paging the contagion

some brief notes

about the us weekly collector’s edition with one direction (which i just purchased for the totally reasonable price of ten dollars)

i have not yet read it, because firstyearofgradschool ends, like, tomorrow and i’m tryna be responsible, but upon first glance there are some things i must note

1. the whole magazine is literally about one direction. there is nothing in this magazine that is not one direction and i didn’t expect that, i kind of thought there would be like a long editorial, but the ENTIRE MAGAZINE IS ABOUT ONE DIRECTION JFC I AM CLUTCHING IT TO MY BOSOM, BURY ME WITH IT, OKAY, THANKS

2. there are posters! there are “six huge posters”. which is amazing. BUT

3. they have made them double-sided, so it’s harry or liam, niall or zayn, and then, of course, OF COURSE, louis or all of one direction

4. poor darling louis

5. i haven’t even really opened it except to rip out the posters but there is a really good picture of liam though??? that made me miss his hair so much i almost screamed??? that i will try to scan at some point???? i mean obviously i’m going to scan all of this, i will do this for you, the contagion, because this damn thing was ten dollars and we don’t all deserve to be people that have paid ten dollars for a magazine, let me take that bullet for you, anyway

6. expect more updates as the week progresses



1d is live right here right now and i don’t know why or what but niall just did an IMPECCABLE impression of that bit from the godfather and i screamed

other important things to note: louis’ feet are six inches from the floor, harry’s are solidly planted, zayn drew a picture of louis, they are doing weird challenges i don’t understand anything but it is important