitioned from red to a dazzling green. He had requested a colour change (or demanded, rather) prior to approaching the stage, intent on making an entrance.

And make an entrance he did, twirling his question mark cane and tipping his green bowler as he approached the microphone.

The Iceberg Lounge was having a charity fundraiser, an attempt to make the establishment seem legitimate and draw in much needed law-abiding clientele. It’d had some degree of success, as big names such as Bruce Wayne and Jim Gordon were in attendance, though he suspected the latter was only present to ensure nothing uncouth occurred.

Thus far, ten thousand had been the highest bid, paid by Bruce Wayne for a date with Pamela Isley (he suspected she had been utilizing her pheromones in order to provoke bids, though, the cheater).

Edward intended to earn double that.

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hi kay i just wanted to say i am a Broke and can't bid :( but if i could i want you to know that i WOULD FIGHT TO THE DEATH FOR UR ART

HEY THANK U i appreciate the thought pal!!! i feel you,,,,i too have no dollars so i bid on One Person but i’ve already been outbid in a Major Way,,,,,,,


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Yesterday something magical happened. I stepped for the first time in a Disney Store.


See, as if it wasn’t enough to make me fart glitter that they had ALL the Disney princess dolls, big and small, I found the Star Wars section. Kids’ clothes section. And they had a BB8 hoodie, Finn’s jacket, and I was… “no way, there MUST be something about Kylo Ren.” By now I was just squealing and pouncing and wiggling like a butt-tickling chicken, and LO AND BEHOLD…

I found a Kylo Ren hoodie. It even had a CAPE. And gloves attached to the sleeves, and the belt, and a fake-helmet hood!! I swear to God, I was in a whole another state of fangirling.

And because my torso and height are the size of a 12 yo’s kid, I BOUGHT IT and it was like a glove to my tiny, emotion-filled body.

Every adult in the shop envied me and my smolness and I was slowly boiling inside, because damn, that’s one warm hoodie! But I’m. SO. HAPPY!!!

I also tried Finn’s jacket. It was amazing.

When I was at the cashier, she asked me “do you want it wrapped for a gift?” and I was beaming so hard my gums were drying out and said “Nope. It is for myself”, and she sighed “Oh lucky you!!”. And after I paid she bid me farewell saying “MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU!” and I replied “YYEEEEAH!!”

I don’t care if I’m the laugh of the town. I’m going to wear the crap out of that Kylo Ren hoodie next autumn and winter and nobody can stop me.

am i that bad?

character: bambam

plot: Assuming that BamBam was your blind date, you sat with him and he just goes along with the flow until your friend calls you that the date was cancelled and BamBam has some explaining to do of why he didn’t stop you.

genre: au

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Strong Musk {V/Taehyung}

Not Requested

Warnings: Smut, Slightly Rough(?), Werewolf 

Word Count:5897

A/N: Okay, this is my first time POSTING smut anywhere for any one’s eyes to look upon so plz don’t hate me plz

Your p.o.v

Life was great, when it wasn’t for the dreaded mating season that came around every year. I hated it and it drove me insane, considering I didn’t have a mate. So, all I could do during this time was press my thighs tightly together and hope I don’t bounce on the next hot wolf. What was good about this downside in my Omega life was, whenever this time came around, I was completely off of work. Which gave me time to sit at home and press my thighs together whilst eating 2 tons of ice cream. But, this time around, I wasn’t able to get off of work, which was fucking fantastic. Since our company’s sale rate had skyrocketed, we’ve had to start working longer hours and more days. Those longer days and hours happen to slip into my time of mating. If only I had a mate to relieve me of this continuous burning that occurs in my stomach every year. I can’t do shit about it though, so, I trudge through it all till it goes away for another year.

*ring ring*My head snaps towards my phone, my morning crisis of this dreaded mating season being cut short. I leaned over and grabbed my phone before answering without looking at the number.

“Y/N! The boss said to get here now! We’re having a flash sale and he wants every single employee he can get here.”

