• My dad explaining last week's glee to my mom:so blaine was with this karchofky dude and he was talking but blaine was thinking about kurt, but then they talked and they ended it and karfoschy was like 'ok but don't sing it to kurt just tell him' because he was so fucking happy so then he ran out the door and took 20 boats to cross all oceans and get to kurt but then when he gets there Kurt's with this old fucker, who I still don't know where the hell he came from, and they went on a double date with these two, mm.. rachel and schuester I think, and left poor blaine all by himself, it was all very sad
Uh, so... Hey there, guys?

Nice to meet you, I guess. Damn, I always suck at this. Anyhow, I look forward to making friends and getting to work with you all. Unless, you know… you turn out to be a dick.

But hey, no judgments here just yet? I’m pretty new to the city, so if you wanna hang and are cool enough to show me around, hit me up! I got a fake ID too, if you’re up for that.


I’ve been staring at Word for like… half an hour expecting this stupid paper to write itself. It’s not even due for two weeks. That’s how bored I am.

Anyone up for grabbing a bite? I still haven’t met most of you guys, and I’d like to break the ice. I promise, I won’t gross you out with my table manners or nothing.

...Oh god, I'm so hung over.

How am I even up this early?

I officially call it. Body shots are awesome, but evil. I’m gonna go and drink all the Gatorade I can find and attempt breakfast.

P.S. Did I mention that I also have to sing tonight? I’m pretty ready, but that also means I’m likely doing this again. Someone please rescue me from being dumb again?

So, I got set up on a blind date for after my Thursday classes by a classmate.

I also got my fat ass stuck in the subway doors on my way back to the dorms from an elective’s “field trip.” I got out more or less fine after getting clamped, butow.

Anyone know how to reduce the massive bruises on my arms before my date?

Also, what the fuck up is with this weather? It was so cool and nice last week. Now it’s getting close to balls hot from all the asphalt.