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Can I just say I want you to write a book with this story. Like, I want 800 pages of it

OMG my record is 700 pages…i’ll try to beat it tho

lmao but really…MAYBE, i honestly haven’t written novel style in like a year i’m bad. i feel like this story would fit better as a tv show tbh, i’m a film person through and through, even my writing is cinematic haha. also i just wanna say it means so much to me that you’d even want this as a book WOT i love u <3

Making the apology of repetition

When making a photography book
, it is my understanding that you should avoid having the same scale of camera shots and angle at which your subject is photographed on a double-page (one could even argue that if you can avoid such a thing in a series altogether, the better).

This rule of thumb is not unlike the video-editing rule “at least 2 medium to big close-up shots per wide angle shot”. Of course sometimes the rushes fall short and you are left with no choice but making an exception, but it comes at a price : repetition is felt and it is boring.

In my last book (Boiling Point) however, I made a lot of these “2 pictures with the same angle, same scale per double page” arrangements. The difference being that with photography, there is always more room to manoeuver around the rules and make exceptions work than with video, as long as you know why you are doing it, that is.

In the case of Boiling Point, I used the way I thought people would discover the pictures within a timeline of sorts : “looking at pictures takes time, how will people go through these pages?”. This thinking helped a lot to figure out the image selection and placement.

For instance :

These images, while being of different scales and angles, are very frontal, not much depth (most of the book is that way, actually) but the lines drawn by the images should carry you seamlessly from one image to the next, like this :

Now, of course the elements on the first picture will attract your attention, and that is just the point of the picture in itself, but that shouldn’t disturb the ease of transition — actually I prefer the term “reading images” as it hints to the fact that photography is also a language.

But this example is still pretty okay, the repetition is not really obvious, nor can we be convinced that there actually is one to begin with. Let’s check some other double pages then :

These examples are pretty much straight forward. To make them enjoyable to read, is as easy as putting the lines of the horizon on the same level to create a continuity.

Admittedly, this is a very basic example, but you can apply that idea to less obvious images as well  :

Once you start thinking about not only the image in itself, but the way it interacts with the one next to it, your language capacity increases, and from double page, you can easily take a step further and start thinking about longer series of pictures and adapt them according to how they are presented / displayed.

can i just say, these past 4 hours have been such an extreme rollercoaster of emotions.

like seriously, the anticipation as youkou released these hints
-tidbits of panels of nalu, zervis, gruvia, gajevy
-the revelation of no time skip and kisses
-“look forward to hiro mashima’s next work”
-the damned naruto gif
-no, like the song, wins and losses by meek mill
-the crusty, pixelated last page
-“loving companions”
-lucy’s wonderful quote
-and at long last, hd spoilers

i am drained. goodnight



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Did you know that you can actually write a horror WITHOUT vilifying mentally ill people and perpetuating harmful misinterpretations of mental illness and related disorders? Wild, I know

🖤 Sweet, Sweet Madness 🖤 page 02 of 13

In the recent “Welcome to the Madness” manga, Yuri references the fact that he bought his WttM outfit while he and Otabek were shopping in Barcelona together. this is a short, fluffy, comic about that time.

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DISCLAIMER: for the love of god, don’t use alcohol with a high concentration if you’re doing this. Literally do. beer shots if you have to. I don’t wanna have any of you sent to the hospital with alcohol poisoning.

Well, folks. This is it. The end of Fairy Tail as we know it. The fandom will live on but the series is coming to a close. As a fandom we’ve endured some…wild shit together, be it plot based wild shit or fandom based wild shit, and now is a time to (mostly) put aside our differences and celebrate Fairy Tail as we know it. And what better way to celebrate with a good old drinking game? (A bingo version of this will be available shortly as well!)

1) Please be of legal drinking age in your country to play this with alcohol. You’re welcome to do this with juice or water if you’re underage or uncomfortable with drinking! Or, if you want to wait for the bingo game, that’s an option as well! (Honestly I would say if you’re not an experienced drinker then don’t use alcohol period).
3) If you take a shot of alcohol, your next two shots must be of water before you return to alcohol. This is to ensure that you don’t get alcohol poisoning, and that you stay appropriately hydrated.
4) Only one chug (a chug is defined for this game as a mouthful) for the chapter if you’re drinking high alcohol level drinks (or at all tbh) and no more than three shots per page.
5) Once you’ve chugged ANYTHING, no more alcohol period.
6) This game is designed to cater to everyone in the fandom: those happy with the ending, those unhappy with the ending, and those who don’t give a damn. There’s a wide variety of options here!
7) Honestly now that I think about it, maybe y'all shouldn’t use alcohol period, this list is extensive as fuck. Play at your own risk.

Without further ado, the drinking game @rhosinthorn and I designed!

