Reveal: The New Aston Martin Vanquish S

Aston Martin has turned up the heat on it’s ultimate Super GT to create the new Vanquish S. Sharper styling, greater potency and increased athleticism define this latest evolution of an illustrious model line. One that originated from Aston Martin’s legendary Works in Newport Pagnell and has proudly served as standard bearer for the marque’s sporting and stylistic values since 2001.

Central to this is the naturally-aspirated 6.0 liter V12 engine, which now produces up to 600PS (up from 573PS) and enjoys sensational throttle response, thanks to a revised, freer-breathing intake system. These larger volume inlet manifolds allow a greater volume of air to flow into the engine at high revs, creating a relentless power delivery and a stronger feel.

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Lagonda 3 Litre Sports Saloon, 1956, by Tickford. In 1955 Tickford Limited, coachbuilders, were bought by Aston Martin and Lagonda owner David Brown. He moved Aston Martin’s operation to Tickford’s site, on Tickford Street in Newport Pagnell, Buckinghamshire. However the Tickford name was not used between the late 1950s and 1981


Charlie Bubbles (Albert Finney, 1967)

A still of Billie Whitelaw from this movie was used for the artwork of the “William It Was Really Nothing” single re-issue. (Photo No. 2)

The movie was adapted from a book written by Shelagh Delaney, one of Morrissey’s favourite authors.

Albert Finney not only directs this film, he also plays its main character. He is also one of Morrissey’s favourite actors. (Photo No. 1)

The movie also stars Yootha Joyce who was featured on the cover of the Smiths’ “Ask” single (although the artwork of the latter single was not taken from this movie).

A scene from this movie takes place in Newport Pagnell services which were mentioned by Morrissey in the song “Is It Really So Strange?”.

The movie was mentioned by Morrissey as one of his favourites in a feature titled “Sound and Vision” printed in the March 1993 issue of Movieline.


Aston Martin DB4 G.T. Continuation Series, 2017. One of Aston Martin’s most iconic models – the  DB4 G.T. - is to be recreated with a special series of 25 track-only continuation cars built to lightweight specification by Aston Martin Works at Newport Pagnell. The continuation car VIN numbers will carry on from the last original DB4 G.T. ordered - Chassis 0202R

It’s Aston’s special edition Vanquish!

AM celebrates six decades at Newport Pagnell with some serious bling. And old pistons.

Next year will see Aston Martin Works - the historic Newport Pagnell home of 007’s favourite sports car maker - celebrate its sixtieth birthday.

The result, somewhat predictably, will be special edition cars. We’re used to seeing occasionally gaudily coloured Astons wheeled out, normally as a rolling advertisement for its ‘Q’ personalisation division. Pink DB9s and eye-searingly blue leather seats are some of the more, ahem, memorable modifications…

But these Works cars are about more than their bold paint and leather combos, even if this Vanquish Volante - the first of six specials, all Vanquishes - is sporting some very conspicuous Clio Williams-esque gold wheels. [x]


DB10 Tour Roars in to Aston Martin Works

The Aston Martin DB10 built exclusively for James Bond in the forthcoming movie, Spectre, roared into Newport Pagnell on Saturday as part of a tour of the British sport car maker’s UK dealers.

The relaxed, family-friendly, event saw more than 500 people visit Aston Martin Works to get a close-up view of the exclusive new sports car. DB10 is limited to just ten examples, all of which are used in the highly anticipated new Bond film which premieres in London on Monday October 26.

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hazza-tommo  asked:

Not sure if your anon is implying that Louis flew up North with Briana but the picture of Louis today is literally from an hour north of London in Newport Pagnell services. He's driving up from London to Manchester (Not sure why that twitter was so quiet about the location but I've got a mutual friend with the actual girl on Facebook and she lives in Newport Pagnell so...)

They were trolling. The image made me laugh pretty hard though. Thanks for that, shady anon. A+