I groaned before hanging up abruptly on my friend F/N, she was also an Omega, but she had found her destined mate. She always pushing me around on the fact I haven’t found mine but I snap fangs at her and she stops. I shoved the covers off me and swung my legs over the side of the bed. I quickly changed into my work outfit and fixed my mess of bed hair. I made myself look at least half decent before grabbing my phone and stuff. I walked out and down the stairs of my house and into the kitchen. Seeing as I had some time to spare, about 5 minutes, I grabbed a box of cereal and took handfuls and shoved them in my mouth. Crunching on the food till I had to go, closing the box and lazily leaving it on the counter as I grabbed my keys from the holder. I twirled them around my finger after locking my door and started walking down the front of my house. Hopping into my car I started it up before leaning back in my seat, I focused on my lower abdomen. After a good 3 minutes I felt no burning sensation or any small wetness start to form in between my legs. 

“Thank fuck, but I know later it will come and hit my like a fucking bulldozer.”

Laughing at my own comment before pulling out if my driveway and driving off down the road, my fingers tapping against the wheel. After pulling up to a red stop light, I turned the radio on and it instantly played my favorite station. I grinned as I started lightly moving my body to the beat, mouthing words as I took off at the turn of green. I only had about 10 more minutes till I reached work so let’s play something fun. I clicked onto my favorite Playlist and clicked the top song, my grin growing as it blasted through my car speakers. The sound most likely was shaking the car with vibrations, at another red light I started dancing in my seat. I could really care less about what people thought, I glanced around and saw people staring. I flicked them off before taking off at green, I laughed as I pulled into my work. I turned down my radio before turning my car off, the engine snoring as it went to sleep. I pushed open the door and stepped out before slamming it shut, clicking lock twice. After hearing the beep I shoved my keys in my pocket, pulled up my pants, fixed my shirt and made small changes to my hair from my phone reflection.

“Are you ready for another day in hell?”

I said to myself quietly as I stared at myself in the reflection, I chuckled before shoving my phone in my pocket. I walked across the parking lot, pushing open the door to the building and walking in. The loud talks of coworkers and the ruffling of plastic bags with the annoying sound of squeaking wheels echoed through the giant store. I quickly walked away from the entrance and over to where me and F/N worked. She saw me and waved, I rolled my eyes as small talk wasn’t on my agenda today really.

“Ah, so you’re in the bitch mood today?”

“Shut up, how bout you try being a single Omega at 18! Hormones are fucking crazy man, just be lucky you found your mate dammit.”

I barked at her, she chuckled and rolled her eyes, she leaned against the counter as I grabbed some bags and shook them open.

“You know, it just takes some nose sniffs and some exploring to find your mate, you can’t just bundle yourself up and expect to find them.”

“It’s better then going into public with more hormones then 10 eighteen year olds and most likely pouncing on some random hot werewolf. Yeah, no thanks, I’ll continue with the blankets and Ice cream thank you.”

“Such a stubborn bitch you are.”

“Thank you, I know I am.”

We both chuckled at that before a customer walked up, a cart filled to the brim with stuff. They started passing it down, me and Jenna quick to start working, the quicker she swiped and scanned the item, the more I packed. The customer was paid for and set to go in under five minutes, me and F/N high fiving.

“I can already tell this day is going by slow, that’s no doubt.”

“Y/N, stop being a bitch and let’s just get through the day huh? How about after this is all over me and you go and raid the dessert shop down the road?”

“Bitch. You couldn’t of convinced me in any other way.”

We chuckled quietly at the comment before moving on to the next three customers in line, leaving us open once again.

“So, F/N, let me ask this since I’ve been interested about it.”

“Hm? What? Why are you specifically asking me?”

My eyes quickly scanned the next customer, my hands fast to grab the paid items and making quick adjustments to the items already stored. After handing them their bags and biding them a good day I turned back to Jenna.

“What did you smell when you….smelled your mate? Describe it the best you can.”

I was always interested in what it was like, what powerful scent filled your nose when you knew your mate was near. I always imagined it was a sweet smell you couldn’t describe, a scent to make your mouth water. Something making that inner wolf inside you howl and scratch to get to its source.

“Ah, that wonderful, delightful, powerful smell you get from your mate huh? Hm….well, as you should know, the smell is different for everyone. This means what I’m saying to you won’t be the same as what you’ll experience when you find your mate.”

