im trying to cheer myself up so did i already tell that i saw Maleficent today?

i have so many feels, i mean some points i was like oh my god this scene was so foreseeable but in some scenes i was like hOLY SHIT THIS MOVIE OMG SO GOOD OMG OMG

not to mention that Maleficent is motherfucking badass like wow i love her so much just jeez man and Diaval omg i’m love with a fucking bird but okay it’s okay and now i must sip Maleval or what ever it’s called but like yes i want to see that movie again ugh wow so good and those landscapes or what ever were so damn pretty like i fucking want to live with maleficent and diaval okay

Watch on

I just realized Cruella de Vil and Maleficent had the same voice actor in Finnish. Hannele Lauri is utterly brilliant.

Oh gods just listen to those rolling rs I can’t even…

Also here’s Maleficent should you wish to see that as well, from 2:40 onwards.