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170218 Yoongi’s Tweet

윤지네 엄마 #슈가형이야 #홉이생일ᄎᄏ #영혼의파트너 #솝 #슈가가리더면솝 #제이홉이리더면홋

Yoonji’s Mom #It’sSugaHyung #HappyBdayHobi #SoulPartner #Sope #SopeIfSuga’sTheLeader #HotIfJ-Hope’sTheLeader*
*T/N: This is a play on Yoongi’s and Hoseok’s name combination. Just like how Sope is Suga+Jhope, Yoongi writes 홋 in the last hashtag, which could be him putting the first syllable of Hoseok’s name (ㅎ) on top with the first syllable of Suga (ㅅ) on the bottom - hence the “If J-Hope’s the Leader”. That or Yoongi’s just calling Hoseok hot because he’s the sun. ^^;;

Trans cr: Christie @ allforbts
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bangtan as things

[namjoon] nighttime after it’s rained and the ground is wet, the reflection of streetlights beneath your feet. cars pass and you’re alone, the feeling of turning pages, whether metaphorically or literally, libraries, dark coffee, literature, dried flowers, pencil shavings, stacked books, grey hoodies, using up your entire battery in one sitting.

[seokjin] the comfort of being with someone you love, friendly banter, love letters, ballads, fairy lights, ivory furniture, lattes, lullabies, neat studying notes, desks littered with figurines, lipstick kisses on napkins, incense.

[yoongi] the empty feeling that comes when you stay up too late or when you sleep too much, never being happy enough with your self-care, the sun that warms your chest in the dead of winter, poetry, forehead kisses, small meaningful tattoos, curtains that let in light and bring a sense of comfort and warmth to a room, snowflakes or raindrops clinging to eyelashes, the slow sound of windshield wipers, the melancholic hum of background music, ocean spray, winter breeze, flickering streetlights, the rush you feel from a first love, a first kiss.

[hoseok] group hugs, words of encouragement, doodles, a hand rubbing circles on your back, a shoulder to put your head on or the head that’s on your shoulder, an arm interlaced with yours, the giddy laughter between childhood friends, carnival games, kisses pressed to your forehead and to the palms of your hands.

[jimin] warm sheets, hot chocolate and marshmallows, falling asleep by the fireplace, listening to the ost of a movie over and over again, vivid skies, hair that sweeps across like waves in the ocean, running barefoot on the beach, waltzes, falling autumn leaves, someone holding your face in their hands, kisses intentionally missing your mouth and tracing the outline of your face, secretly holding hands.

[taehyung] the feeling of fingers running through your hair, hearing someone else’s heartbeat when you lay your head on their chest, rainbow hair ties, putting daisies in your hair, falling asleep in a meadow, plush toys, someone pushing brushing or kissing away your tears.

[jungkook] night skies that look like blankets of glitter, the allure of the stars making you want to reach out and touch them, warm showers, wind that’s possessive, ocean spray, spilled glitter, velvet, sleeping with your headphones in, the worn down keys on a computer keyboard, trading cards collections, biting your nails, resting your head against the car window, shy smiles, backhugs.