I only nodded my head as I quickly straightened my posture as another costumer came through. I looked at the people coming through from boredom, a teen, Gothic, dark, and silent, both ear buds in. Two sisters, whispering and giggling at one another, maybe close friends. I looked at the single mother and she looked tired, stressed, and almost done with life. Can’t blame her, look at what she has to put up with every single day, probably, still wondering on those two girls. She then paid and bid is goodbye, my keen sight not missing the way the boy stared both me and F/N from head to toe.

“So, back to your story again.”

“Of course. Anyway, oh his scent, I smell it every mating season and it never fails to drive me nuts. It’s just, perfect. It’s a sweet, musky, and spicy kind of scent. The kind you’d smell if some food, dessert, and cologne were all put into one room. It’s so amazing to be around, it sometimes puts me to sleep, it’s just amazing what a mate can do to you really.”

I nodded my head and crossed my arms over my chest, one of my hips hanging out further then the other. I didn’t know what to think my mates would smell like, I don’t think it’d be strong, just a light smell. Something that just calms you, something you can smell and go, ah, and just be relaxed. A scent you could never get old of smelling, I shook my head and mentally and physically prepared myself for the next couple of hours I’m going to endure.6 hours later

I groaned and leaned forward, my head slamming onto the counter of the checkout, 6 fucking hours later and in still here.

“Y/N, there’s like, 10 more people left, I think you’ll live.”

"Yeah, but I think I’ll die okay? It’s been growing worse and it’s getting hard to even stand the fuck up anymore.”

“30 more minutes and we’re done okay? Then we can go and raid that dessert shop okay?”

I nodded my head at that and pushed myself back up, quickly cracking my hands, neck, and back. About 3 more costumers pasted through till my nose picked up a peculiar scent, my nose sticking into the air. I took a deep inhale of the scent, my body then being raked from head to toe with goosebumps.

“Y/N, what the fuck are you doing?”

“I think I smell my mate, I’m not joking either.”

I kept my words quiet, too drawn in by the scent to care about anything else, to make myself look normal I lowered my nose. My eyes quickly started darting around the area, my nose leading them mostly. They then looked with a slightly tall man, his back turned towards me, his hair a dark brown. His shoulders wide and neck slightly longer then most, he then turned, my holy fuck he was handsome. His jawline was strong and sharp, his lips plump and his eyes looked like light calm brown. His hands rough and large, my knees becoming weak the more I looked at him, his head then shot up. I quickly looked away but kept a close eye on him, his nose extended into the air. My eyes watching as his neck moved outward, I instantly gulped down, there’s no way he’s my mate. I watched as he took exactly 5 deep breaths, then his eyes started darting around. I quickly looked away again, I glanced over and saw his eyes lock over somewhere near me. I quickly spoke to F/N in a frantic and spastic manner.

“F-F/N, I think I found my mate but there’s no way that he is. H-he can’t be, n-no way.”


I looked over at where I saw him before but he had disappeared to somewhere else, I cursed under my breath. Taking another deep inhale through my nose, I knew that he hadn’t left the store.

“Well, I know he is still here but I don’t exactly know where.”

“Yeah, sure, I’m s-, shit customer.”

We quickly collected ourselves but when I saw who walking towards us, my mind stopped and my senses went into overdrive. His posture was strong, his eyes seemed dark and piercing, different from when he was just standing over where he was before, I gulped down the lump in my throat as he approached.


He said sweetly, doing a small bow, his voice was deep and was covered in slight sleep, his eyes quickly darted to me. His eyes scanning from what he could, his teeth catching his bottom lip, slowly moving it back and forth. I quickly tore my gaze away from him and starting packing what little he had grabbed. I barely registered what F/N had said to him as his scent surrounded me. I felt something run down the side of my mouth and I instantly turned away and wiped it, knowing all to well it was drool. I heard Jenna chuckle and my mate..apparently laugh lightly, he paid her and turned to me and flashed me a smile. His teeth perfectly white and straight, he walked behind me and grabbed his bags himself, his scent whisking by me once again. I felt his stare burn through me once more before he disappeared, I let out a breath I didn’t know I was holding and she looked at me and said.

“Okay, maybe I was wrong, I think that is your mate but damn women! You’re mate is hot as fuck! I understand why you were drooling.”

“Shut. Up. Right now.”

