this took me 2 hours omfg anyway i love you all so much thank you for being amaze balls (if I missed you it means nothing i still love you i promise and you can also checkout my blogroll)

Bold are my absolute favs i love u guys


@abortiondog, @admidala, @alohomohra, @avedakadavra, @angrykylo, @anakihn @acrossthestarss, @anaklin , @azkvban, @alrightanakin, @anakinspadme, @anakinskywkler, @adamndriver @benrenkylo, @boyeuga, @big-deal-finn, @beauxbxton @cutekylo, @cheewie, @christensen, @cutefinn, @cedrcdiggcry, @cvanslily @draqomalfy, @daisyridly, @darthvcder, @dmrn, @dpoe, @daisyrid, @ddraco, @deanfinnegan, @dracovmalfoy, @darthani, @darthvvder, @dumbledore, @dracofcourse


@ewock, @exmarauder​, @evansdeer@eldcrwand  @fysw@finnskywalkerr, @feministpoe, @flexrdelacour, @feminismoony, @forcepoe @gayreyy, @galaxyleias, @generalhhux​, @griffindork, @goldensnltch,  @greykyloren, @gryffindorkx, @gallecns, @gooery​,  @hotshotfinn, @hansleia, @hansoilo, @hotdammneron @hcneyduke, @hgvvarts​ , @hisbarnes​​, @hanspoe, @han-solos, @han-solno @hxrrypottah, @hugvvarts, @hansolos


@isaacwirght, @jamessandlily, @jedihux, @jedisnips, @jedianakin, @johnbuyega,  @jediknightanakin, @jammespotter, @kkenobi, @knnobi, @kyloxdriver, @kyloreen, @kyloreh, @kylo, @khaleseei, @kingdameron, @knightkylos @lukeskvwalker, @leiaorganaas, @lesbianrey, @little-jedi, @leias, @lovelyrey, @lordsvader, @leialuke, @lupinpotter, @lunavlovegood, @littlegirlweasley, @lvnalovgood, @lilypcttcr, @lilypxtter


@mvlfoymanor, @malfoyco, @marauder-trash, @neymessivevo, @meraudurs, @maraudrers, @maurauders-x, @nevillles @ohmababypoe, @oscarlsaacs, @organasrey, @obiwanjedi, @oblwankenobi, @okylo @oobiwan, @ohsolos, @ohgeorgie, @ohhmarauders, @obiwankennoli, @ohdeerjily, @ohlumos @padvoot, @poefinn, @padmidala, @paedmes, @poetdameron , @phamsa , @poncho-luke,  @polis-massa, @poedamaron, @pasteldameron , @pansyprknson, @poetreys, @pureblxd, @purelydraco, @poedamxron, @parseltonq, @potterstinks, @pureblocds


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Blog Roll for AAW!!

So, unlike the last 2 days, I’m a bit light on posting material for today. In light of that, have a blog roll of awesome ace bloggers whom I think you should follow!



































So since one of the things I get asked about the most is ‘which other blogs do you recommend?’ I decided to make a post again with some of my favorites. Also works as a thank you for 6k and the 2 month birthday for this re-made account! I’ll split these into categories and please be sure to check them all ♡

♡ Fashion / Pastel / Photography ♡

nommi, milktu, molangg, hitchae, yuneji, coexistl, 13lhg, yuffii, ryeou, dollyys, kurimisan, eggai, teaue, ip-soo, peachuii, peachilu, polarizu, princesskealie, mirukei, mirukeu-senpai, 27kb, amekori, starieu, pinkvlvt , sehtyle, helloteaparty

♡ Pastel Anime ♡

miuroko, kuranossuke

♡ Color Coding ♡

yumekiko, hoshikari, gaechi

♡ Aesthetic ♡

haiiqu, baechys, milait, fxwa, rnirae, 22ao, huneybun, 99milk, jxpan, valdiety, kkaepop, mio-miu

♡ Kpop ♡

baekhny, yeolait, taeskai, tipannies, seokm-n, nutellk, jungkoohk, xiupng

This is just a really small list, but I hope it helps. Please feel free to check my actual blogroll for all the blogs I follow!

It may be my birthday (and Jake Gyllenhaal’s), but I decided to give a gift to you. That gift is my love and your recognition. All of the blogs I follow are amazing and make my tumblr experience incredible. These are just a few, yes a few, of the blogs I follow that are my close friends, mutuals, and blogs I wish I could be like. Thank you so much for improving my tumblr experience and for being amazing and beautiful. Happy Holidays and Happy Birthday Jake Gyllenhaal!

