pagent girls

Okay but like I’m STILL not over how beautiful these women are like its so breathtaking to me and I’m so happy for them that they’re on that stage feeling nothing but overwhelming happiness and joy because it’s a pageant that is TRANS ONLY and they’ve had to have worked so hard throughout their lives to get to this point and I just really love trans women

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anonymous asked:

Why are you dating Ali? Sorry but she seems like a HUGE bitch. She never answers asks, she's a stuckup beauty pagent girl, not a rly good cosplayer and shes probably lying about being a model. You seem so down to earth and amazing. I DON'T GET WHY UR DATING HER! she's an ugly person ugh date someone like me instead

Why on earth would I want to date you - a cowardly piece of shit anon who just said cruel things about the person I love? 

She doesn’t answer asks because she gets hundreds and just doesn’t have the fucking time to deal with them. You guys realize we’re just normal people right? We have jobs and responsibilities that extend far beyond answering your asks. 

She is NOT a stuck-up beauty pageant girl. Yes, she participates in pageants and coaches little girls on how to grow their self-confidence and stage presence. I see now flaw there. It makes her very happy. Not to mention she usually makes her costumes for the pageants. 

Ali is a fucking amazing cosplayer. I have never seen anyone sew as well as she does tbh. She’s absolutely fucking amazing. Let’s see your cosplays anon. Let’s see your charisma and craftsmanship. Ooh Let me tell you we had lots of sex in cosplay, lots of it, and it was amazing and you best be super jealous because you will probably never have that yo. 

Ohh quick break to reiterate that I WILL NEVER FUCKING DATE YOU. You hateful, disgusting piece of shit stuck to the inside of a toilet. 

I don’t know how someone could lie about being a model when they have pictured proof of them modeling? You are very stupid poor anon. So stupid.

Ali is beautiful, totally completely fucking beautiful. The most beautiful person in the world to me and nobody is going to make me think otherwise.

I love her to pieces.

Go fuck yourself and think of me, because that’s all you’re gonna get.