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“Thank you, Ray”

It’s easy to forget who you really are when you pretend for too long

(…..I wanted to draw crying Zarc probably…)



This page brought to you by my withered, exhausted, body.

Important! There will be no update next weekend as I will be travelling! Next page will be up on the 18th of March!

But it’ll be worth the wait. Trust me guys. Truuuuust me. Also prepare for livestream announcements, thank you messages, and a semblance of an organisation system introduced to these pages when I get back. 

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Another page from my Hades&Persephone comic.
DISCLAIMER: these pages I’m publishing ARE NOT the full comic, they are just tests! For this reason I’d like to know if you have any suggestion/advice if you think there’s something to adjust.


…some panels from the first few books of ‘The Waters of Deadmoon’ (Story: Patrick Cothias - Art: Philippe Adamov - Heavy Metal, May 1990 through May 1991 - originally published in France as ‘Les Eaux de Mortelune’ by Glénat, 1986 through 1989), very much to my liking in the same vein as ‘Freakwave’ by Milligan/McCarthy & very Moebius…