A small thing for Oikawas birthday, fashionably belated of course. There’s this saying around where I live that if your piece of cake fall over with wrong side up, you won’t get married. But hey! Who decides which side is wrong!!?

(The cake has been thrown around enough Iwa, though the temptation is understandable)


All-in-One Page 02 | by bisexualamy

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  • Don’t steal or claim as your own
  • Don’t use as a base
  • Don’t touch the credit


  • One version has the sliding image and one doesn’t
  • The sliding image must be 550x350 in order for everything to work
  • 4 tabs
  • About, faq, tags, and blogroll section
  • About section features a 100x100 icon and interview section
  • Faq section features headers that expand for questions and answers
  • The navigation boxes scroll to allow for more tags
  • *make sure to put your url where it says YOURURL for the ask box to work*
  • All sections are labeled for easy usage

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So, a few months ago, like 4 or 5, there was a bunch of these booklr as kids tags going around. I havent been home since Christmas, so I didnt have access to my incredibly cute baby/kid photos. One tag called Booklr as kids was created by amberthebooklion and another one called Booklr babies was created by smaugthebookhoarder and I was tagged by thebookhangover to do that tag! paellego created a tag thing that was about showing booklrs through the years, so this is me through my first years!

As you can see in that last picture, Ive always loved books, so much I even fell asleep reading them..

I’m tagging books-and-cookies, pollyandbooks, adifferentkindofinfinite, library-heaven, boneseasonofglass, just-one–more-page, pocahontis-little-book-nook to do the booklr babies tag!

29. July Book Photo Challenge: Re-read

Yes. I am doing it. I am re-reading the 14-monster-novel epic-fantasy series that is Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time. I started this year, because I’ve had the last book since it came out and still hadn’t read it! I knew I had to go back through the whole series for it to make sense. I’m listening to them on audiobooks and I’m at book 10.