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How do you think RFA + V and Saeran would react to MC being extremely comfortable in front of camera and automatically/subconcioisly poses when a camera is around because they were in pageants as a kid? (They prob take amazing selfies as well lol)

lol this is cute

  • Zen: BITCH HE’S POSING WITH YOU who are you kidding this boii has been primed for the camera!! Nobody can get candids of you two that actually look candid because you always fucking notice and pose before the shot is taken wtf. You look like the best power couple tho because damn you’re both so good at this?? You know Zen loves it and it only prompts him to bring you on camera with him more often. He gushes about how great you are to anybody who asks or even will listen lol. He’d be very supportive and pumped if you started a modeling career to share your talents with the world :D
  • Jaehee: she finds it extremely amusing and will do her best to try and catch you off-guard, but you always seem to know when she’s about to take a photo. She’s tried experimenting with it to see if she can get a bad candid of you, but even when you don’t see the camera first, your posture and facial expression are aesthetically pleasing. She gives in after a while and just smiles every time you do it, blushing slightly at how cute her gf is. 
  • Yoosung: He’s so fucking salty about it because it kind of reminds him of Zen?? But you’re not too narcissistic about it, you just have a good idea about how to pose. After being pouty about it at first, he asks you for tips, and you try and teach him how to pose with you. He thinks you’re super cute though, and gushes over how nice you look in photos. 
  • Jumin: he’s blush.jpg, even if his expression doesn’t change, because holy shit you’re a literal angel?? He tries to snap quick photos of you but they’re blurry as shit, so he probably hires an actual photographer to take photo shoots of you. Jumin mostly wants them for himself, but the media attention over you two would generate enough momentum for you to launch a modeling career if you wanted to. Either way, he is very impressed and amused at your skills. 
  • Seven: this little shit tries to outdo you every time, but he just can’t keep up with your supernatural camera senses. Sometimes he even fuckin pushes you to try and catch you off guard, but you always fall gracefully what the a c t u a l f u c k !! He’s low key proud of you though, and he has all of your photos saved to his phone and they’re probably his home and lock screen honestly. He has 100% made one of those “Do it for her” memes of that one simpson episode and edited your best photos onto it & made it his facebook cover photo. He’s your biggest fan and also your biggest rival, will probably send you a bunch of really pretty “candids” of him cross dressing wtf seven?? He’s kinda hot tho so it’s ok
  • V: did you mean the perfect woman?  as the photographer, this is a huge benefit for him. You always know how to pose naturally yet gracefully, and he can’t stop taking photos of you. He loves catching you candid, even though it’s rather difficult, because you still look very beautiful. He has some lovely prints of you in natural settings hanging up in the apartment because honestly you’re his actual muse and he can’t get over how perfect you are wow he’s just so pure please marry him
  • Saeran: it completely confounds him. He had no idea what pageants were (”People dress up and have fights about who’s prettier?? What’s the fuckin point” also saeran: “you won all of them tho right? right? ) so there was a bit of judgement coming from him at first. In almost every photo where someone tries to catch you both off-guard, you’re posing excellently while Saeran stares at you with a wtf expression and it’s hilarious. He gradually grows used to it and just stares off in boredom every time until you’re done. Secretly, though, he thinks you look very nice and enjoys scrolling through photos of you online. probably also saves all of them, though he won’t admit it because he’s catty. He gets a bit insecure about taking photos with you but with your reassurance he’ll grow used to it