paging the lady of the manners

“‘Ladies,’ Elend said to the women, ‘as Lady Vin herself will be quick to tell you, I’m rather ill-mannered. That, in itself, would be a very small sin. Unfortunately, I’m also quite unconcerned about my own disregard for propriety. So, therefore, I’m going to steal my wife away from you all and selfishly monopolize her time. I’d apologize, but that’s not the sort of thing we barbarians do.’”—Pages 290-291

I love Elend when he’s at these parties because he’s so sassy.

“At that moment—as the music began—Elend reached into his pocket and pulled out a book. He raised it with one hand, and the other one her waist, and began to read.”—Page 292

He’s also an adorable little shithead.

[Tsubasa Caractere Chronicle]

[page 88]


Her eyes seem to be searching.

The cheerful girl with natural boke tendencies

A schoolgirl who was visiting Hong Kong on a school trip with Sakura and the others. Ingenuous, and an existence like the group’s entertainer. She has a sensitive side, too; for instance, she promptly becomes aware of Sakura’s melancholy eyes.

Hikaru throws her arms around [Sakura] as soon as she meets her again, after Sakura had gone away for just a little while. By default [Hikaru] is childlike.

[page 88]


Sakura doesn’t frolic plainly like this.

The girl like a big sister who kids around with Hikaru

Sakura’s classmate who exudes a grown-up atmosphere and shows a manner like Hikaru’s protector. Basically, within their group, she’s in charge of being the tsukkomi only in opposition to Hikaru.

In her slapstick play with Hikaru, [the atmosphere] changes completely from the usual, dignified atmosphere to a noisy atmosphere.

[page 89]


Sakura-san, you truly love sakura, do you not?

The girl who draws near with a ladylike tone

Sakura’s classmate who is like a young lady overflowing with grace. Her old-fashioned manner of speaking, befitting her demeanor like a young lady, is distinctive. Compared to Hikaru and Umi [among others], she has many opportunities to be present together with Sakura.

Hikaru as the boke and Umi as the tsukkomi.[Fuu] is kindly watching over them, beaming even at their everyday scene.

[page 89]


“It will absolutely be all right,” she said.

The Sakura of a different world who entrusted her staff [to Sakura]

The Sakura of a different world who, when she met Sakura inside a dream and encouraged Sakura, also entrusted her staff [to her]. Regarding her smiling face, which calms down and gives peace of mind to all the people who see it, [is it] because they have the same soul?

The feelings entrusted by Sakura to Sakura through a dream. From there, the spiral of a new life begins.

Things I Want From ACOWAR: A final wish list

• first things first, I want bitches to be served a big slice of karma within the first 100 pages 🔫🗿 (I’m looking at you tool and ionthesis)
•feyre to scam the hoes and leave the spring court ASAP RUN [insert chicken running meme]
•high lords ganging up against tamale and rhysand leading them like BOIII YOU IS ABOUT TO GET F*CKED UP BIG TIME👊
• I would also absolutely not mind rhys clawing his face off….just throwing it out there 👀👏
• ionthesis being taken care of by the ladies of the inner circle, teach her some manners laid ease 💋
•lucien siding with feyre and ditching the tool, yes I’m ordering one (1) serving of redemption arc thank ✌️
• tarquin and rhysand working side by side when the battle begins (the brootp potential is off the charts for them come on now)
•feyre gaining control of her abilities and using them on the battlefield 👯💃
• amren unleashing her fulL FORM ONTO HYBERN’S ARMIES YEAH BOIII 😈
• mor’s full power being shown (we still don’t know how much damage our girl can do)
• azriel finding someone who truly loves him back and makes him feel like the best man in the world (idc who it is tbh I want my mans to be happy 😩)
•nessian snippy bickering: feed me the sass SJM 😛
• feysaND SHIT LOTS AND LOTS OF IT domestic, fluff, protective GIVE ME ALLL OF IT 😋 (i know know we’ve eaten good 😳 but im thirsty for more)
•elain and lucien warming up to each other slowly but steadily, we getting there…
•MY MANS SURIEL TO MAKE AN APPEARANCE (help these ships sail cause he the Ship King ⛴ or to communicate stuff to feyre at the spring court 📝)
•nesta and elain apologizing to feyre for the way they treated her and them patching things up
•velaris and its beauty no longer to be hidden by the end but shown off to all, so they can see that my mans rhysand is a Real One that’s right 🗣that’s right 🗣
•amren finding a way back home :(( i have bittersweet feelings towards this 😔
•feyre to be crowned officially in front of everyone and to sit on the throne with rhys on her side I’m already dying thinking about this 👌🙍
• a beautiful bomb ass epilogue hopefully talking about a feysand wedding or them discussing the future cause I wish to die from the feels yo 🙏🙏🗣🗣

