damnstraightthesparksfly replied to your post: I want to say that Paget telling 377k people that…

imma go hunt this tweet down


2 Nov

I guess there’s a prop B to vote on, required condoms in porn. Isn’t that like making Peter Jackson use real hobbits & dragons?

B)paget brewster ‏@pagetpaget

3 Nov

OK. You have some good questions. Professional porn actors ( I prefer Japanese animé ) ARE tested&safe. Like stuntmen. And CGI dragons…

I remembered i’d told somebody about this before and hunted down the copy/pasted dialogue from then, which HAVE LINKS IN THEM bless past me for having the sense to embed them.

that was far easier to find than expected. 



No matter how @gublergram says it, @pagetpaget returns to #criminalminds Wednesday night in an episode you don’t want to miss #welcomeback #BAU #AlwaysFamily