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What I’m hoping that Mad Max/Star Wars proves to the film industry is that while yes, CGI takes less space to produce and thus less budget and yes, it is improving all the time, but SO HAVE PROPS/SCENIC TECHNIQUES. 

Like…consider 3D printers, advancements made in puppetry in stage craft…both technology worlds, side by side, are progressing. 

The advantage to realized props/scenery? The actors. Remember Ian Mckellan crying onset of Hobbit due to acting in a purely green screen room? Contrast that with any horror film that built realized props. Watch the actors. Watch how they interact with their surroundings. I firmly believe that when the actors can believe it, when the world is grounded from the start up, the films that get made are better done. 

CGI is at the level that it can blend seamlessly with a realized set. Doing sets all in CGI makes very little sense, alienates the actors to solely their imagination, and destroys an industry of prop makers, puppeteers, and production designers that have so much to offer.

So go see these films. See the behind the scenes footage with the actors HAPPY about doing these films. CGI has a hell of a lot of industry already. Production Design, set design, props, etc, should never not be real. 


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