I growled, although she was right, I didn’t what to think at the moment, my mind was a giant fuzz of emotions. I held onto the edge of the station and took deep breaths to regain my composure. After I was calmed down, it was time to close up the store, I quickly walked around. I helped pick and clean some things up before me and Jenna met up again, I took a deep breath before saying.

“Wait, didn’t your mate wait for you? You know, when you found yours and all that stuff.”

“Yeah, what does that ha-, oh, so you mean if that hot hunk you saw is waiting for you outside you’re going to cancel with me for dessert? I can see that, okay, let’s go find out.”

“WAIT! Woah, calm yourself, unlike you, I’m a little bit petrified, I’ve never even been on a fucking date and I’m scared shitless right now.”

“Its fine, my mate didn’t do anything, and that guy seemed to sweet to even hurt a butterfly, I think you’ll be fine now come on.”

I sighed in defeat, I guess she was right, I don’t think someone who has just found there mate would do anything drastic. I took a deep breath before walking out of the store with her, our eyes instantly changing. Mine turning a dark purple and hers shining a bright green, the darkness lifting instantly. I scanned around, but didn’t see any signs of that tall man. My head slightly dropped and F/N patted my back, I chuckled before telling her I needed to get something from my car. I lightly jogged over to my car, messing to get my keys out when a deep voice caught me off guard.

“Are you really my mate?”

I jumped and quickly spun around, lo and behold it was him, his eyes burning a deep dark red, his fangs lightly bared. His eyes scanned me once again, this time from head to toe, his tongue darting out to lick across his lips. He took a step forward, making me press up against the door of my car. He was soon pressing his body against mine, his head dipping down to meet mine.

“Tell me now, are you my mate or not?”

I gulped down the lump in my throat, I was terrified slightly of him, but his scent, god his scent. It was deep, musky, and had a light sweet top off to it, drawing me in more. I leaned forward, and pressed my face against his chest, taking deep breaths of him. My eyes closing as I balled my hands up on his shirt, my senses being taken over by it.

“I guess so, you must really like my scent, and I can’t resist yours either.”

“But, how can you be my mate, you’re way too….perfect to be the mate to someone like me.”

He chuckled at that, the vibrations being sent throughout his chest and rumbling against my ear. His large hands went to my waist, tightly gripping my sides and keeping me pinned to the car.

“No, I’m far from perfect, but at least we know we’re each others mates right? Now, isn’t it mating season?”

He said the last part darkly and full of lust, his lips then slamming on mine, my eyes widened as I gripped his shirt tightly. His lips were unbelievably soft, the kiss a mix of rough and passion. His touch starting to burn where his hands were firmly placed, his body emitting warmth. He pulled back after I hadn’t responded for a while, his eyebrow raised and he asked.

“Have….have you never dated someone? Have you only waited for your mate to do this?”

I nodded my head, my cheeks turning a dark red, he chuckled and kissed my cheek. The such small action made goosebumps run up and down my body.

“But I can’t do this, I don’t even know you.”

He pulled back and his eyes were wide, he most likely wasn’t expecting an answer like that, but he relaxed his features.

“Oh, but you can’t stand here and tell me that your not dripping right now.”

I quickly looked away when he said that, my thighs pressing together and slowly rub against one another. I felt his stare move down along with his hand, I gulped down, the fire his touch sent through me made it even wetter downstairs. His fingers pressed against the fabric, my throat tightened as I hid my small moan. He chuckled darkly and leaned down to my ear, biting on it and moving it in between his teeth.

“Look at how wet you are, your dripping through your own jeans. Your body is just begging for my touch and you know it, don’t try to deny it. Also my names Taehyung, and I would love to know my mates.”

I wanted to open my mouth but I didn’t want to moan out helplessly, he chuckled when I didn’t respond. His hand pulled away and he removed his mouth from my ear, his gaze making holes through me.

“Y/N… names Y/N.“

His lips pursed, a small grin playing on his lips, he placed his hands on either side of my head, his face leaning down to hover centimeters above mine. His breath hit against my lips causing them to quiver, he spoke softly, but pure lust covered it.

"Well, now that we know each other, can we start what we both desperately want.”

