pai d'arte


Morning warmup–Hamtagonists! … I just love Hamtaro crossovers and I really wanted to make Ham-puns, okay. 


The Big Fat Liar, the Little Lady, and the Spud

I like to think these two became buddies, even if in a highly dysfunctional friendship sort of way. The way their characters foiled made for really nice scenes between them that were among my favorites of the entire game; also their link artes are cute. Elize is just so cute. Everyone looks cute next to Elize.

30-day Tales of [Art] Challenge
Day 16: Favorite Scene - Sophie and Richard’s Secret Fort

This scene obliterated my heart in-game; I hadn’t been expecting it at all ///

Also, is tumblr completely broken for anyone else? OTL having to upload this now instead of yesterday and from a different device because I can’t seem to post anything from browser or mobile;;; I tried for over an hour last night before giving up and going to bed. It’s done this before, but it’s never been broken for me for this long–