After a year had gone by the King took another wife, a beautiful woman, but proud and overbearing, and she could not bear to be surpassed in beauty by any one.


She saw him, she saw he was good and of course she loved him x


“The day will come
When my body no longer exists
But in the lines of this poem
I will never let you be alone

The day will come
When my voice is no longer heard
But within the words of this poem
I will continue to watch over you

The day will come
When my dreams are no longer known
But in the spaces found in the letters of this poem
I will never tired of looking for you”


Here’s some more pages from our book Outer God. It’s is a psychological horror comic book about the eldritch secrets discovered within a buried pyramid, and a marriage falling apart.

And you can pre-order it HERE until April 29th.

You can read the full preview of Outer God HERE.

Pre-orders of Outer God are open until April 29th. The digital comic is coming first week of May. 

Art by Daryl Toh | DeviantArt | Tumblr

Written by Luc Labelle | Tumblr | Twitter


From within a book

a battle rages

between the prince

and the pages.

While noble knights

fight dragons galore

imaginations spread their wings

and away they soar.