I didn’t even get to respond, his question stated more like a command, his lips pressing against mine. I couldn’t stop myself this time, slowly pushing my lips back against his as he started a small rhythm between our lips. His hands made their way back into my waist, pulling me away from the support of the car. This forced me to have to support on him so I didn’t fall back, my arms slowly snaked up his chest wrapped around his neck. He then tilted his head, first to the left then the right, his tongue swiping out against my lips. My mouth opened unknowingly, once his tongue slipped into my mouth my eyes widened. Thought they quickly shut when a small moan escaped me when his expert tongue claimed every inch of my mouth. He pulled away and we were both heaving for air, he looked at me and said.

“Well damn, you’re a pretty damn good kisser, and how do know what to do so well?”

“I…..I might of read up on some book of how to do stuff like this…..”

“Awe, you didn’t want to look inexperienced, well that’s too bad I wanted to teach you some stuff.”


He chuckled and kissed my forehead, he obviously knew that he’d have to teach me some stuff.

“How about we head back to your place, my pack is at the dorm right now.”

“Wait, you have a pack? oh god I’m not going to survive, will they even accept me?”

I said the rest quietly, but I should’ve known he could hear me even though I said it quietly, he pulled me closer to him.

“How about you don’t worry about that and just get in the passenger side.”

I nodded my head and finally grabbed my keys and placed them in his hand, talking detail of how rough his palm was. I quickly walked around the car, opening the door and slamming it shut. I shuffle a bit, keeping my legs tightly shut together as I pulled my seat belt on over my torso. Taehyung then got in doing the same thing, the light from the roof of the inside of the car shining. Me and him both hissed and quickly changed to our human vision, I looked over at him. He was sure as hell muscled, I could just tell, he looked over at me and his eyes were a calming brown. He smirked at me before starting up the car, he pulled back out and we were off. I kept my gaze forward, but I got just a little bit too curious and looked down at his jeans. I gulped down, the size of it, I’m going to die tonight, god dammit, I was too busy running through thoughts I didn’t notice his hand snake onto my thigh. When he gave it a small squeeze, I jumped and yelped slightly, he chuckled darkly. I watched as his fangs bared when his lips pulled back into a grin, his eyes slowly changing. The hand on my thigh started making small circles, tracing patterns on the inner. I sucked in a breath as his hand moved up further, slowly moving his fingers over my cunt.

“So, where do I go?”

He asked calmly, I glared at him and decided not to just be a submissive fuck, I grabbed his wrist and yanked his hand away. I pulled my knees up to my chest and watched as his eyes widened and he glanced over at me. Got him with that move.

“You take a turn up near the light pole with the white light, then you continue down that road till you see a small convince store called Family Dollar, then that takes you into my neighborhood and then when you see a two story house that has a fucked up tree in front of it you’re at my humbleabo.”

He chuckled placing his hand back on the wheel and pressing down on the gas a little bit more, the car swerving around others. I saw from how his knuckles were turning white, he was trying to fight that inner wolf. I was too, it was hard not to just pounce on him, but, I was managing to keep it down. My wolf was most likely terrified of his, now knowing he has a pack it’s not as confident as it was before. Even though it had a small fear it was still trying to claw it’s way out, wanting to howl with its mate. My eyes scanned over the side of the little convince store as we entered my neighborhood. My wolf was retreating then running back, it couldn’t make up its mind but it only had one thing set. Mating, with this man, and his wolf, that’s all my wolf knows it wants to do.


He asked, pointing at the house coming up, I nodded my head and he turned into the driveway. He was starting to rush as he quickly unbuckled his seat belt and climbed out after ripping the key from the socket. I moved a little faster as well and quickly walked behind him, the beep of my car assuring me it was locked. He started messing with keys until he actually managed to unlock my own house, I walked in before him as he had let me. I slid my shoes off and heard my keys get tossed before I was slammed into the wall.

“Now that we’re all alone here, how about we get right to it, before my wolf breaks out huh?”