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are requests open? if so, could you write how euiwoong would tutor his girlfriend? if its not too much trouble ^^

  • the two of you would be studying in his room
  • “woong-ah I give up”
  • euiwoong would push up his glasses and exhale through his nose heavily “what don’t you understand?”
  • you would smile at him and wink
  • “everything”
  • he would shake his head with a smile playing on his lips “that’s cute but you have a test tomorrow that you can’t avoid”
  • you balanced your pen on top of your lips
  • while making a duck face, you replied “the call of illness awaits our homeroom teacher”
  • euiwoong would frown
  • “hey there you’re not skipping”
  • “of course I am mum”
  • he would be tapping his pen on his book “oh come on, you’ll do well! if you buckle down no-”
  • “woongie” you stopped in your tracks and slammed your palms on top of the table “enough of this crap. education is killing me~” you dramatically staggered backwards and fell on top of euiwoong’s bed
  • “ah I’m dead” you played possum
  • the said male could only sigh and continue his studies
  • “I can’t force you but just so you know I’m disappointed in you (y/n)”
  • you would ignore his words and roll around his bed
  • “woong-ah do you have the latest volume of one piece?” you would casually ask while looking around his bookcase
  • euiwoong would sigh once again 
  • he’ll answer you alright
  • “bottom right”
  • “thanks woongie” you singsonged while grabbing the said book and sitting down next to euiwoong and laying down on his lap
  • “…what are you doing” euiwoong would look at you in fascination, dropping his pen on the table
  • “reading” you hummed while continuing to skim through the pages
  • “where are you reading?”
  • “in your room”
  • “on who?”
  • “on my private couch” you would beam and cover your wide smile behind your book
  • “I’m not giving services for free little lady” he would gently knock on your forehead and started asking your questions about topics related to tomorrow’s test
  • you replied everything in an unsure manner “is it that? it’s that right?”
  • euiwoong would laugh at your amusing demeanour “yeah that’s right! see? you’re smart once you get down to it”
  • “oh shut it number one”
  • overall, study dates with euiwoong would be full of laughter, smiles and hard work

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roses are red, roses are white

This is a Wars of the Roses Hunger Games AU.

I’ve had to take certain liberties with the actual history of the Wars of the Roses (especially the dates) as well as with some of the HG characters (namely their ages), for this to work. Still, I hope you enjoy it, because as a giant history nerd, this is something I’ve been dying to write!

roses are red, roses are white
a king of death and blood and bones

Madge of Bedford is born to an England on the cusp of war, soon to run red with its own rebellious blood.

The year is 1453 and her mother falls terribly ill, nearly dies in childbed. Midwives rush about in a panic as the Duchess of Bedford turns ghostly pale, blood pooling on the floor and outside, Madge’s father the Duke paces along the stone floors of the hall, worry gnawing at his nerves.

The healthy, screaming child is hurried away from her dying mother and the nurse that attends to her cannot hide her disappointment that the wilting Duchess couldn’t have given her husband a son and heir. What use will a small daughter have to so great a lord?

(greater than you could imagine)

The Duchess of Bedford does not die, manages to cling feebly to life but the midwives and physicians are clear, she will have no more children.

The newly christened Madge of Bedford will be her parents’ only legacy.