1) Just to get us pleasantly buzzed: one shot for every one of the Big 4 to go officially canon, two shots if there’s a kiss.
3) If a crackship goes canon then make yourself a cocktail (if you do this, no more drinking).
4) Timeskip + small children for the big four = entire glass of straight vodka (or just a shot).
5) If Jerza is still dancing around each other, take a shot.
6) If a minor ship gets together that we predicted (i.e. ElfEver), half a shot.
7) ¼ a shot for every gloating/whining post in the tags.
8) 5 shots for every ‘don’t be mad at Mashima’ post (…this breaks the no more than three shots per page rule, so for one this one you are to ABSOLUTELY ONLY USE WATER)
9) Three shots for Team Natsu wrecking something. Or their progeny.
10) One shot for every edit of the exact same panel (Eien’s rec: don’t do this one with alcohol, trust me. Please use water.)
11) Chug it if the chapter is entirely full of parallels to other big moments in the series (here’s looking at you, ch 1)
12) One shot for every speech bubble a nakama speech takes up.
13) Two shots if there’s a time skip and Makarov shows up.
14) If the ghosts of Zeref and Mavis show up, chug. Chug hard.
14.b) If ghosts show up at all, chug.
15) One shot for every time someone does Laxus’s hand thing.
16) If Jellal is still technically a criminal, take a shot.
17) If Mest is shafted to the side, shot.
18) If Lucy is returning from a journey where she found Aquarius’s key, shot.
19) Keg stand if Lucy leaves a la Natsu (i.e., just take a shot).
20) Shot if Happy slips in a fat joke.
21) One shot for every item of clothing lost (Eien’s rec: …this is gonna happen a lot, I feel…water only.)
22) Three shots if Gruvia has kids that have a stripping problem.
23) If either of the Gajevy twins says gihihi take a shot.
24) If Lucy’s nickname is still bunny girl, take a shot.
25) If the bunny suit comes up take two shots.
26) If Gajeel still can’t sing, take a shot.
27) If ElfEver is still denying they’re attracted to each other, take a shot. Take another if they’re married.
28) If Miraxus goes canon, then chug. If Fraxus goes canon, then chug.


the gangsey and youtube

-they have a group channel!!
-and create really eclectic content lmao
-which means they’re fairly popular
-ok let’s start w gansey
-he does a kinda…. drunk history thing except he’s not drunk and all he’s allowed to use as a source is one wikipedia page which he gets ten minutes to read through
-it’s a mess
-oh he also does monthly videos of him reacting to things in pop culture bc he’s as aware of pop culture as most elderly folk
-noah does makeup tutorials
-hear me out
-he does really outlandish looks that look absolutely amazing?? and he does weekly videos which can be:
-looks only using drugstore products
-looks using only vegan products
-looks using products for sensitive skin
-it just depends on how he feels when he wants to film
-(sometimes he flickers and blames it on camera quality. shh)
-blue does rant videos, diy videos and sometimes features the girls of 300 fox way
-her rant videos are incredibly popular because ?? she speaks the Truth and has no filter
-ok so sometimes the popularity
is through discourse but…… she can handle herself…… y’all…..
-her diy videos are usually like those ‘reuse ur old clothes’ videos bc she’s Cool like that
-and smart
-she mainly features orla in the diy fashion because orla actually knows fashion and blue. doesn’t really.
-calla gets featured in the rants
-she is both feared and adored
-ronan does stunt videos and most of their fanbase worry for his health tbh
-he’s the only one who doesn’t post regularly
-it’s 3am on a monday and whoops everyone’s watching ronan lynch somersault off monmouth manufacturing and landing on a skateboard or something
-he did post a video of chainsaw too once
-she kept trying to peck the camera
-adam doesn’t post often, but they’re regular
-like maybe a video every two months
-he usually does book reviews or positivity videos
-(one time he posted a video of him playing the ukelele and the fanbase went wild)
-(then again,, it was ‘can’t help falling in love’ and “for ronan” was the title)
-group videos are always chaotic but Great
-you can tell they’re all really close and it’s so cute
-one time they did a video where they had to sing songs from musicals and if they didn’t know the words they had to make them up
-most of the made up lyrics had to be bleeped out
-one time they videoed a road trip
-henry was featured in that one. #sarchengsy was. lowkey viral. for a while.
-this was very self indulgent im not sorry
-it’s also probably been done

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Do you read sidgeno fic? If so can you recommend any good ones? :)

There’s waaaay too many incredible fics in this fandom for me to rec all the ones I love (I have over 200 saved in my sidgeno folder,) but Base NotesMouthful of DiamondsBow and Arrow, Welcome Home, Idiomatic, Dezinformatsiya, Looking Forward, Lie Back and Think of England, semantic shift, Scott Wilson and the Case of the Levitsky House Ghosts, You By My Side, See Why I Stay, Stranger in This Lonely Town, and Since Always are all excellent.