He then slammed his lips onto mine, his hands pulling my hips into his and slowly rolling his forward. My hands instantly clamped around his neck as I moaned into his mouth, his nails digging into my hips. I dug my nails right back, digging them into his neck, most likely leaving marks. He pulled back and started kissing my jaw, nipping lightly on the skin before moving to my neck. I leaned my head back, my chin facing up, giving him more room, he gladly took it and attacked the newly exposed skin. I let my jaw drop open as a breathy moan left me as his lips grazed over my sweet spot. He attached his lips to it, sucking harshly on it, biting the over sensitive skin and tugging on it. My knees turned into jello, starting to be unable to continue supporting my body weight. My legs buckled, but the hands he had firmly on my hips was the only thing keeping me from collapsing. He pulled away from my neck and stared at me, his eyes his shade of dark red, but some areas lighter. He smirked with an open grin, my eyes easily seeing his fang, he chuckled before tossing me over his shoulder.

“You don’t even know where the bedroom is!”

I shouted randomly, in states of shock I usually do, he chuckled and said back to me.

“The room with the strongest scent is where you sleep.”

He finished as he flung open a door and walked into it, my purple eyes then scanned it as they changed. Well shit, maybe he was right on that note, and it makes sense anyway. He kicked the door shut and walked over to the bed, him leaning down making me fall back. I had shut my eyes when I had fallen back and slowly opened them to see him hovering over me. His eyes stared straight through mine.

“God damn, your wolf eyes, your an Omega too?”

I nodded my head and he smiled, but it quickly faded as he slipped his jacket off and tossed it away. His legs locked down mine, but he quickly changed the position and spread my legs to be in between them. He pressed his lips back to my neck and slowly slid his hands up my shirt, goosebumps popping up under his touch. He slowly pushed my shirt up, exposing my heated skin to the chilled air of my bedroom. I shivered from the contact before lifting my arms and allowing him to pull it off of me. He tossed it away like his jacket, his eyes scanning over my new skin. I felt a little weird under his gaze and shifted, he quickly pulled himself together and pulled his shirt off as well. My eyes could at his torso, he was muscled and had a strong pair of abs going for him. I leaned up as my hands pressed to his skin, he sucked in a breath as I started tracing his features. My fingers making patterns on his stomach, his muscles flexing at the touch, and a small smile crept onto my lips. He then pushed me back down, his hand grabbed my bra and ripping it off, I gasped at the sudden action. He dipped his head down and instantly took one of my breasts into his mouth. I bowled my back off the bed, tangling my fingers into his hair and pulling him closer. His tongue skillfully made circles around my nub, flicking and tugging on it with his teeth. He gave the same treatment to the other before reaching down in between us.

“Should we skip over the foreplay? It looks like your body wants to.”

My hips were lifted off the bed, desperately trying to get more friction, I shook my head, and said through short breaths.

“R-remember? I’ve never d-done something like this before…you have to…prep me or something…”

He smirked and leaned down again, pressing his lips against mine as he gripped my jeans and pulled them down. Doing the same with his and tossed them both away, leaving us both in our lower undergarments. He pulled his lips away from mine, his breath lingering afterwards before his fingers pressed to my slit. I moaned and bit down onto my lip, he started to then make circles around the damp area, my hips bucking at the contact.

“Fuck it, I can’t wait any longer.”

He ripped my underwear off, his fingers instantly dipping back down and his thumb swiping against my clit. I threw my head back and tightly gripped the sheets, then his fingers were slowly sliding into my entrance. I let out a small gasp, his face dipping back down to mine and reconnecting our lips. He only pushed in his middle and ring, making slow movements with them as they slid in and out. Every noise that emitted from my mouth he greedily swallowed, his tongue dancing with mine. He then added his pointer, my walls stretching out around the three digits, but tightening from slight pain. He broke away for air but that moment he did he curled his fingers up.


I couldn’t stop myself from crying out his name, my arms wrapping around his neck and pulling him down to hide my face in his neck.

“Damn, you sound absolutely fucking hot when you call out my name, do it again now, baby girl.”

I whimpered from his teasing words but he curled his fingers up again making me roll my hips down with his name in a breath leaving my mouth.


He chuckled and pulled his fingers out, my arms loosening around his neck as my back slowly laid back down on the bed. He lifted his fingers up to his face and he smirked down at me before taking those fingers into his mouth. My eyes widened as he sucked his fingers clean and pulled them away with a pop and a satisfied grin. He then leaned up, my eyes widened before I realized he was taking his boxers off. I bit my lip as he kicked them away, it hit against his stomach and I gulped down, his bulge wasn’t lying about his size. He smirked and crawled back in between my legs.