I want to give a special shout out to the lovely Kris for the amazing banner! Thanks, love!!!


My Main Bitch: Emily
The Bitch That Brought Me Here: Grace
My Daughter: Rachel

# - d

❄ @5sos-thighs@aarontaylorjohnson ❄ @aarontaylorsjohnson @aavengrs ❄ @aguaman@alphalewolf  @armichammer @armiehamner ❄ @armitagefassynation ❄ @atwellling ❄ @avcngrs ❄ @beaufortcullen ❄ @beneffleck ❄ @blackwidowsredledger@brandnewfashion ❄ @bootycap ❄ @captainamerica-in-middle-earth ❄ @captnadorable @cates-maid@catws  @chiefmarvelous  @chrisevansisbeautiful ❄ @chrisevans-sexualfrustrations ❄ @chrisevas  @clarasworldofwonders@clarkent ❄ @clark-kents @completlyuseless ❄ @crooked-bowtie  @daft-punkin @dancing-with-dionysus​  @deanambroseisadorkchop ❄ @despondentparamour  @doritochris ❄ @doesanyonewannagetout 

e - j

@elizabethsolsen@emilyblunts @esmesaysstfu ❄ @ewalltazz ❄ @fallinginlovewithanyoneicanthave @fallingloki ❄ @feministpharaoh ❄ @fithertons ❄ @flawless-hybrid  ❄ @foxstress ❄ @foxyfoxy ❄ @fuckmejohnlock ❄ @grinchygamora ❄ @goddamninsanity ❄ @gyllenhah ❄ @hansolo ❄ @hardycavill@havleyatwell ❄ @henricavyll ❄@henrycavuhl ❄ @henrykavill ❄ @hohoholyfrick @howlingsoldier ❄ @in-radio-rainbows ❄ @jacobbgyllenhaal  @jakegyllehnal ❄ @jamesbarns ❄ @jamesrhods ❄ @jash-dun ❄ @jesxicajones ❄ @julesthenerdfighter  @johnwatsonisbisexual ❄ @jonhnystorm 

k - q

❄ @kaivon97 ❄ @kay-moneyy ❄ @kendaspntwd ❄ @kibblewinchester ❄ @kuryakinn ❄ @ladyhawke81 @ladylokid ❄ @ladypeg ❄ @leepace ❄ @letusc ❄ @liiiiiiing ❄ @lil-chop-shop-girl ❄ @lily-skellington@lindseymorqan ❄ @lizardodair ❄ @love-lalalala-me ❄ @lovingmesomedp  @lron-man @madamkovic @mcavoys ❄ @mdelreal ❄ @megahra ❄ @merrymickmas ❄ @michaelfassbender ❄ @mockingjaygay ❄ @moremikaplease  @mykindof-aesthetic ❄ @napoleonsoloist ❄ @nastaspook ❄ @natalias @noahczernry ❄ @oh-my-wizard-god @padmes ❄ @paulwelsey @pclyjuicepotion ❄ @plantbucky  @pumpkinspicedpain ❄ @q-u-i-n-n-s-i-c-a-l 

r - z

❄ @ragingagender ❄ @rchaha@realspicegirl @richardarmitakeme @ryan-reynolds ❄ @salsastarkk ❄ @sarcastic-demisexual ❄ @scarletts @senorbunny @sgtjimbarnes ❄ @snowflakedbarnes ❄ @snowflakejessica ❄ @snowyassassins ❄ @snowyreid @sokovia ❄ @soufleoswald ❄ @spicy-dj-panda ❄ @stephrc79  @steviebucks ❄ @stevie-quivive ❄ @stgbucky @stripperleepace ❄ @strngeloves ❄ @stupidbutwhy ❄ @teamstevesass​ ❄ @the-doctorss-companion ❄ @thequeenofjupiter ❄ @thetriofromuncle @thewonderofafairytale ❄ @thisisakeyboardsmash ❄ @thisiscloisforever @tomshardy @toooonystark ❄ @trinitywings ❄ @vahrys ❄ @vladthejollyreindeer ❄ @wandamaxmioff ❄ @walsh-castillo ❄ @we-kings-and-pretty-things@wolverlne ❄ @yuckberry 

Hi guys!

