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Wales Millennium Center  ―  País de Gales
08:53 pm

                          ❝    Estar dentro de uma limousine com o seu pai estava longe de ser o programa favorito de Sofia que mantinha o olhar fixo a tela de seu iPhone somente para não precisar interagir com o rei mexicano. Era melhor evitar qualquer tipo de conversa com o homem ou poderiam brigar antes mesmo de chegarem ao teatro. Quando sentiu o solavanco do automóvel parando, guardou o smartphone na pequena bolsa em seu colo e trocou um olhar cúmplice com sua mãe. Se quer teve tempo de perguntar a sua progenitora como estava, pois, em questão de segundos, a porta fora aberta por um serviçal simpático que dera boas-vindas a família real com um sorriso tão contagiante que chegava a ser invejável. Obviamente, deixou que os mais velhos deixassem o carro primeiro, saindo por último com Sachiel logo atrás de si. Ao pisar os pés em frente ao tapete vermelho do evento pode escutar os gritos desesperados dos paparazzis chamando por seu nome e aquilo fora mais do que suficiente para arrancar um risada da garota. O que podia fazer se amava aquela atenção? Recebeu um olhar sério de seu daemon pelo seu pensamento, mas preferiu ignorá-lo e, ao contrário dos pais que pareceram correr das fotos, virou-se para a multidão de câmeras com um belo sorriso. Posou para fotos ostentando uma expressão empolgada e até mesmo mandou o seu famoso beijinho para os fotógrafos antes de ter as mãos firmes do seu pai puxando-a para longe dali. Sem perder a postura, se limitou a rir e acenar para os fotógrafos a medida que se deixava levar pelo mais velhos aos tropeços. Pisadas tão apressadas que acabaram fazendo com que um dos seus Manolo Blahnik se soltasse do seu pé. Entrou no teatro descalça de um pé e, ao notar aquilo, balançou a cabeça em negativa enquanto rolava os olhos. – Já perdi o sapato e ainda não são nem meia-noite! Seria a história da Cinderela invertida? Se for espero que meu príncipe encantado apareça logo e exijo meu pedido a fada madrinha. – comentou em um tom brincalhão para a mãe, ignorando totalmente a presença do rei a medida que se soltava dele. ❞


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ok everybody has probably already caught this by now, but I wanted to write it down -

You have to judge the mayor of Crestwood for pretty much the same thing that Solas is responsible for (albeit on a much smaller scale). I couldn’t have written a closer parallel if I tried - the mayor, in a position of authority, made the decision to unilaterally kill many innocent people in order to stop something he believed to be more terrible from happening (eta: and both were, perhaps, attempts to specifically stem the spread of the Blight - thank you for catching that, @rederiswrites!). Then living with guilt for years, all those deaths on his hands, wondering if he made the right call, until finally the truth was revealed.

Where it gets interesting is when Solas reacts to the Mayor’s punishment. And his reactions are almost the complete opposite of all the other companions.

Solas seems to be the only person who actively empathizes with the mayor. He thinks the mayor deserved exile, is neutral about imprisonment, and he is the only one to disapprove of a beheading. 

That Solas would approve of a betrayer being exiled away from his people is interesting to me, especially knowing his worst fear (“dying alone”) and hearing the conversation with Varric about the Man on the Island. I wonder if these are the same punishments he would give himself. 

Anyway, I get a kick from all the people in the comments saying that they just felt sorry for the mayor having to make a choice like that…  does that go for Trespasser as well?

  • Me before I write the scene: Oh this scene will just be about 1000 words, no big deal, just slip it into this chapter and it'll be done.
  • Me writing the scene: Oh it’s... getting a bit longer than expected. I’m not even done it yet either. Might end up as a long-ish chapter now.
  • Me still not done the scene: How... is this one scene already 2500 words... why... how... no...
  • After it's done: that scene took up most of this chapter wtf why can't I write.


