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Tony's floaty is canonical?

Yep. It was in an annual a few years back: 

[Avengers Annual 2013]

Basically, the Avengers all went on vacation and Steve stayed behind to mind the Tower, but Tony’s “vacation” turned out to be him having either built a desert island in the basement men’s room or him having installed a portal to a desert island disguised as a door to the men’s room. 

When summoned by Hulk, who saw him going into it earlier, Tony emerges wearing flippers, a pool floaty, and the rightful indignation of someone whose vacation has been interrupted by shape-shifters posing as him who are trying to rob the place. 

This one page in Avengers Annual 2013 was kind of a high point in Tony’s comic book characterization in the past five years. 


7.28.17 // 11:30am // farewell july (adios julio)

i made a simple collage+lettering page to commemorate the end of july and basically the end of summer (ok i have 3 more weeks but i’m already sad). i used one of the pages from my super old 2013-2014 lilly pulitzer planner (that i didn’t really use) and i really like how it turned out. quote is from one of my fav musicals, a chorus line. xoxo, m

hice una pagina de collage y letras de pincel para celebrar el fin de julio y basicamente el fin de las vacaciones del verano (tecnicamente tengo 3 semanas mas pero ya me siento triste). uso uns pagina de mi planificador muy viejo de lilly pulitzer de los anos 2013-2013 (que no usaba mucho) y me gusta mucho el resultado. la cita es de uno de mis musicales favoritos, a chorus line.

ps. what do you guys think about the post in 2 languages? redundant? useful? i also really need to figure out an easy way to put accents on letters on my computer but my laptop doesn’t have number pad soooooo

pd. que piensan de este post en 2 idioma? es redundante? util? tambien realmente necesito alcanzar una manera facil para poner los acentos enzima de mis letras en my computadora pero mi portatil no tiene un teclado numerico entonces……


(Last year’s here.) Not gonna lie, 2015 was not a good art year for me, but at least you can see a lot of improvement. Definitely love the the poses and hair in comparison to it all and it feels very lively and fun. I hope 2016 will be a much better year!

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Arrow Fave on Felicity's Smokin' Makeover, Being Oliver's Wingman, Her DC Wiki Page and More
What did Emily Bett Rickards — who plays Arrow’s super-high-tech, gadget-loving, computer-savvy Felicity Smoak — splurge on upon being promoted to a series regular?
By Matt Webb Mitovich

“I went out and got a few records for my turntable,” she tells TVLine. “Kinda nerdy, I know!”

Even a week after she earned her upgrade on the CW hit (airing Wednesdays at 8/7c), Rickards says, “I’m still beside myself,” having signed on as just a day player all those months ago. “It’s a roller coaster I never want to get off of.”

IT’S JUST… A LITTLE CRUSH? | Rickards says that Felicity herself is quite single, only “madly in love with her keyboard” — for now. As for those who see chemistry between the geeky gal and beefcakey Oliver, she concedes there’s possibly always been a crush there. “When she was introduced to him in Episode 3, she was like, ‘Of course I know who you are! You’re the millionaire’s son who’s a total babe.’ It doesn’t ever pass her by that he’s an extremely good-looking man. So if the storyline ever decides to go that way, it wouldn’t be far-fetched at all.”

TVLine Throwback interview with Emily after becoming a series regular.

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A bit of info on Wow

I was trying to find something on Seyoon today cause we know literally nothing about him.

And google led me to this old ass tumblr page for yg trainees (which hasn`t updated since august 2013) and there he is:

Which led me to some Kim Seyoon facebook page (from around 2013 too)

Sooo i guess 2011 it is?

Unfortunately haven`t found anything else yet but hey at least it`s something right?

So Jason used to be in JYP and Wow in YG. Coming soon Chan from SM

If you have ANY info on Wow please add it here for people to see.

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Have you guys seen the music video going around that she's in?

There are several and some are way worse than the one that’s been going around. From their Model Mayhem page:

“FREAKS” by King Sinz, 2013
“Don’t Look Back” by Gideon’s Army, 2014
“In The Summertime” by Gideon’s Army, 2014
“Do Wit It” by YRF, 2015