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Tony Bowls Paris 113711

Take their breath away as you enter in this stunning sequin gown by Tony Bowls Paris. Bright sequins and brilliant beadwork pair to perfection as you step out in this elegant formal dress. The soft trumpet silhouette skims your curves as brilliant beadwork adds intricate detail to the daring low back. Beaded detail compliments the sweetheart bodice and sides of this evening gown for an extra touch of glimmer to make this gown perfection. Elegant for proms, pageants and other formal events making it a must have for your next big event.

Dare to be elegant in this simple yet stunning dress by Tony Bowls Evenings. Classy in classic taupe this strapless evening gown will turn heads as you enter the room. Beading at the bust and natural waist add a touch of sparkle and the stunning chiffon is simple yet elegant making this gown perfect for events such as prom, pageants and social gatherings.

How to Pick the Perfect Pageant Gown

We love pageant season! We’ve posted before on pageant gown mistakes to avoid and now that you know what not to do, we’re back to tell you what you absolutely should do to make sure you’ve picked the perfect pageant gown!

Let the Real You Shine Through

Before you consider anything else, think about the kind of image you want to show the pageant judges. Are you outgoing, upbeat and full of energy? You pageant gown should reflect that. Are you elegant, sophisticated and well-spoken? You pageant gown should reflect that, too. Those traits aren’t mutually exclusive, by the way. Your gown can show that you’re sophisticated and full of energy if you pick the right one!

Pageant expert and consultant Kathleen Munson recommends putting together a list of personal adjectives that reflect the image you’re after. Then bring that list with you to your dress appointment {or keep it in mind} to make sure you’re on the right track and keeping your image consistent.

Consider Your Pageant

After you’ve considered which of your traits you want to showcase, consider your pageant. Which division are you competing in? What does the venue look like? The stage size? A teen pageant, Miss pageant and Mrs pageant all require a different gown. Likewise, the gowns popular in the Miss America pageant circuit are different than the gowns popular in the Miss USA pageant circuit.

The key to victory here? Do your research! Look at the gowns past winners have worn and use them for inspiration. That’s not to say that if the previous winner wore a white gown that you too must wear a white gown. But, keep the overall feel of their gown in mind. Is it trendy? Simple? High-fashion? Glam? Use that {and your personal adjective list from above} to help guide you to pageant gown success!

Don’t Show Off Too Much

Liz Fuller of Miss Great Britain stresses the importance of showing off juuuuust enough {her YouTube video has a lot of other great tips!}. If it’s appropriate, pick a gown with a slit to show off your walk. But {and we can’t stress this enough}, make sure that slit doesn’t venture into this type of territory.

Similarly, if your dress is backless or has a plunging neckline, balance it out! Long sleeves and long hems {as worn by our gorgeous Miss Universe Olivia Culpo at the Miss Universe pageant} are a great way to do this. And, as a bonus, this look is really popular this season! Probably because it’s a good way to show off without showing off too much.

Tailor That Gown

Last {but certainly, certainly not least} make sure that beautiful gown fits your figure like a glove! You don’t want to be tripping over a too long hem or fidgeting with a drooping neckline when you’ve got so many other things to worry about.

Take that gown to a great tailor and make sure the straps fit, the gown is the right length and nothing is slouchy or baggy! {Especially if you’re wearing a strapless gown or backless gown. That gown should be fit to a tee! No wardrobe malfunctions, please.}