I’m thinking of making a reference list/blogroll on my blog for all types of studyblrs (e.g. for high school, medical students, physics, maths, university, psychology, languages) so feel free to message me, reblog this or reply your blog name and your studyblr category and I’ll put you on my blog over the next few days! Have a great day x You can message me at x

Photography Blogs

Here’s a list of some of my favorite photography blogs on tumblr. All blogs listed properly credit their photos and promote original photography on tumblr. Categories are not always strictly what the blog posts, but the general feel of the blog. (A few of the cat ones are submission based) I will update this post as I follow more blogs. 







Mixed Media


For a list of my favorite original photographer blogs, click here.

Hello, this is my first follow forever to celebrate a  small milestone in my number of followers. I’d like to thank everyone for making this possible, and a special shoutout to all the blogs that follow me. Here’s a list of all the blogs that you should check out if you have the time:

0bent0 0ujo 10kou

aobans cait-shelter chibishi chidoki chihiruu coldgif cutiiepanda d–oki divorced-lama dku enuouki f-uwa garekisan graceless-smile ha-namiya heicchous hokyoku

imino-kuukyo instrumentaldream ionlin k-uroi kaizune karnevaal konaspookii kuseiro kzuru 

mangafascination nain nezu-mi ni-ji-iro nomuri norunir oarou oononoki osakuu oshirins pandora-tears peeeeeeeeeeh remiu ricedere

s-h-i-t-a-i sexualorihara shitsaekki shinjukuu shirochiin shirozi shiseiken shoujonotes shouyuu sireai sketchdream steamed-bun sugoihentai sui-u suicidemonochrome suzukii toiletbowlwater torihaizu tsukk-i 

udon-udon upsetuke wearylimbs world-o-f-nonsense y-ureii yagioloi yami-no-kuni yechiru yutsuna yuuuta zuraun



| @dreahsims@heihu @littlepeas | @periluxe @laenyrie @plumbobbles | @simlishface @simmysimsam @wafflekone |

You all keep my feed entertaining and I love all of your sims,legacies and stories. Keep doing what you’re doing and don’t stop. ^_^

(For the anon who asked about a blogroll)

Honourable Mentions 
@pinksprites @pinkatoga @applezingsims @berrysimlish @hopelesslydevotedsimmer @summerfallssims @plumbobsandholosprites @zauglom

ok so I reached 3k like a month ago but i was too lazy to make another follow forever but since 2k15 is coming to an end i guess why the hell not. i made that cover photo in 2mins on paint lol

2015 was p wild and i hope in 2016 you guys find happiness, love, and economic stability. i really appreciate everyone who follow me despite me never talking :’)

these are some amazing blogs and ppl I want to thank and I’m srry if i didnt include you, i really suck at these.


@senpaaaii / @mookkyul / @full-san@amantokun / @fujocherry / @etosuki, @doreishounen / @sasuke-x / @kujiki / @8hido / @mikatake / @gourmet-chi / @nkyomu / @onriironrii / @creepyvillage / @killmekaneki / @0bent0 / @oarou / @yamideteru / @yami-shibai / @txkyolights / @evanqelic / @satan-dono / @hostil–e / @hellllllllllkitttty / @aphor-ism / @kzuru / @aonime / @y-ozora / @nicotineburns / @e-iien / @fxkuro / @kavyarai / @monochromized / @mounstrum / @kiimdracula / @holder-of-the-end / @homicidal-intentions / @mooloch / @oononoki / @nephilium / @arukemeia / @kuronanashi / @kxnon / @kowagarikun / @saga–masamune / @tavsans / @norunir / @arukemeia / @kuronanashi / @tsukiyamxs / @yutsuna / @vermikulus / @kubiwokiru / @feitan / @sekyuu / @blutprinz / @nicodelico / @tsuishi

Lovely Blogs:

@joushi / @a-drasteia / @jigo-ku / @narukee / @kill-them-with-fire / @shi-no-monogatari / @hikikoeru / @jigoku-kun / @yakuzduh / @guroguroboy / @doseijin / @husbandothief 

thanks again and have a happy new year everyone!! 