(and what a legacy it will be)

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Available Now in Columbus

Come and visit me Taylor Lady of Leisure. I’m Available in Columbus. Feel free to send a message to my page or text me if you desire my time. I will get back to you in a timely manner. But the quickest way to get in contact with me would be through a text🌹Getting closer to a memorable experience🌹

Family / Friends

We all know that despite Adrien’s cute little face, he’s probably the angstiest teen alive, and he definitely has a lot of family drama (IMAGINE how much worse that would be when he discovers his dad is probably Hawkmoth).

aka. that’s too much angst for me and I’d rather just focus on his standard family sitch, so have a tiny little angst fic about la famille d’Agreste

(akaka. I’ve been revising some texts for my English exams and I decided to use them as a prompt instead because I like things to be contrived)

Family / Friends an Adrien-centric ML angst fic (1018 words)

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lady midnight snipper

As Tavvy slept, Julian reached for the law book he’d taken from the library. It was a book he’d looked at so many times before that it now always fell open to the same well-worn page. On Parabatai, it said. He’d read it a hundred times.

It is decreed that those who have undergone the ceremony of parabatai and are forever bound by the terms of the oaths of Saul and David, of Ruth and Naomi, shall not enter into marriage, shall not bear children together, and shall not love each other in the manner of Eros, but only the manner of Philia or Agape.

The punishment for the contravention of this law shall be, at the discretion of the Clave: the separation of the parabatai in question from each other, their exile from their families, and should the criminal behavior continue, the stripping of their Marks and their expulsion from the Nephilim. Never again shall they be Shadowhunters.

So it is decreed by Raziel.

Dura lex, sed lex. The Law is hard, but it is the Law.

irosetoohigh-lovedtoohard  asked:

Does a cup-bearer have to be at a certain age? From what I understood, it was a grown man position in medieval times. Yet, we see Tywin becoming a royal cup-bearer at 10 or 11. Also, did the Mistress of the Robes have to be unwed like the ladies-in-waiting?

Ah, this one I can answer!

So GRRM has somewhat fused the office of cup-bearer with the office of page (although it’s complicated by the fact that he also uses the term page), which is creating the confusion.

From the ancient world through to early modern Europe, the office of cup-bearer was indeed an adult position of respect and influence. In order to prevent poisoning, monarchs appointed trusted men (or women, we have examples of female cupbearers in Beowulf as well as in the Bible) to serve them drinks and ensure they weren’t poisoned (sometimes doing double-duty as food/drink-tasters as well). Indeed, a sign of how important the position could be is that Sargon of Akkad, the founder of the Akkadian Empire, began his career as cup-bearer to the king of Kish, and that the King of Bohemia was given the office of Arch-Cupbearer to the Holy Roman Emperor during coronation rituals. Or for a less exalted but no less important version, you have the gentleman below, Sir David Murray, cup-bearer to King James VI of Scotland and future Lord Scone and Viscount Stormont.

By contrast, the office of page was an age-gated one, which sons of the nobility would likely occupy from age 7-14 before they graduated to be squires and then knights. Pages did odd jobs for their knight or lord - carrying messages, cleaning stuff, helping to arm and dress their master, etc. and for the purposes of this post, fetching food and drink for their master especially at table. In return, pages would be given room, board, livery, and education in the fundamentals of horse-riding and associated sports, combat, basic literacy, music and other pastimes, and above all, manners. 

As for the Mistress of the Robes, no she didn’t have to be unmarried: see Harriet Sutherland-Leveson-Gower, Duchess of Sutherland, Mistress of the Robes to Queen Victoria, who held the post before and after her marriage. However, ladies-in-waiting don’t have to be unmarried either; there were in fact different titles used to describe married vs. unmarried ladies in waiting, so that in England an umarried lady-in-waiting would be called a “Maid of Honour”; in France it would be “dammes” vs. “damoiselles”; in Germany it would be ”staatsdame” vs. “ hoffräulein,” and so on. 

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The clutch in front of MM's "cleavage" is a page taken out of Diana's book. There are a few fashion articles out there about how Diana used clutches to hide her cleavage when getting in/out of a car, etc. The tactic is pure genius on Diana's part and used to push merch by the plagiarizing extortionist. -CN

This girl got skitter bites, taping is not required. Yes, Diana knew fashion and how to get away with stuff in the manner of a lady. 

