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A Watery Death from “High Treason in the Holiday Season”

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I'm always a slut for your spider!Jack seducing Rhys <3

Pahahaha! XD Me too, Anon. (Sorry for the uber late reply, I just really wanted to get the right inspo for this drabble.) Anywho… here’s the writing.

This is based off @jennpy ’s Spider Jack. (Hope you find it kinda fun, Jen. XD So many hands… Such a bad temper.)




Standing on the artificial platform, Rhys was in midst of making a very important call regarding the agitated arachnid’s choice of palate. It had become a rather serious ordeal considering the growing number of abdominal aches the spider had unfortunately endured. Well, the situation atleast seemed of high priority to the cybernetic man, but Jack had a different perception on the matter.

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Hello! could you do an iKON reaction to u being the mix of JunBob? Like you have the sass, bithface and awkward side of Junhoe but you're also goofy and crazy weird like Bobby. And you're also really loud, like both of them. and also you like the same fashion as Bobby like street style, but when you wear something it's usually all black, white, grey or naver. Thanks! ;*

Hello there~ of course i will try my best with this one~ ^^; i hope you like it anyhow! my paint still isn’t working fml haha


As he really gets along well with bobby he would also get along really well with your personality and would just play on your sass. He’d love it. 

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he wouldn't be too awkward like he is with Junhoe (pahahaha) because you have that silly and hype personality to you that he can connect with. Everything will be loud when you’re together because you’ll both be super excited.

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Would find your sass supper funny and was a way to bring out more of the goofy side to you when you are give him the bitch face and sass. 

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would like your style and point out the colours whenever you open your wardrobe and maybe throw in some of his hoodies to add some colour without you knowing. On the personality front he is perfectly fine with your personality and can play along with it.

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He would love messing around with you wither way and the goofy side and sass will compliment each other well. he will totally enjoy you’re style along with this. 

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 will complain a little when you’re being loud and silly but will end up joining in himself and will play with you. The sass doesn’t phase him back he can pull out some one liners.

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Watch out there is going to be a sass competition. Constantly teasing each other and him getting sassy when you’re being silly which will start a little argument (not serious but more of a playful one, not actually meaning what your saying but to anyone else it would seem like you’re fighting)

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what would the reactions of each block b member be if u were dating them and u were having really loud sex in the other room without knowing the others were in the room and when you finish the others knock at the door and yell "CONGRATS ON THE SEX" (gifs)

** pahahaha omg that would be most awkward, amazing, funny and annoying thing to ever happen but they would totally do that… Here you go, Enjoy <3 (P.S. sorry it took so long :(… )

“Get. The fuck. Out…. fo I kick ya asses!" 

*sings mockingly* "We had sex….. and you didn’t. Now fuck off." 

B bomb: 
"Yayyyyy, made a funny…. Bye…. go away…. like now…” *smiles to hide how much he wants to murder all of them*

“Can you like… not?!” *cute lil attitude*

“Oh yeahhhh… I’m cool now right, guys?” *swag*

“Oh meh god go away you losers!!!" 

"Ima kill all you when I’m done in here….” *aggressive mumble cursing*

Bryce literally must have thought Chris was hitting on her at some points in this movie shoot lmao first the surprise kiss and now we find out he totally improvised the vanilla lotion pahahaha I love Chris and Colin so much. She’s such a pro though like it makes me so happy knowing the fact she stuttered her lines but still made it work. Queeeeeen of my life

My part of an art trade with RisaxRisa! They are super talented and make the cutiest Morts (As you can see by this link showing their part of the trade!!)

Requested a picture of us dressed as Rick and Morty! I tried my damnedest to supply said pic! (I’ve never drawn myself taller than anyone so the anatomy might be wrong - but my arms are actually pretty short so I guess I’m not too terribly off pahahaha!)