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Your blush is so much more obvious without your glasses, Yuuri <3

(or, guess who got into Ice Gays)


“Am I at ninety-four yet?”

Neil asked.

He was not at ninety-four. Ninety-four was the whispered words, “Thank you. You were amazing.” They echoed inside Andrew’s head over and over, like they were an offering, a prayer, a goodbye, like they were pushed out of his body with his dying breath. It was irritating and he was going to bring it up on the bus. He was going to spell it out nice and slow how Neil needed to stop living like he was dying and start living like the exy junkie he was.

Ninety-five was turning around and seeing nothing. Not nothing in the sense that Neil was nothing, but nothing in the sense of panic, of worry, of standing on the edge of the rooftop looking down thinking “Would it hurt if I fell?” The space where Neil should have been filled with emotions that Andrew swore he would never feel again.

Ninety-six was finding his bag. It wasn’t the bag that held his entire life, that was locked away in the Fox Tower, safe. It was the bag that held his future. A future he knew Neil wanted in the way he clutched the key he gave him back in August. A key that was left in the God forsaken bag with Neil nowhere in sight.

For ninety-seven, Kevin was there. The other foxes were there too but the words Kevin formed with his breath passing over his voice box and the movements of his tongue and jaw, were the only things that mattered. Kevin’s mouth moved, sound traveled in vibrations through the air, hit Andrew’s eardrums, and then his hands were around Kevin’s neck. There were lies and half-truths and Andrew hated those. Again not in the sense he hated Neil but in the sense that he hated the word ‘please’ and ‘misunderstanding’. He hated how he didn’t hate Neil because of all the lies. And for that, ninety-seven.

Ninety-eight was the phone call that Neil had been found.

Ninety-nine was walking through the hotel door and seeing him crumple in agony. It was the hissed “Don’t” as he did his best sooth away the pain. It was the eyes that were Nathaniel’s with hints of Neil peeking out behind his irises. It was the look of a man staring helplessly as the executioner readied the guillotine. It was the words “I’m sorry” like he had something to be sorry for. It was his attitude that no matter how beat up he got, remained impeccably intact. And it was the question he still had the gall to ask: “Am I at ninety-four yet?”

“You are at one hundred.”


save him. 


coolest kid on the block


ok so I was reading Victor Hugo’s wiki page and apparently in 1862 he was on vacation & wanted to know whether Les Mis was selling well so he literally sent a single ‘?’ to his publisher, to which his publisher replied ’!’ indicating that it was and?? if this doesn’t sum up victor hugo idk what does

A quick doodle of Petyr Baelish on my new Cintiq.

  ALSO okay so call me a sap or w/e but every now and then while working on these comic pages I get these rushes of pure joy right through my soul and I just feel so alive honestly???

  Like it might just be at uni level but rn I’m working on the kind of project that I’ve always wanted to at what I can equate to at least a close approximation of proffessional standard and I am LIVING

5 Things Tag

Tagged by my fellow @saltykorean and korean-canadian @booseuksoon 

5 Things You’ll Find in my Bag
(backpack bc i’m a child and only use my backpack for everything)

- mango Burts Bees lipbalm 
- climbing shoes
- advil + allergy meds
- fox shaped scissors
- phone charger

5 Things You’ll Find in my Bedroom

- a color coded closet
- panda calendar :D
- course readers from old classes
- my collection of hats
- an extensive sharpie collection

5 Things I Always Wanted to do in Life

- be productive lol
- travel on my own
- learn to letter well 
- be done with school tbh
- get free boba 

5 Things I’m Currently Into

- boba (but i’m always into boba)
- thai food
- rock climbing
- being lazy bc its break  
- ignoring all the application essays i need to write (amongst other things)

5 Things on my To-Do List

- study abroad scholarship applications 
- WRITE FOR @wooziology
- redo tumblr theme
- record english version of spring day??????????
- cry bc school starts again soon and i’ll be drowned in work again

5 Things People May Not Know About Me

- i lived in California for 5.5 years
- i have a cousin who has the same face as woozi
- i have super small handwriting my 2nd grade and 8th grade teachers needed a magnifying glass whoops
- i’ve been following seventeen since 2012
- i run a salt blog for my salty korean soul where i just complain about koreaboos tbh

I’m tagging @hoshinoyas, @minghaeo, @jamlessjisoo, @wonnmoo@verhoon, @soon-shine​, @chocoshua, @kwon-grandma, @hansold, @momjeonghan


this is a general starter call and starters will vary from one liners to plotted out threads. if you want one of the latter, comment on this post with your favorite ice cream flavor ( or if you don’t like ice cream, favorite snack!! ) and i’ll message you and we’ll see what we can come up with!!