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Meanwhile Comic 2013

A 2 page comic for Ringling’s Illustration department’s comic publication, Meanwhile. This is the 3rd issue and the comic was then presented during MegaCon 2013. Not going to lie, I actually went and found several online generators for prompts and ideas during development. I ended up with a full list of short story and or character prompts, and the prompt I went with was, “Gardener Warlock”. Many thanks to my instructors at Ringling and my friend & fellow artist Veronica who gave me the idea about hipster wizard kids. ;) Yes those are bike handles on their brooms. 

They Buried Him Deep Again

Done in Photoshop CS4, no SAI this time, I did actually try “inking” it in SAI at one point of the process (not shown) but I felt like I’d lost some something in the lines so I went back to (what I consider) the sketch. Otherwise, this was a short story illustration prompt. And by short story I mean the title was the prompt. It was a lot of fun.