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granted…some of these are labeled as hiatus or about me themes, but if it has an ask box on it, it works :P 

*updated 9/15*

**tbh, i didnt make an ask theme masterlist originally because virtually any page theme can be made into an “ask” theme simply by adding the ask box code. (tutorial how to do that is here.)



Finally you can get my new kawoshin doujinshi!!! The books will be printed and released on September 21, 2015. Pre-order will be open until day of release. Ships to USA and select countries. NOW SHIPPING INTERNATIONAL ANYWHERE :)


by Mao (@mmmaoh)

Fandom: Evangelion: 3.0
Pairing: Kaworu x Shinji
Language: English
Rating: 13+
Pages: 40 pages
Size: B5 
Interior: B&W

Synopsis: Shinji struggles to accept Kaworu’s love after all the pain and destruction he caused from Third Impact.

*all books will be signed*


Halcyon: The Art of Grey is… (2012-2016)

60 pages of colored illustrations with quotes on selected pages
Size: 14x27 cm
Release: Mid March

Pre-order Now!