Extortionist!!!  Meg Engelson below that’s you

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edited by Amanda Lee Koe & Ng Yi-Sheng

We love Asian folklore. We grew up listening to Chinese legends, Arab fairy tales, Malay ghost stories and Indian sacred epics, and their fabulous images have continued to inhabit our imaginations ever since.

Yet as grown-ups, we’ve sometimes been bugged by the moralistic, simplistic manner in which these fables are often told. What better way to negotiate this than to reinvent our heritage? This collection brings together 14 subversions, reinventions and adaptations of folktales from all across Asia, written by an international crew of authors.

Within these pages, you’ll find a Cambodian horror story, a poetic meditation on Japanese fox spirits, a crime parable based on the Indian epic of the Ramayana, a sci-fi redaction of the Chinese legend of Lady White Snake, and many more exquisite gems.

This book is a treasure trove of the imagination, containing tales both intelligent and wondrous, combining the best elements of Asian heritage with the wit of the 21st century.
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Hooray hooray, it’s time for Friday Reads!  I’m finally getting around to Central Station – shamefully late, I know.

Code Switch’s Karen Grigsby Bates says Yaa Gyasi’s Homegoing is “the epic you’ve been waiting for.

Her colleague Shereen Marisol Meraji just finished Isabel Allende’s The Japanese Lover, and says “God, I loved that gorgeous story. I want it to be the lover I keep coming back to. Over and over again. Now reading Half of a Yellow Sun by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie – on page 61 and enjoying every word, so far.”

Mama Susan Stamberg is getting artsy with the cataloge for an upcoming exhibit of work by the painter William Merritt Chase.

And Friendly Local Bookperson Barrie Hardymon reports, “I’m trashy and just finished the deliciously absurd Swan Huntley book, We Could Be Beautiful, which is part Gone Girl (Boy), and part comedy of manners, and should be beach-read by a lady with the Chanel towel.”

What are YOU taking home this weekend?

– Petra

kat2609  asked:

For the word thing...obstreperous. Thank you kindly.

“Killian, where are you calling me from? You sound funny.”

“The Widow Lucas’ freezer.” Emma sighed. There was no good explanation that could possibly follow. “She said I was being obstreperous and needed to cool off.”

“Did Granny use that word or is that you showing off your vocabulary?”

“Would you just come get me, Emma? Now is not the time,” he replied, thoroughly annoyed. The cold was doing nothing for his temper.

She hung up laughing, knowing she’d get the full story from Granny once she got to the diner.

When she arrived, Granny immediately greeted her with a plate of onion rings and a warm grilled cheese. “So my freezer does get cellphone coverage. I wondered about that but figured I’d be prepared just in case.”

“What he’d do Granny?”

“Well, it’s more like what did he and your father do? I don’t know how it started, but your captain there did not like your father beating him in arm wrestling.”

She chuckled. No, that would not have gone over well. Not at all. She finished up her lunch before heading back to the cooler and unlocking it. The additional time inside had done nothing to improve Killian’s mood.

“Swan, I thought you were supposed to respond to citizen’s distress calls in a timely manner. I can smell the onion rings from here. You let Lady Lucas feed you before you unlocked me?”

“You’ve been in far worse brigs than this one, Captain. Now come along. Tell me what happened.”

“Your father obviously cheated, Swan. That’s what happened. No way did Dave win that ridiculous contest without cheating.”

She looked at her pirate boyfriend with a raised eyebrow, taking a page out of his book. “Killian, have you seen my father?” She couldn’t believe she needed to discuss her father’s physique with her boyfriend. “He actually works out. When’s the last time you lifted anything heavier than your flask?”

“Is that a challenge, Swan? I seem to remember a time I carried something significantly heavier than my flask.”

And with that, she was lifted off her feet, tossed over his shoulder, and whisked up the hallway, to the room that a certain pirate knew he could most definitely pick the lock.

He’d like to see her father do that.