paget brewster5

I had the most fucking bizarre dream last night

I had a dream I was trying out for the FBI as part of one of my uni classes. Thomas Hayden Church was my instructor, and my high school economics teacher who hated me was the FBI director. But for some reason, Andy Samburg and Lorne Michaels were in charge of chosing who passed the course and got to join the FBI or not. Paget Brewster, who’s name was Victoria for some reason in my dream, was the goodie-goodie bitch in my class. The course was taught in a waterfront hotel, and for some reason I brought my favourite cat, Chip with me. During class, Chip ate a purple tattoo right off some black woman’s arm and Thomas Hayden Church yelled at me. So then I spent days sucking up to him until Paget/Victoria told me to just quit and go home since I would never make it into the FBI anyway.