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  • 1. a group consisting of little shits and loved ones i am above and beyond thrilled to see on my dash every day.

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Blog Roll!

So, since it’s been awhile…here’s the cast of muses currently in play, with a bit of background on each. Right now, my time on WoW is sort of scarce, but I’ll log in to RP should someone drop me a message of interest! Also, under the cut … cause long post is long.

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Open call for kinky writing

I greatly enjoy reading the stories and perspectives of others and their journey through kink. Tales of new adventures, admissions of curiosity or uncertainty, open questions and wishlists… these are all really awesome to read. They’re helping inform and inspire my own discovery and I find myself craving more and more of these writings.

I only have a few on my list that I’ve found that I particularly enjoy. I’d love to add to it folks who post more than hot pics, but also offer insight into BDSM from their own personal experiences. I’m sure there’s a lot of wisdom being shared in the Tumblr'sphere and I’d like to be clued into more of it.


What are some others out there that I should be following?

Ultimately, I’ll be sharing a lot more from my own life as well. My SIR has told me he enjoys my writing and would like to see more of it. These posts and more to come.


Lord Illapa Greybane | @illapa-greybane
Sin’dorei Nobleman | Inquisitor | Scholar of the Forbidden | Void-Touched | Silver Fox

❝  A wicked man who is also eloquent
Seems the most guilty of them all. He’ll cut your throat
As bold as brass, because he knows he can dress up murder
In handsome words. 

One of a dwindling aristocratic breed, Lord Greybane is severe, composed, eloquent, refined, and ruthless. His is a storied history and reputation: healer, scholar, antiquarian, courtier, politician, patriarch, cult figurehead, and manipulator of all kinds. He is a menacing agent of the kingdom of Quel’thalas, an inquisitor specializing in the occult. He is also a bridge between worlds, a repository of forbidden knowledge, and beneath his civilized veneer, as much monster as man.

Blog type: active, character inspiration, aesthetic, character writing, rp logs, rp threads

––– – ––– – ––– –

The Scion of the Unseen | @illytar
The Fallen Avatar | Eldritch Being | Faceless | Monster | Ivory Nightmare 

❝  In my bones is the anamnesis,
of ancient cataclysmic battles within the cosmos.

Lord Greybane’s pursuit of eldritch power begat a phenomenal being: a nascent Avatar, a union of his mortal flesh and mind with the Faceless beings of the Void and their dreadful Gods. Mortal and Faceless mingled, and where they touched and tangled exists the creature that calls itself the Scion. Now it walks the world in its own flesh, its own mind – vicious, curious, and utterly alien.

Blog type: character inspiration, aesthetic, occasional character writing, selective rp

––– – ––– – ––– –

Blood Elf Alts | @bloodelfstorage | Character Roster
Evonya Evermorn | Helonius Ban'dinoriel Dawntreader | Gespian Emberspur
Tiernann Ambergrove | Erebryn Nel'vakos | Shivan Sorrowind

❝  A courtesan, a Farstrider, a warlock, a red dragon,
a demon hunter, and a dark ranger walk into a bar…

Blog type: multi-character inspiration, aesthetic, infrequently roleplayed

––– – ––– – ––– –

Iakoju | @iakoju
Bloodscalp Troll | Elementalist | Engineer | Free Spirit | Troll on a Motorcycle

❝  Putting out the fire with gasoline.  ❞

Blog type: troll art, character inspiration, aesthetic, infrequently roleplayed

––– – ––– – ––– –

Nasindre Wintermorn | @arcanatrix
Highborne Arcanatrix | Astromancer | Frozen Vanity | Silver and Cold

❝  How bright the stars,
how cold the night. 

Blog type: kaldorei art, character inspiration, aesthetic, infrequently roleplayed

––– – ––– – ––– –

Usdena | @usdena
Utterly Irritated Exodar Technician | Warp Engineer | Arthropod Aficionado

❝  Bosh’tet! 

Blog type: draenei art, character inspiration, aesthetic, infrequently roleplayed

Blog Roll

Below is a list of my more heavily-played alts and links to their sideblogs, along with some basic information about them. 

Aeloren “Lori” Lasthanel -

Pixie in plate. Opinionated, brash, and somewhat vulgar Sin’dorei Warrior with a pottymouth and a heart of gold. Currently learning to wield (rather feeble) Light from her brother. Lifelong soldier contemplating semi-permanent retirement to domestic guard duty due to combat injuries. Makes great leather pants and boots. Currently travels between Silvermoon and temporary lodging in Stormheim.