“Don’t worry, I won’t break you, yet at least.”

He then brushed his tip at my entrance, my heart was racing a billion mph, my face was turning a dark red as my arms reached out towards him. He leaned down closer to me and let our lips connect, he then gently pushed his hips forward. My eyes scrunched up and my arms wrapped under his as I dug my nails into his skin to bare through the pain. He groaned as he pushed further into me, our kiss broken when he started to trail kisses down my jaw. Once he was in till the hilt, he stayed still, my nails staying planted in his back. He hissed when he moved his back, my nails unclasping from their spot. I bit down onto my bottom lip, but soon my wolf gave up on the pain, my eyes glowing again as it let itself go.

“F-fucking hell, you’re so god damn tight Y/N. I don’t think you know how hard it is not to pound you r-right now.”

“M-move then.”

He looked at me before pulling his hips back, subtle pain shot through me but it was masked with a moan as he pushed back in. His hands planted themselves on either side of my head, his face hovering inches above mine. His forehead slightly covered in sweat and some of his hair sticking to it. His jaw clenched as he continued to slowly move in and out of me, I could tell he was trying to control his pace.

“T-tae~ G-go faster.”

He gladly did, slamming his hips into mine with a force strong enough to shake my bed, my nails dragging down his back again. He rested his forehead against mine and opened his eyes to reveal that his were also his wolves. He bared his fangs as I knew he was going to mark me soon, but those thoughts drifted away when he angled his hips a different way. My body shook with the pleasure it sent, his hips staying in that certain angle to pound into that one spot. I felt my lower abdomen start to tighten as my walls clenched around him at spastic times.

“I can tell you’re close, but hold on for me Baby.”

I could only nod my head as only constant moans were leaving my mouth, but there weren’t enough to cover up his deep groans. He then started going even faster then he was before, and harder. I needed to do something to keep my mind of that tight twist in my stomach, so I went for his neck. I pulled him down with arms wrapped under his and started biting and sucking on his neck. He moaned softly and gripped my hips, pulling them down every time he thrusted into me. I sucked harshly on his skin, most likely leaving dark purple mark’s everywhere I did. I felt his cock twitch inside of me and then his hands moved from my hips to push me down by my shoulders.

“This is going to hurt, but it’s going to send more pleasure then pain.”

I couldn’t give any answer as he bared his fangs and sunk them into my neck, I cried out and wrapped my arms around his neck. Then I let myself go, I cried out a howl and released around him. My walls clenched tightly around made him reach his high too as he howled as his seed filled my to the brim. As soon as we were both calmed down from our highs he pulled out of me. He laid down next to me and wrapped his arms around my waist, pulling the covers up over us. I turned so my face could bury into his chest as I continued to smell his deep musk.

“Now, I don’t think you’ll have to worry about mating season anymore, will you?”

He asked sweetly, a hand stroking my cheek as he pushed a single fallen strand of hair back behind my ear. I shook my head and smiled, he chuckled and kissed the top of my head before saying.

“Let’s sleep now, I think you’ll be pasted out till 6.”

I slapped his chest before a slightly worrying thought came into my mind making me ask.

“W-wait, what about your p-pack?”

He looked down at me and smiled his arms pulling me onto his chest as he laid flat on his back.

“You worry about the little things, don’t worry, I’m the Alpha, and since I’m the only Omega in the group, you’ll be fine. I won’t let one little thing happen to you okay?”

I nodded my head as he smiled down at me, slightly crawling up his body to place a sweet kiss on his lips before shoving my head in his neck. My eyes shut as his scent surrounded me more, sending me away.

