paget brewster leaving

Also, where the hell did the idea that CM never survives cast changes come from?

CM is the holy grail of a TV show surviving it’s cast changing in weird ass circumstances. Lola Glaudini leaves part through s2 replaces with paget brewster, Mandy Patinkin has a temper tantrum at the start of S3, refuses to film what he’s contractually obliged to, they finally get him to do something and it still isn’t what they wanted. A few episodes later they replace him with Joe Mantegna, the show thrived. 

Aj cook goes on maternity in s4, is replaced for a small arc by meta golding until she returns. 

S6, the network meddles, story quality suffers beyond the telling of it, they axe aj cook off the bat and drag paget through until almost the end of the season, they add rachel nichols part way through the season.

Last episode of s6, JJ comes back, first of s7 Emily comes back, they axe nichols with zero lead up or barely a passing mention. End of s7 paget brewster leaves, begining of s8 jeanne tripplehorn is added. 

end of s9 tripplehorn (was probably ousted for no reason), they add jennifer love hewitt who leaves after 1 season to have her baby, they add aisha tyler as a recurring character while aj cook is on maternity who stays through the season, and will be a regular in s12. Shemar Moore leaves 2/3 of the way into season 11 after a solid 11 years on the show. 

they also added adam rodriguez for s12 to replace moore, and have bought brewster in for a guest arc of a yet unnamed number of episodes. Gibson will likely be in about 3? episodes before he got the point to where he was axed. 

I’m not saying  the show will survive this one, or even that it was going to get a s13 /before/ this shit even happened, but to say this show hasn’t survived cast changes is untrue, it’s the poster child for a show that can chug along despite high cast turnover.