Firalaine Lasthanel -

Fabulous Paladin with a silver tongue and a heart of gold-plated pink. Essentially good-natured, like his elder sister. Basically a handsome Adonis who designs and sews (and wears) enchanted dresses and lingerie when not fighting on the front lines with the Argent Crusade. Currently travels between Dalaran, duty in the Broken Isles, and the Sanctum of Light


Aurelis Duskflame -

Ranger of the Wilds who uses arcane magic to augment her marksmanship with a bow. Gave up her family and a rising-star career as a Farstrider for some reason forgotten by most. Lives off the land, trades furs, hides, and wood/bone/ivory carved jewelry and statuettes for gold and goods. Very bitchy, approach at your own risk. Has no permanent home, good luck finding her if you don’t know where to look. 


Kiréa -

A somewhat eccentric 6000+ year old Draenei warp engineer. Also a skilled marksman who utilizes technology to craft really sweet guns and crossbows…with explosives. Extremely intelligent, but struggles with speaking Common. In lesbians with my insane ex-Auchenai Monk, Yaaru. Has a phobia of Gnomes. Currently fighting on the front in Azsuna, but frequently travels back to Stormwind to see Yaaru. 


Vianthas Nightrunner -

He’s beauty, he’s grace, he’ll slap you in the face. Look but don’t touch - mysterious and extremely talented arcane Mage who defected from the Kirin Tor after the Silver Covenant purge made him rethink his life (and because he missed his sister, but he won’t ever admit that), and then un-defected when the Legion rethought everyone’s priorities. Currently lives in his old Dalaran apartment, waaay up in one of the towers. Prefers staying up there because there aren’t any people.


Alhyste “Lhys” Nightrunner - 

Vianthas’ younger sister. Disowned by her Dalaran-dwelling family some 70 years prior, after an “accidental” demon summoning earned her a stint in the Violet Hold. Spent many years working as a model for gentlemens’ magazines (only softcore), now exiting the industry in favour of learning Mistweaving and nature-based magics. Currently nomadic due to studies, but maintains her permanent home in Silvermoon.


Zarayna Sunwhisper -

Creepy albino Priestess, formerly known to be a mind-writer and terribly efficient interrogator under the Silvermoon government. Went missing for 15 years, now seems to have few official duties. Reclusive and rarely exits the creepy old Sunwhisper estate by day. Known to have a twin sister who is currently MIA. Courting Lain Duskhollow ( @lainduskhollow ). Doesn’t look nearly as intimidating as her old reputation would suggest, for the few who remember that long ago. 

I need to do a proper looking for contacts later, but for now I have a little blurb and some old/unfinished art of the characters I’m up to doing threads with right now.

If you want to do a bit of light rp or you’d like to plot with one of my three main ladies (my others are briefly on the back burner for some story reworking), hit me up via message and I’ll toss you my discord. <3

For brief reference, my ladies are the following:


Yvette (Yvie) Thalla: Bubblegum brawn incarnate. She’s one half of the twin daughters of Rexonus Fira’Lux, owener/proprietor of Firelight Trading Company and a chocobo racer by choice. While she might be sunshine and smile, she’d always in the mood for a good fight and rarely without her axe.


Lex’a Lane: The seven hells hath no fury like a woman scorned. Former bandit and assassin, Lex now works the Moon in a Cup Cafe, the lower level of the Firelight Trading Company headquarters. As long as she keeps her temper, she’s a tough love source of life advice and makes damn good cup of coffee.


Ahlia Vale: Tarot card reader, Fortune’s hand, unwilling profit, general fuck-up, and soon to be sky pirate. She’s always on the wrong side of Luck and the law and a champion of unfortunate circumstances. Nothing is ever quite as it seems with her, but every bit of it is truth.

Perry’s Big Dumb Blogroll

Final Fantasy XIV Characters

Rori Vetinivi ( Dark/Mature ) - A psychopathic serial killer on a hunt for those responsible for his recent incarceration.
Selanarus Dawnfang ( Mature/Comedy/Retired until further notice ) -
An airship engineer currently living happily with his tiny doman girlfriend.
Ganbataar Khyadaan (Mature)- A cynical and racist son of a Xaela warlord, longing to rebuild the tribe that was taken from him before the Garleans invaded Othard.
Revandal’to Lyhega (Mature/Dark) - A romance novelist lost in studying the forbidden arts of void magic.
J’khot Tia (Mature/Comedy) - An optimistic and fun-loving exiled Seeker who trained with an Ala Mhigan monk, looking for his lost offspring.
Seiken Ryotada (Mature) - A vengeance hungry former bodyguard of a Doman Princess, wanting to return to his homeland and rid it of the Garlean menace.

