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Working with Air

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I love working with the element air, it’s my personal favorite out of all the elements for a few different reasons that I won’t get into (I could make pages upon pages on why I love the wind but that isn’t what this is about) This post is about how to work more closely with the wind. Enjoy dearies!

Here are a few ideas on how to work with the element Air:

  • Conjure up the wind by singing a sweet melody from the heart (like your all time favorite songs), whistle, or use a singing bowl. 
  • Go to a park or trail and walk around for as much as you would like and just feel the wind wrap around you. If leaves/flowers happen to fall upon you, collect them. NOTE: Make sure you do your research if you collect. Never pull or cut leaves/flowers unless you know what you are doing. Also, make sure you don’t collect anything that is harmful to your health. 
  • Go to a park/field/backyard and practice yoga. Allow the wind to help form your body while the earth keeps you steady. Stretch, relax, breathe.
  • On a windy day go outside and just sit there. Close your eyes and feel the air. Breathe in and out deeply, let it fill your soul. 
  • Burn a loose incense containing herbs that relate to air. (ex. lavender, lemongrass, pine, star anise, sage, etc) Meditate and connect to the element as the fragrance fills the room. You can burn an oil using essential oils for the same purpose. NOTE: Be careful burning anything; use a fireproof bowl, make sure it won’t fall, make sure the room is well ventilated, and most importantly, make sure you do your research. Do not burn herbs/oils that are harmful to your/others/and pets health. 
  • Make a sigil that means “I am protected by the winds.” or something along the lines (Personally I am not a sigil maker but I see others make damn cool ones so I’m adding it, haha) Wear it on you wherever you’d like while you are out and about so your always protected.  
  • Make a special air altar underneath a window, preferably facing East. Fill it with feathers, incenses, athame, a music player, your favorite books, colors of yellow and pale blues, whatever you’d like! 
  • Paint, dance, read, draw, sing, play an instrument, etc, Be creative. 
  • Learn. Do research. Gain as much knowledge about subjects you love.
  • Talk to the wind, communicate with it. Tell the air your problems, the joys you have felt, the pain you endured. No matter what, always your message is heard. 
  • Research fairies. Most fairies are related to element of air but there are some that live within the other elements. Find the fairy folk who live in the clouds, in the winds, and fly with the birds; work with them if you would like. NOTE: Be careful with working with fairies as you would with any spirit. There are so many different kinds of posts on how to communicate with them so I will list sources. (This is a very small list of sources regarding fairies but ones that I found informative.)  





In which I’ve done a lot of page work today so I drew a bunch of self-indulgent wind-down drawings of my fave hero with dopey cats and other such relatable pokes.

(I couldn’t remember what Greninja was called so I named it’s drawing layer Ninjago)

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Every book, every volume you see here, has a soul. The soul of the person who wrote it and of those who read it and lived and dreamed with it. Every time a book changes hands, every time someone runs his eyes down its pages, its spirit grows and strengthens.
—  Carlos Ruiz Zafón, The Shadow of the Wind
The fallen

Some say that the trees whisper their names. That you can hear their fading laughter on the wind.

Footprints sometimes appear in the moist grass or mud and their steps echo through the halls.

The paintings on the wall tip their hats to the shadows dancing through the corridors and a cooling breeze gently caresses the curtains.

On photos you think you see a third person but they quickly disappear after a second look.

Sometimes the couch is still warm from someone else sitting on it , even though it’s three in the morning. And the house elves sometimes talk and wave at thin air.

The professors might call you by the wrong name and suddenly they have to blink tears away but can’t fight the small but sad smile that flickers over their face.

Countless cats and owls without an owner wander the school and sleep on the abandoned desks in empty class rooms. And sometimes, they freeze, lift their head and cry out. Whining until someone picks them up and reassures them.

Still opened books are gathering dust in the library. Nobody could ever bring themselves to store them away.
But sometimes a light winds picks up a page and will turn it ever so gently.

And every year on may 2nd , when the sunlight hits the surface of the lake, you can see the backs of fifty six people standing side by side. Facing the sun. They shimmer in the air and their feet don’t touch the ground.

One of them has red hair and the pupils could have sworn that they have seen someone who looked just like him when they were shopping in Diagon Alley.

Next to him, a married couple. You can tell by the way they are holding each others hands. The woman has bright pink hair and her husband seems to radiate warmth and kindness.

Then there is this younger kid. A vintage camera in his small hand. He always tries to take a picture of the sun, but he has never managed to catch the right moment yet.

Next to him stands a blonde, pale girl with a rose ribbon in her hair. She always lays a hand onto the boys bony shoulder and squeezes it gently.

They are surrounded by fifty other people.
The pupils can never actually see their faces. Only their backs. Like a wall of light and warmth they stand united at the lake. Enjoying the sun. Protecting what is left.

And there at the end of the line. There is a man, standing on his own. He is wearing all black. It suits him in a bizarre way. He is yellowish and pale and has black hair. He never looks at the sun. Instead, he stands in the shadow of a tree. Watching the others.

It took years. But after nineteen winters the married couple flowed towards him, took his hand and pulled him to join the others.
To stand together by the water. Between the wild and the school.

As guardians.
As patrons.
As a promise.

Not another child would die on this ground. Not here. History might be written with blood, but not at a place of ink. Not at this school.

Not at hogwarts.
Not at home.

Seasonal Aesthetics

Winter: Cozy sweaters and a hot drink, the warmth of the mug warming your hands. Hoodies and fuzzy socks. Sitting by a window curled up with a good book, raindrops tapping on your window. Sitting at your desk, looking up from your notes only to see a blanket of snow. The sound of crackling fire. A sense of serenity.