Basically I’ve been pretty unhappy with the direction pay rent has been going art and format-wise, which is purely my fault for being completely inexperienced with creating comics and rushing to finish and post them. Which is why I’ve been putting off pay rent for quite a while now, save for drawings and comics unrelated to the main storyline, and in truth, will probably continue to put off the next update till I really figure out how I’m gonna go about doing it. Just note that some things may change, like the art and colouring style, but not the story itself. I’ve still got some major stuff lined up for y’all but it will just look completely different from the previous updates. 

The manhua ‘Their Story’/‘Tamen de gushi’ (which you guys should totally read or perhaps buy if you’re into dorky gay girls) has been one of my inspirations for creating the comic and actually my own art style. I’ve felt that it would really help me out a lot to really look at the way it’s been done and adjust my own comic to sort of mimic the style. It flows really well, it’s damn hilarious and I’m hoping that by using it as inspiration and reference for pay rent, it would change the comic for the better. 

I also don’t think that it’s gonna continue having a consistent update schedule because to make it look just the way I want, I’m definitely gonna need more time. 

Thank you so much if you’ve enjoyed my comic so far and if you could just hold out a little longer for the comic’s next update, that’d be awesome. I promise it’ll be back better than ever.

TLDR; I’m putting off the next updates of pay rent so I can improve it. Another comic which inspired me to make pay rent will hopefully help me make my own better as I try to grasp how to make comics. Pay rent is also gonna not update consistently as I try to make it look the way I want. Thank you for reading my comic so far, and It’ll be back so much better than ever.

What have I learned from watching many USMNT games, and this USMNT vs Costa Rica game in particular?

USWNT should be getting paid an equal amount as the men, IF NOT MORE.

anonymous asked:

If someone were to be planning a visit to LA soon, what would be some recommendations that you have on things to do? For touristy and non-touristy things alike :)




  • go to hollywood boulevard and walk around. go see how many movie stars you can find on the walk of fame. go see the chinese theater with all the handprints in the cement. take corny pictures with the cosplayers on the sidewalk. its vair fun okay pleathe. 
  • SANTA MONICA PIER. go at around sunset and walk on the pier/beach and then watch the sun go down and feel SO GlAD YOU DID. 
  • Griffith Observatory! Home of the Infamous La La Land ballroom-dance-among-the-stars scene. Also excellent view of the city. 
  • If you like hiking, hiking to see the Hollyweed Hollywood sign! It’s a nice hike in winter/early morning and the view is gorgeous! 
  • If you like shopping but do not have the budget for Beverly Hills, the Downtown Fashion/Garment district is RICH with latino culture (taco! trucks!) and super fucking cheap clothes. Bring cash and go wild my friend. 
  • The Grove/Farmer’s Market on Fairfax. My old stomping ground since childhood. They’ve got every sort of cuisine imaginable at the farmer’s market (LOVE YOURSELF AND GET SOME PIZZA FROM PATSY D’AMORES) (where celebrities are rumored to frequent!) and then the Grove next door is a pretty outdoor mall where you can listen to jazz music outdoors and watch the fountain show (also most notably home to: the american girl doll store as well as super bougey stores where people bring their dogs while they shop.)
  • If you like amusement parks/have the budget: we’ve got Disneyland in Anaheim and Universal in Studio City area. They also give studio tours there of all the backlots, super cool! Also six flags magic mountain if you love coasters. 


