To be honest, all of them would react the same way in a sense. They would all be flattered that you try and make a huge effort to make yourself look presentable for them, however, they would tell you not to constantly worry about doing that.. Each member would like you for you, and they would always be attracted to what drew you to them in the first place. Now, if you insist on continuing to indulge in these unpleasant methods of beauty, then they would each find a less painful method for you or join you in your struggle of beauty.

N: “Babe, I’m dating your for your personality, not your hairy legs. Besides, you can’t see any of that leg hair anyway!”

Leo: “I wouldn’t have noticed if you hadn’t have pointed it out. You look fine.“ 

Ken: “Mhmm. As much as I don’t want to…let’s do it together. *grabs wax strip and put it on his leg…and then rips it off* OWWWWWW!!! NO NO NO! FIND ANOTHER WAY!”

Ravi: “Keeping yourself trimmed is one thing, but going out of your way to get painful waxing is another. Stop doing it if it hurts. It hurts me seeing you hurting.” 

HongBin: “If it’s causing you so much pain to wax then please stop! I don’t want you hurting yourself for me!”

Hyuk: “You don’t need to bedazzle down there. I won’t pay attention to it anyway. #what'sfordinner” (DearlyB: PAHHAHA HA HAHAHA HAHA!!!)