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Kinda shipping Kuro x Koto from the ndrv3 lovechildren blog,,,,I mean

god can u imagine the …parents in this relationship

  • ouma and amami finding out kuro has a boyfriend from his social media and not just that its KAEDE AND MAKIS BOY OHOHO 
  • ouma and amami are fully supportive theyre just fuckicng idiots. they immediately want to make sure kuro is Safe in his relationship and Nothing Bad Happens aka they gotta teach this kid about safe sex
  • ouma acts all high in mighty and hes like ‘JUST LEAVE IT TO ME AMAMI’ and he drags amami to kuros bedroom and knocks the door down
  • ‘KURO I….’ he immediately chickens out ‘YOUR DAD HAS SOMETHING IMPORTANT TO TEACH YOU’ and he pushes amami out in front of him
  • amami just sits down on the edge of kuros bed, pulls a condom out of his pocket, hands it to him and leaves. kuros like ??? WHAT
  • ouma and amami leave the room so satisfied with themselves. ‘WOW WE DID IT WE’RE SUCH GREAT PARENTS’
  • meanwhile kaede and maki gave a very detailed powerpoint show about all the ways to protect yourself during sex. kaede even wrote a little song. koto was not amused
  • the next time kuro comes over to hang out with koto he literally just sits on the edge of his bed and takes out the condom
  • and of course kaede happens to walk in at that exact moment and sees it happen
  • ouma gets a call immediately after from kaede. shes yelling ‘WHY IS YOUR SON OVER HERE WITH A CONDOM WHAT ARE YOU TEACHING HIM
  • ouma just calls for amami to come into the room while hes on the phone ‘AMAMI IT WORKED KURO ACTUALLY USED THE CONDOM’ and kaedes just on the other end of the line ‘THEYRE LITERALLY 14 WHY ARE YOU GIVING THEM CONDOMS’

alternatively; the kids go to prom together

  • kuro asks koto to prom. it isnt stressful at all until they both go home and tell their parents
  • kaede being so happy that her boy is going to prom but at the same time she really wishes ouma would stop calling her everyday asking ten thousand questions
  • ouma and maki meeting together with the kids to go shopping for tuxes. ouma really wants the kids to have the checkered ties. maki glares at him the whole time because no the checkered ties are fucking ugly piss off ouma
  • eventually they get the tuxes and the bids are paid for and the only thing left is to make dinner reservations
  • except lmao. ouma and amami were supposed to do it and they forgot. whoopsie. so come prom day kaedes like ‘so where are the kids going to have dinner!!!’ and oumas just like ‘…….OOHFH MY GOD FI GOFORGT’
  • maki ends up making them a really sweet dinner from home and ouma is (somewhat) forgiven
  • kaede totally doesnt cry (she does) when its time to take pictures
  • ouma totally does
  • amami and maki try to act like theyre not affected by the fact that their kids are old enough to go to prom but theyre getting misty eyed
  • kaede makes sure the kids known that Inappropriate dancing is NOT allowed and that if she finds out they did so they will be in trouble
  • amami quietly tells the kids to do it anyway because its fun
  • eventually the kids leave for the prom and the parents are just all standing around and theyre all just a tiny bit emotional 
  • and then

summit bid announcements!! I’m probably super annoying about this bid, but no team at my gym has ever gotten a full paid bid to anything before. They have gotten at large bids, but never full paid. So I’m super excited to be apart of the first team at my gym to achieve this :) Also last year venus did horrible at this competition, our performance was so awful- so to come back a year later and get this feels great

Kids in Costumes

Kagami falls in love with the single father who comes into his shop with his adorable five-year-old.

[Available on AO3]

Kagami’s job at the local convenience store wasn’t anything glamorous or interesting. It was a job. It paid his bills and kept him busy, and the locals were nice enough. There was the pair of old ladies who he assumed were sisters that made him run around the shop to fetch their desired items, and as annoying as it was, they always shared their old-lady-knowledge with him, about cooking and washing and how to get rid of the gross stink from sneakers. There was the group of teenage girls who tried to flirt with him in the way young girls did, with bright red faces and stuttering speech, and despite being both amused and little weirded out by a bunch of fifteen year olds trying to ask him out, he always responded kindly, sometimes throwing in a wink or two just to see them fall over themselves as they rushed out of the store.

There was the weird giant of a man who came first thing after their morning deliveries to almost buy them out of their newly replenished stock of snacks and candy. Several times he’d tried to ask them man if he’d like to leave any stock for anyone else but always got a candy-stick shoved into his mouth and a sleepy “Bye-bye, Kaga-chin” in response.

There was the green-haired doctor who came in ten minutes before close on his way home from his shift to pick up either several cans of red-bean soup, or a whole list of vegetables and meats, muttering about ‘stupid Takao who had all day to go shopping but made him do it at ten-to-midnight’.

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