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No, Simon’s Stupid in General

Prompt: Hey would you mind writing something where fem!Reader was an engineer before the outbreak, and she’s always babbling about the weirdest things, and much to reader’s dismay, her girlfriend Arat and her brother Simon team up to tease her about being such an adorable nerd. - Requested by Anon

Pairing(s): Arat x Reader, Simon x Reader (Siblings)

Word Count: 756

Warnings: none (?) 

Notes: Had to google ‘engineering smart words’. It was a pretty crazy Friday night.

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Arat growled and a pillow hit you in the back of the head as you flicked the lamp on. “Sorry.” You called over your shoulder, opening your book to a random page and scrawling down unreadable thoughts. 

“What the hell are you doing?” Arat grumbled, and you smiled at the pout in her voice.

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I made an X-Files picture book to give myself closure after watching the show for the first time.  Then they officially announced the revival. I should have known there would be no escape from all the feelings.



It was going to be the boyfriend height chart, but considering that all 3 bfs are about the same height, it just wasn’t as interesting. So I paired them off. -v-

Goto and Masayoshi / Trey and Cooper / Rei and Nagisa

Masayoshi / Cooper / Nagisa