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So Cas was in the bunker after the end of 12x02! I wonder if he went back to watching TV? Or he google searched 'Possible location for the Devil.' In any case I'm dying at Dean's casual offer of coffee. This is my fanfic right here.

Not just coffee…

The Dean I know wouldn’t just *leave* bacon after destroying the rest of a cooked breakfast. 

That’s Cas’s neglected bacon right there.

I’m sure we have enough free time going spare to fit in whatever fan fiction we want around the end of last episode, Cas googling ‘satan last known location’ and this :P

even though Isabella seems relatively not suspicious in the new sneak peak, i still think somethings up with her because

  • riddle 10 seconds into meeting
  • gotham’s villains are pretty notorious. like unless you have been literally living under a rock there is no good reason why you wouldn’t know that Edward’s been in Arkham
  • especially considering he worked for the police, like you gotta imagine that the news spread through gotham and back

much like oswald put on that whole “oh you didn’t hear?” innocent act, i think isabella is putting on an act as well (though what this means for ed and os I’m not sure of)

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Hi! I just finished reading BSD Novel: Dazai's Entrance Exam Chapter 3 (If I'm not wrong). It was said there that Ranpo and Dazai met for the first time. Since Ranpo is so intelligent, do you think he easily figured out that Dazai is from Mafia?

We’ve seen Ranpo’s genius in action many times, so it is most definitely a possibility? Unless Taneda and government friends managed to hide it really well lol…

Cris: Ranpo probably figured out Dazai’s past, but since he has no interest in prying into other’s affairs without a good reason, he just let it slide. Besides, it doesn’t do to seem to actually care about people…