A collection of mini comics I’m too lazy to color! Clic the images for stuff to read!

1) “hi baby” is something you can actually say to him in an episode! He normally will laugh, but I thought if it was Leaf telling him that he would just. Not be prepared. Also Leaf totally saw Nevra say that to a lot of people (and wink) and thought it was a normal way to say hello!

2) Chrome being angry for whatever reason and Leaf trying to help. They did hear something about petting heads but at the same time Leaf don’t always pay attention to what people are saying so they’re not sure anymore. But hey, it worked! Again, because Chrome wasn’t prepared for Leaf doing that, not that he’s usually ok with people petting him. BUT IT’S LEAF SO.

3 ) Based on the last ep I played. Was like “wow” when he said that cause wanting to help/be useful is everything for Leaf! And couldn’t believe for a second tat they had something so important in common. Also they’re both looked down for being young, push aside, mocked, ALL THE FUN STUFF!

Cry no more, feeling all alone and insecure
You have been going through these stages
Now it’s time to turn the pages
—  My love for you through eurovision songs: O'G3NE - Lights and shadows (The Netherlands)

Hanahaki Disease is now started! :D
Page 1: Here!
Page 2: Link

I’d like to try and update this comic every Saturday at the absolute latest. I will definitely always try to update it earlier though! Stay tuned and let the Yooseven begin!!


I don’t know why you’d want it but here you go, my very boring self for you 

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Fem!Mint Yoongi feat. Unnecessary Space Background