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i appreciate jughead’s commitment to lurking. like he’s always just sort of around. never front and center, but always somewhere. just off to the side. up in the corner. down beside the bleachers. or waiting on your front doorstep. that was so great; jughead was just sitting on archie’s front porch waiting for him. archie’s dad was home and he didn’t even know jughead was out there. how long was he sitting there? did he know archie’s dad was home? did he have something planned to say if fred spotted him? was he listening for fred’s footsteps and prepared to dive in the bushes if he heard him coming?

or like when that scout was in pop’s diner and his dad went to pay and jughead just sort of appeared. he clearly had that little move planned out. he had to have just been sitting somewhere nearby, just waiting. waiting for his moment to strike. how did he know it would take so long to pay? was he gone by the time that kid’s dad came back? if not, what did he say to him? did he leave the kid the rest of the sundae or did he take the whole thing with him? these are the things you have to think about when you’re a long-time lurker. a career creeper. a scion of the shadows. (these are all nicknames jughead has given himself and you know it)


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ok everybody has probably already caught this by now, but I wanted to write it down -

You have to judge the mayor of Crestwood for pretty much the same thing that Solas is responsible for (albeit on a much smaller scale). I couldn’t have written a closer parallel if I tried - the mayor, in a position of authority, made the decision to unilaterally kill many innocent people in order to stop something he believed to be more terrible from happening (eta: and both were, perhaps, attempts to specifically stem the spread of the Blight - thank you for catching that, @rederiswrites!). Then living with guilt for years, all those deaths on his hands, wondering if he made the right call, until finally the truth was revealed.

Where it gets interesting is when Solas reacts to the Mayor’s punishment. And his reactions are almost the complete opposite of all the other companions.

Solas seems to be the only person who actively empathizes with the mayor. He thinks the mayor deserved exile, is neutral about imprisonment, and he is the only one to disapprove of a beheading. 

That Solas would approve of a betrayer being exiled away from his people is interesting to me, especially knowing his worst fear (“dying alone”) and hearing the conversation with Varric about the Man on the Island. I wonder if these are the same punishments he would give himself. 

Anyway, I get a kick from all the people in the comments saying that they just felt sorry for the mayor having to make a choice like that…  does that go for Trespasser as well?

  • Me before I write the scene: Oh this scene will just be about 1000 words, no big deal, just slip it into this chapter and it'll be done.
  • Me writing the scene: Oh it’s... getting a bit longer than expected. I’m not even done it yet either. Might end up as a long-ish chapter now.
  • Me still not done the scene: How... is this one scene already 2500 words... why... how... no...
  • After it's done: that scene took up most of this chapter wtf why can't I write.