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Fangirl Challenge: [31/50] Female Characters » Shelby Wyatt

“You might not know this but my dad died in 9/11. And you know what? If I can exploit that right now to help you, I will. You see, my dad always wanted me to be his little country girl, and I was. And my mom wanted me to be her little pageant queen and boy, was I ever. But I spent a lot of time trying to make them both happy when they were alive and when they died, I had to clean up the mess they left behind. And um, let’s just say I learned a lot about them that they probably hoped their little country pageant princess would never find out. I’m so sorry, Shelby. I’m not. Because while it might look like I joined the FBI as some avenging angel, I’m here for me.”

A Christmas House - Carol

Once more my many thanks to @loveinpanem for hosting this event. It brings us together to celebrate the season of love and miracles.  Thank you to @titaniasfics my beta for this chapter and also to @akai-echo whose Banner is a work of art. 

Now Ch2 Carol (part one can be found on the @loveinpanem​ site)

Rated: T -2003, Age 12, December 1st -

“Again children, these are Christmas carols. You must show more enthusiasm!” Miss Effie chided as she directed the children’s choir for Merchantville’s annual Christmas Pageant.

The boys, who were being forced to be angles, used their battery operated candles likes lightsabers. Miss Effie stopped directing the choir. “Boys those are not lightsabers, those are candles. Why can’t you be like the girls? Primrose Everdeen, please stand up straight!”

Peeta watched Prim, Katniss’s little sister try harder. He grinned, for a six year old, Prim was a well behaved girl. She was going to make a pretty angel.

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  • me: look what i found in our sons room
  • husband: he's an ass man just like his father
  • me: dont do that dont laugh youre embarrassing me
  • me: don't you get it
  • me: its naked women
  • me: i did not enter him in fancy boy pageants as a child just to have him betray me and crank it out to naked women

janayaturner123  asked:

Do you agree with what Cat Cogliando is saying about choreography (jazz specifically) being more inappropriate and not okay nowadays, specifically Molly Long's. She also mentioned the outfits. Leos, booty shorts/crop tops. Any opinions on that? Also, do you agree with the way she approached the situation (posting about it on social media using Molly's name instead of taking to her privately about it). I just wanted to get your opinion on it! Your kids are amazing dancers and I love your blog :D

There are so many things to be Said! First I whole heartedly support people stating their opinions on their own social media. I do have a problem with her naming Molly, I think she went too far. She should have kept it positive and approached it differently. I think the people posting responses such as “well her (Molly’s) choreo wins so must be okay” are simplifying the issue! It’s not always about what wins. Here’s the thing, pedophiles are going to get their hands on images of kids anyway they can! What about gymnasts? What about kid beauty pageants? What about boy dancers? It is up to the parent to decide what is or isn’t right for their child. I also feel like if you see an 8 year old child in a Leo or dancing and your mind starts thinking of sexuality, there is something wrong with your thinking!

I totally disagree about Leo’s and booty shorts! That is dance wear. I feel like it is empowering to girls for them to have the body confidence to wear such things. The body is beautiful and what these dancers can do is nothing short of artful athleticism!!

If you are reposting videos of kids that you find offensive: 1) you are contributing to the problem by reposting it and 2) if you really cared about the child you would message that parent and have a private discussion about what bothers you! Just like she should have contacted Molly privately to discuss Molly’s particular dances.