  • love yourself and go get some goddamn boba tea. my lifeblood. i would die for boba tea. my personal favorite flavors: almond milk tea and passionfruit green tea w/ boba. can be found pretty much anywhere in LA, but be sure you go to ones that are Legit. 
  • Sushi. ok people say they’ve had sushi because u can get it anywhere these days but sushi from california is sO MUCH BETTER JUST TRUST ME, AN LA HEAUX. suggested places: crazy rockin sushi on Formosa Ave. Super busy, but SO FUCKING CHEAP for how much sushi you can get. go during happy hour. you will not regret. 
  • Korean bbq. Another thing you can find pretty much anywhere in k-town if you yelp locally. You have not lived until you’ve had k-bbq. 
  • There are a lot of local movie theaters such as the Sundance Theater that do cheap movie nights or re-screenings of classics. LA loves movies so if you search and find what’s playing that week, it’s a nice way to relive the classics or see indie films that aren’t widely circulated in major cities (ie, non blockbuster films). 
  • few people actually enjoy this but if you’re like me aka a slut for scenic driving, driving up the coast to Malibu, Ventura, or basically any distance up the PCH is gorgeous. Breathe that sea air. pull over to zuma beach and go take beach ho pics. 18/10 promise you’ll discover a whole new love for all things california (as long as you avoid rush hour traffic  r i p ). 
  • California Science Center/Museum of Natural History! Located in exposition park across from USC (ayyyyyyyyy), you can metro there and go see dinosaurs and other cool things. There’s a pixar ehibit there rn! And it’s next to usc if you wanna go idk tour a college campus or see if Viola Davis is there filming how to get away with murder (she is. all the time. 2 blocks from campus. boi i die.)
  • If you like art museums: The Getty Center or LACMA are gorgeous. 
  • Urth Cafe. The Peak of LA Hipster Culture complete with latte foam art and ridiculously priced salads. A fun place to chill if you’re looking for downtime, multiple locations around town. 
  • Amoeba Records! In hollywood! Awesome rad ass gigANTIC RECORD STORE. Seen in lots of movies. Do it. Worth it. 
  • THE LAST BOOKSTORE in DTLA. A gigantic fuckin labyrinth of a used bookstore. Fun and cool and even if you don’t want books, it’s cool just to see it. 
  • Blue Plate Restuarant in Santa Monica. (not to be confused with blue plate oysterette). Order their mac n cheese. You will thank me. 
  • Huntington Gardens in Pasadena, famous library and beautiful scenery. A bit of a distance from LA but worth it.
  • If you like theater, go see a show! The theater community is really alive here in LA, and spread out all over the place.  
  • This might seem weird but tbh fun there are a lot of Super Fancy Salons ///where the stars go/// that do groupons for haircuts/dye jobs and you can get what is usually a $200 haircut for like $45 bucks? Which is not necessarily /la life/ but let me tell you one time i paid 20 bucks for a groupon haircut and they served me a mimosa while they cut my hair my dude it was a truly wild experience and i loved it 
  • Honestly just go to one of the areas like Larchmont Boulevard or Studio City or Beverly Hills Drive or Old Pasadena and walk around. If not to shop just to see the cool architecture and cutesy shops. Enjoy that cali sun :)
  • ALSO COOL BARS IF YOU LIKE DRINKING: Mrs. Fish (fish in the ceiling and live music? hell yes!), The Edison (a 1940s dress up JAZZ CLUB) , Clifton’s (another period bar with a slightly less strict dress code!), The Perch (ON A SKYSCRAPER ROOFTOP) & AKBAR (hollywood gay bar/tiny club. wednesday nights are lesbian nights, from what i’ve heard. super fun and chill if u wanna go somewhere to drink and be gay!)

female character challenge: one character you will always defend
↳ Martha Jones, Doctor Who

I’m training to be a doctor. Not an alien doctor, a proper doctor. A doctor of medicine. Well that certainly is nonsense. Women might train to be doctors, but hardly a skivvy and hardly one of your colour. Oh, do you think? Bones of the hand. Carpal bones, proximal row. Scaphoid, lunate, triquetal, pisiform. Distal row. Trapezium, trapezoid, capitate, hamate. Then the metacarpal bones extending in three distinct phalanges. Proximal, middle, distal.


Morning warmup–Hamtagonists! … I just love Hamtaro crossovers and I really wanted to make Ham-puns, okay.