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A Christmas House - Carol

Once more my many thanks to @loveinpanem for hosting this event. It brings us together to celebrate the season of love and miracles.  Thank you to @titaniasfics my beta for this chapter and also to @akai-echo whose Banner is a work of art. 

Now Ch2 Carol (part one can be found on the @loveinpanem​ site)

Rated: T -2003, Age 12, December 1st -

“Again children, these are Christmas carols. You must show more enthusiasm!” Miss Effie chided as she directed the children’s choir for Merchantville’s annual Christmas Pageant.

The boys, who were being forced to be angles, used their battery operated candles likes lightsabers. Miss Effie stopped directing the choir. “Boys those are not lightsabers, those are candles. Why can’t you be like the girls? Primrose Everdeen, please stand up straight!”

Peeta watched Prim, Katniss’s little sister try harder. He grinned, for a six year old, Prim was a well behaved girl. She was going to make a pretty angel.

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