reasons i don’t think the sun story means anything:

a) it would have blanketed their entire front page

b) it’d probably make up the content of their entire paper, not one page

c) it’d be the HUGE headline, not to be dwarfed by some heavily-implication-based, likely-fabricated story that is their huge headline

d) he didn’t use a one direction pun, and it would have been too easy to set one up in this scenario

e) dan wootton is a moron

First page

Being a trans and mentally ill/ neurodiverse immigrant in Canada is full of nervous “what-ifs”. After talking with my doctor though, it seems I don’t have much to worry about. The main difference between my case and the case of the kid with Down’s is that my mental health and gender didn’t come up on the required physical exam for my permanent residence app (I’m sure not being on hormones helped), whereas his did.

I’m doing as well as I am in Canada (Ontario) because I am white and middle class with a white and middle class spouse, no doubt. Everyone else is at risk for denial at best and indefinite detention at worst. (CW: link contains description of abuse at immigration detention centres)

But that doesn’t stop the process from being stressful, ugh.

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Hello, Lovelies!!

Do you love Bellamy Blake? Do you wish you could talk about him to others for hours on end? Well! you’ve come to the right place, My Dear!

Me, Sara, & Kara have all decided there just aren’t enough Bellamy Blake Networks so we are opening our own! The BellBlakeNetwork!

This will be a hate free/judge free network, we will respect others and just have a good time meeting new people.

Rules :

  • mbf Me, Sara, & Kara
  • Fill out this snazzy form
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  • Be nice to your fellow networkers

What you get if accepted:

  • A spot on the Members page
  • Be added to our chat (which is so much fun btw)
  • Make 12 new friends
  • Get to occasionally write fanfic/prompts (if you want! no pressure)
  • Make edits and fanart
  • LiveBlogging with awesome people!

You will have until the 25th of February (that’s two weeks, Dolls!) then we will be picking out 12 beautiful bloggers. This post must get 40 notes or we will pretend this neeeeeever happened (these are not the droids (post) you’re looking forrrr)

Good Luck, My Lovelies!!

Palun luba mul olla

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