Someone did a nice thing, so honor compels me to do a nice thing as well.
I just wanna take time to thank all these amazing Simblr’s I’ve followed over the years. You’re all amazing individuals that have inspired me one way or another. Thank you for all you do, and for lighting up my dash everyday. ♥ ♥ ♥

guys i just reached 1k in the last few days and gosh this is insane. ive always wanted to do a follow forever and i think this is the perfect time to do it just as a celebration or something

favourites are bolded


2k15luke // 5secondsofsummer-fanpage // 5secondsofsummerdaily // 5sos-official // 5sos-writing // 5soshun // 5sosmichael


acidcxlum // adoramuke // alltimehellalow // alouminum // amnesia-and-deja-vu // aquariuscal // ashcoholic // ashton-irwonmyheart // ashtonsflannels // bangingclifford // blowmikey // blurrysos // booping-penguins // brusselsharry // calhooda // calumfood // carsaunt // classifiedluke // cliffaf // cockytommo


dimplelashton // djhalsey // drunkmichaels // enjoy-life-and-be-a-penguin // eroticliam // explicitluke // fallenfor5sos // falloutboy // feets // fivesource // foolsharold // fuckboyhoods // fuckingmichael


galactic-mikey // gasksarth // gothdadvibes // gothskirt // grossist // halseyft5sos // hazfuckedlou // heartbrakegirl // hemmoful // heroichemmings​ // hotdamn5sos // i-am-a-bigger-fan-than-you // i-broke-a-pencil-in-half // iamsonotpunkrock // ifyoudcntknow // ineedasaviour // intenselouis // ironicalycle // iwantlukesdick


kinkycliffordd // kisslukes // kittenboymichael // lapelosa // larry-till-the-truth // larryandharry // lolbuturnotmichaelclifford // louiskingg // louistomlindaughters // lucif-her // lukehemmo // manicpaniclfford // mashtmallow // mebeingmegan // michaelcliffdawg // michaelsbluehairdye // michaelsskinnyjeans // mike5sex // mikeysucks // moist-5sos // moistuncle // mtvpixie // muketrash


niallthefucker // ohemmoh // panicinthehood // papimaliks // pastelhalsey // peachymuke // penguinhaley // pinkhairhalsey // pornhubhood


rowysolucas // sadaboutmichael // sextashtonirwin // sleepkink // smashirwin // solidtrash // teasedlou // the-world-in-my-opinion // theboyfriendstagram // those-british-showers // toolucas // toomuke // trillioniall


ughclifford // undercoverfangirl // vanillazouis // wificalum // x-wolves-under-the-moon-x // yeahimstillinlovewithyou

honestly I’ve never talked to 95% of these people but I really like their blog so just don’t mind me  (╯3╰)

aropippin’s (almost-christmas-2015) follow forever
whether we talk all the time or just a couple of times or we’ve never actually spoken, you all have a positive influence on my life (even if that’s just seeing you on my dash). so, thanks i guess, for just being you! i hope you have a lovely rest of 2015 and a great 2016!

a - e
@agenderpercy​ ​ | @babygrandd​ | @baemalone​ | @betsywolfe​ | @bewxo​ | @calliepenguin​ | @carolheathrow​ | @christianborle​ | @clara–bow​ | @conlonspots​ | @darcyogdenreid​ | @defyingpaola​ | @doctormadden​ | @elizaschuyler​ | @elizaschuylr​ | @elizashamilton​ | @emoritz​ | @eskeggs​ | @euphrasiex

f - j
@fiiyerotigelaar | @fili-under-the-mountain | @flipfloplogic | @francescajohnsons | @frankhauser | @hamlinton | @heathermcnamaara | @im-not-throwing-away-my-shot | @intearsaboutrobots | @jacklcelly | @jasperindeadland | @jaspersindeadland | @jayarmstrongsjohnson | @jenniferdamianos | @jerushaabbotts | @joeybarriero

k - o
@killiansdonnelly | @kylesbishop | @laurawingfields | @laurenworsham | @lauriesveldheers | @lin-manuel | @lindseyrem | @melchiorgabor | @merryosnes | @merrysprace | @minty-minho | @missdysquith | @mohritz | @neopetsstaff | @nonbinerdy | @oboe-guy | @ohdaae | @ontologyx

p - t
@phillipa-soos-beatboxing​ | @phoebenavarro​ | @pumpkinspicepuck​ | @rhealoveless​ | @robertfairchilds​ | @ruthiemiles​ | @sibsandphoebs​ | @slamilton​ | @special-beans​ | @springawakcning​ | @springawakenings​ | @tapedpages​ | @thenightscircus​ | @timothyfenwickjr​ | @tobyfedden​ | @tonyawardwinningblog​ | @transboypippin​ | @turiing

u - z
@violentboots​ | @voice-of-martha​ | @wendla​ | @willyelliot​ | @womynaregreat