Autumnn: The smell of an old book and the curving strokes of calligraphy. Orange everywhere and the crunch of leaves as rainboots step on them. Pumpkin spice lattes and candles and cakes make the best study snacks. Study dates with friends at an old library. The distant sound of rain…

Spring: Growth, beauty. Shyness blossoming into confidence, like a flower blooms. Studying at the park or sitting outside in a local cafe, surrounded by plants and watching the swingset slowly be moved by the soft wind. Flowers and petals between bullet journal pages.

Summer: A sigh of relief. Crawling into a bed with freshly washed sheets. Relaxation, holiday. The warmth of the sun on your skin, like a hug from home. A new bullet journal spread. Reading for pleasure. Laughter, happiness. The calming yet thrilling sound of the sea.

Okay but imagine this. Link is digging through the Castle and finds a secret library that holds all of Hyrule’s official history including the names and adventures and information of all the different heroes. As Link is looking through the books he finds one on a great flood and how a little island boy became the next hero. He turns the page and there’s a photograph of Wind Waker Link taking a selfie with Ganondorf in the background

summer house aesthetics

HUFFLEPUFF- the smell of honeysuckle and warm breezes ruffling hair; dry grass crunching underneath sandals; lemon popsicles and flushed cheeks; closing your eyes and feeling the sun; a picnic basket being opened

RAVENCLAW- collapsing in the shade of a tree; crunching the ice from a cold drink between your teeth; pages of a book being turned by the wind; the scent of blueberries and freshly cut grass; cloud gazing in the company of a friend

SLYTHERIN- the sound of car tires crunching on gravel; leaving your house to go on a long trip; unexpected summer rainstorms; taking off your shoes after a long walk; spilling cold water all over yourself; loose tank tops and bare feet; wet hair making water droplets run down your back

GRYFFINDOR- the crackling of a summer bonfire; tying your hair up; sand between toes; breathless laughter from friends’ open mouths; putting your feet on a car dashboard; sunglasses and floppy hats; the reflection of fireworks in someone’s eyes

anonymous asked:

What did you think of that look Micro cast Frank when Karen was defending him on air ?

This look right here? This is the “are you hearing this?”-look. This is Micro checking to see Frank’s reaction to what Karen’s saying on-air. Micro, at this point, has figured out that Karen is someone Frank trusts implicitly. He knows about Karen, but he doesn’t really know her. What’s worth noting is Frank’s actual reaction: he kinda shrugs like “what can you do?” and concedes to Micro non-verbally that this is who Karen is to him. This woman going to bat for him out loud on a radio show? That’s Karen, through and through, and he doesn’t fight it.

Micro, then, is left to reassess Karen Page in silence. And Frank starts to comment on the show out loud from that point onward, even though Karen can’t hear him. A part of that is his emotions running away from him, sure, because she’s putting herself at risk and he can’t stand to think about that. But a part of that, I think, is also weirdly for Micro’s benefit? Frank’s comment of “barking up the wrong tree” cements for Micro that Karen is someone who would use a weapon if it was given to her, while the comment of “ease up, Karen” tells Micro that Karen’s like a dog with a bone and won’t let go of things no matter how at risk she puts herself with that. 

Micro gets to know Karen through Frank. He learns about her through Frank. He gets to know who she is through the lens that Frank sees her with. I think it’s a commonly accepted headcanon in the fandom that Micro would absolutely research Karen and figure out everything he can about her independently from Frank, but I think that this is something Micro only does after these events go down. It’s something he does after he figures out how important Karen really is to Frank.

The scene above then spirals out into that scene we got the preview of, with Frank losing his shit over Karen potentially being in danger and practically begging Micro to help him find Lewis. That’s when Micro can’t help but ask “what’s the deal with you two?” because he is trying to put two and two together when it comes to Karen and Frank and he’s not sure he’s got the full scope of it. And Frank, bless him, Frank doesn’t disappoint. 

This is the exact moment you see Micro’s realisation of who Karen is to Frank. Frank, in his panic and his unrest, winds up comparing the thought of Karen being in danger to the thought of Micro’s wife being in danger. He winds up asking Micro “what would you do, if this was your wife putting herself at risk and you knew you had a chance to stop anything bad from happening to her?” and that is pretty much when it all clicks into place for Micro. (It’s a testament to Ebon Moss-Bachrach’s acting skills that you can actually see this play out on his face and in his eyes. You can pinpoint the exact moment when Micro goes “oh shit” about it, haha.)

And this, well, this is Micro basically asking “are you sure?”. This is Micro testing the waters with Frank one final time when it comes to Karen. Through reminding Frank of who Sarah is to Micro, he’s essentially asking Frank “are you certain you want to put Karen on par with my wife, with my family?” because that would mean that Karen’s importance to Frank is something that Micro needs to start taking into account. 

Frank, bless his heart, does not disappoint:

And with that “okay”, Micro doesn’t just relent and start looking for Lewis. No. With that “okay”, Micro confirms for himself that Karen Page matters. Hell, he winds up giving Frank the Dad Look over this. This is the exact moment on which Micro sees Frank at his weakest, at his most fearful, at his most volatile, and he says “okay” to that because he can tell that this is the real deal. Frank doesn’t know it. Frank doesn’t know how real that is, not yet. But Micro? Man, Micro knows what’s up.

a creaky staircase. footsteps down the hall. a broken basement light. branches caressing a window. moonlight filtering through the trees. a dusty attic. old stained pages. howling winds. a crackling fire. muffled voices from another room. an old tea kettle singing. whispers in the forest. a hissing cat. a slowly opening door.