World of Warcraft Characters

Selanarien Dawnfang (Mostly retired, blog is now my main OOC one, may prompt sometimes.) - A half-bred Sindorei/human engineer with a bad attitude and a love for alcohol and tattooes.
Malevion “Dantenus Embertalon” - One of the last remaining members of Azeroth’s black dragonflight disguised as either a human or a blood elf, currently in hiding since the fall of Deathwing.
Revandalin Sunspell - A mana starved Magister who’s mind is slowly wilting away from playing with forces beyond his comprehension.
Renalis Brightbreeze - The awkward and twitchy vessel of a soul of an inhabitant from the Twisting Nether with a dark side brought on by his demonic companion.
Rori Firesworn - A death knight whom still takes great pleasure in the death of innocents, currently bound to another by a contract and searching for an answer to his freedom.
Vyndasson Morningshatter - A stalwart and valiant knight who’s dedicated his life to protecting the Horde and it’s allies, often choosing war over his own happiness.
Aphoros Kain (Coming soon)
Anselnym the Unrelenting (Coming soon)


NSFW Blog (In case you didn’t catch on, this is NSFW at all times. Nothing will be tagged here, follow at your own risk. The other blogs will be tagged when NSFW things appear on them. )

// also, blogroll of currently active blogs:

  • @mantleofsacrifice – Dragon Age OC, low muse, but serving as a hub until I get some other blogs into gear.
  • @kingofbastards – Alistair Theirin from Dragon Age: Origins, high muse, not really set up but roleplaying anyway.
  • @bodicebuster – Dragon Age OC blog soon to be repurposed for a different Dragon Age OC. (Dwarf rogue Inquisitor, probably.)
  • @accidentalnecrophilia – Pharaun Mizzrym from War of the Spider Queen, high muse, hasn’t been very active but likely to change.
  • @theweaponsmaster – Zaknafein Do’Urden from the Legend of Drizzt, low muse, but I wouldn’t call it inactive yet.
  • @drlzzt – Drizzt Do’Urden from the Legend of Drizzt, low muse and inactive lately, but likely to make a comeback.

ok so I reached 3k like a month ago but i was too lazy to make another follow forever but since 2k15 is coming to an end i guess why the hell not. i made that cover photo in 2mins on paint lol

2015 was p wild and i hope in 2016 you guys find happiness, love, and economic stability. i really appreciate everyone who follow me despite me never talking :’)

these are some amazing blogs and ppl I want to thank and I’m srry if i didnt include you, i really suck at these.


@senpaaaii / @mookkyul / @full-san@amantokun / @fujocherry / @etosuki, @doreishounen / @sasuke-x / @kujiki / @8hido / @mikatake / @gourmet-chi / @nkyomu / @onriironrii / @creepyvillage / @killmekaneki / @0bent0 / @oarou / @yamideteru / @yami-shibai / @txkyolights / @evanqelic / @satan-dono / @hostil–e / @hellllllllllkitttty / @aphor-ism / @kzuru / @aonime / @y-ozora / @nicotineburns / @e-iien / @fxkuro / @kavyarai / @monochromized / @mounstrum / @kiimdracula / @holder-of-the-end / @homicidal-intentions / @mooloch / @oononoki / @nephilium / @arukemeia / @kuronanashi / @kxnon / @kowagarikun / @saga–masamune / @tavsans / @norunir / @arukemeia / @kuronanashi / @tsukiyamxs / @yutsuna / @vermikulus / @kubiwokiru / @feitan / @sekyuu / @blutprinz / @nicodelico / @tsuishi

Lovely Blogs:

@joushi / @a-drasteia / @jigo-ku / @narukee / @kill-them-with-fire / @shi-no-monogatari / @hikikoeru / @jigoku-kun / @yakuzduh / @guroguroboy / @doseijin / @husbandothief 

thanks again and have a happy new year everyone!! 

well, gang, we did it, we made it through another year. i want to give a big shout out to all my faves (if youre not on the list i still love you!). thank you to my mutuals & non-mutuals for making my dash a better place! here’s me wishing you the best going into 2017 <3


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Favorite Blogs of 2016

here are the blogs I have been obsessed with this year:

@blackplumes : you made me love trc even more than i thought i could, i even had your blog open for a whole week straight once.

@shortjosten : i adore everything you reblog or post and can always expect some funny or beautiful from your blog.

@peachuzz : your blog is so great and going on it and seeing the photos you post/reblog gets me inspired to write.

@tsukino-rui : you art is so beautiful and i love seeing it on feed, you’re also so kind and sweet and i can’t wait to see more of your work.

@elentori-art : my mind literally just screams out when i see your wonderful art, you even made me ship klance. (hope multivarious wins the small business contest!)

@aestheticweirdos : the collages and photos both of you post are amazing and i can spend a whole afternoon just scrolling through your blog.

@sxofcrows : i’ve only recently found your blog but its still made its way on this list and its helped me fall in love with the world of six of crows even more.

