pagent queen


So the trolls have come back for Leslie Jones and with full force this time. Doesn’t really surprise me that there are people actually trying to lessen the severity. These same people are the ones who defended the miss USA pagent queen for calling people Nigger on twitter by saying stuff like

“It was two years ago get over it”

“Fucking SJWs getting mad over nothing”

“Free speech get over it”

These same people are online trying to justify this by saying that Leslie herself is also a racist because of a few ethnic jokes she made on Twitter. I don’t really condone making jokes about race, especially nowadays. People are becoming increasingly sensitive to everything. I don’t like SJWs but I can clearly see that anti-SJWs are also becoming little pricks who are trying too hard to be edgy and politically incorrect that everything is OK in their book as long as it gets SJWs mad. Those small jokes Leslie made do not compare to what Miss USA said. Her jokes do not compare to what all these trolls have been throwing at her. I’m getting so fucking tired of people and all their bullshit.

I honestly feel for Leslie and hope she stays strong and gets through this