pah ha pah ha

Title: Just a little green

Genre: humor, fluff because i can’t escape it

Summary: Minghao and Mingyu are getting closer and Junhui is totally okay with it, or not.

A/N: So a lovely anon requested this and I originally planned on making it short but then i was like “nah, lets make it into a full one-shot” and yeah, that’s what happened

It’s not that Junhui is jealous, no, it’s nothing like that, but he was Minghao’s friend first—would even go as far as to say his best-friend—so he had the right to be a little irritated at how close Mingyu’s gotten to the bboy. Junhui’s not too keen about sharing his things, even when he was little, and no that wasn’t being jealous, he just doesn’t like sharing. Jealousy and being overprotective are two totally different things.

Not that he’s overprotective of Minghao, nope, not at all. Wait, what are they doing now? That isn’t even practicing!

“He’s at it again,” Jihoon snickers from the floor, sweat-drenched cotton-candy hair stuck to his forehead. Junhui ignores it though because there’s nothing to laugh at.

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