@annabethisterrified : i’m pretty sure you were one of the first blogs i followed and i still love everything you post (ps. thanks for introducing me to the raven cycle)

@girlfig : everything on your blog is great and wonderful and its such a nice place to go to just clear my mind( i also cant believe i have the same name as someone so incredible)

@magnuschipotle : last but not least i think your amazing blog has given me the most memes this year, which is something i am forever grateful for.

I know this is pretty short but i just realized i don’t follow that much people, which something i’m going to change. But follow all these people cause they’re great and deserving of it. I hope all of you had at least something nice or good happen to you in 2016 and lets hope for a better time in 2017!

candaves comprehensive accessible blog list because the one on my main is garbage and never up to date

active (kind of):
@swaggie2cape - the og dave muse. 1500+ followers, almost five years running. is a music ho. cw: depression, self harm, suicide, abuse, trauma, ptsd.
@greasemonkeyed - marvelstuck au dirk strider/iron man. comes with a decent sized timeline. doesnt get along with other dirks. cw: death, abuse, trauma, ptsd, forced surgery, substance abuse, violence, extreme capitalism.
@merrygams - beforus ancestor kanaya. timeline recruiting. a large mom. cw: death, subjugation, sexism, classism (casteism), forced servitude, a slightly nicer form of slavery.
@autocristic - do you like problematic assholes? just have a need for a bad guy in your rp life? this is the blog for you! cybernatically augmented evil dictator dirk. recently revived and promptly forgotten about for two months, but im trying. will NEVER feature noncon or dubcon content. cw: slavery, mind control, brain washing, violence, death, torture, imprisonment, subjugation, generally bad stuff.
@technicallytuistic - the saddest indie au rose. recently revived. looking for long term rp partners. cw: slavery, mind control, memory erasure, possession, self harm, suicide, depression, alcoholism, violence, a general sense of loneliness.

@laufeyscrod - loki meenah for the aforementioned marvelstuck timeline. obviously a villain. generally a beach. cw: death, violence, xenophobia, daddy issues, an overabundance of baked goods and piercings, outfits that prominently feature both pink and green.
@halfterrable - kind of mcu but kind of not star lord/peter quill. (i know, its not homestuck!) a huuuuuuuge nerd. cw: space, violence, guns, a refusal to enjoy anything made after the 80s.
@mcyoungmaster - semi-canon max puckett from paranatural. a precious snarky child. crossovers encouraged. if you havent read paranatural you should wtf. cw: violence, nihilism, depression, death, ghosts, parent death, occasional pnat spoilers. also hes 13 so keep that in mind.

general rules and stuff: semi-selective but usually follow4follow, crossovers and alts welcome, online interaction, no nsfw/kink/porn blogs, occasional nsfw content on some blogs but no smut, no tricksters. message me if you have any questions.

FFXIV Blogroll

Ta’khot Tia

After being exiled from the Jackal tribe, for impregnating one of it’s females while still under the status of ‘Tia’, Khot left his life as a tribal Miqo’te behind to walk the path of a spiritual Monk. Trained by his Highlander mentor, who has long since passed, Khot is able to increase his strength far beyond that of a normal Miqo’te’s limitations, through the use of his Chakra.

Ganbataar Khyadaan

The Khyadaan tribe was founded by a powerful wielder of spears named Batzorig, after his previous clan was nearly decimated in battle by the vast Adarkim tribe. It began with one member, and stays a small but powerful tribe, using quality over quantity in it’s warriors. The Khyadaan tribe recruits other Au Ra, both Raen and Xaela into it’s ranks by convincing them that they are more powerful tribe, thus the clan itself is made up of traitors and exiles from a variety of other clans, diversifying the quirks and skills of several clans into one. United in strength, the Khyadaan Clan seeks to fill it’s ranks and clear Othard‘s lands of the Garlean invaders, under the rule of Batzorig’s son Ganbataar. Silent, stoic and serious, Ganbataar struggles to follow in his father’s footsteps as a powerful warlord in the new land of Eorzea.

Selanarus “Fang” Dawnfang

Often drunk, angry, horny or doing something he likely shouldn’t be doing, Fang is the stereotypical bad boy with a heart of gold, only without the heart of gold. Though he lacks common sense sometimes, Fang’s mind works in mysterious but brilliant ways, as shown in the amazing and unique Airships he builds and repairs. Currently he is freelancing his skills to whoever can foot the bill, and is looking for an employer.

Revandal’to Lyehga

A novelist, famous for his romance literature, Revan is a wealthy and charming playboy that has left the typical lifestyle of Keepers of the Moon to make himself more comfortable in one of luxury and glamour. A bit of a hedonist and a weaver of words, Revan uses his skills in linguistics and his impressive vocabulary to flatter and woo attractive women; and sometimes not attractive at all, for he finds beauty in every and anything. Though not all that glitters is gold; Revandal’to hides a dark secret behind honeyed words and playful flirtations, and is not to be taken lightly.