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Just got bored and tried to translate this one. Hopefully the translation from Japanese to English is good enough, since neither of the two is my first language. tbh, I sucked in English grammar, while I just started to learn Nihongo (just to be able to read those untranslated doujins and manga). So, if there’s grammar error or something, pls tell me. (^^)

Anyway, this one page doujinshi is owned and created by Ooshima Tomo and is included in the NicoMaki Collection 2 of Sweet-Pea/Ooshima Tomo. I don’t have any claim on this one. Just for viewing pleasure only. 


Arrow Spec Script 04x01 - Act Three

Disclaimer:  This is not a spoiler, this is fanfiction.  

Note to Reader:  This is a speculative script for Arrow Season 4, episode 1.  I will be presenting it in sections.  The first 10 pages are above, and the rest is under the cut.

Previously on Arrow:  Teaser / Act One / Act Two

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“Eh, this is just one of our permanent guests, actually.”

Just one of your guests?? Excuse me, I am royalty! And I happen to be waiting on that coffee, mister!”

“Right, of course. To answer your question, yes! Some are temporary, and some are permanent, like Puck here.”

{Puck is now open for asks!}

//- I fail to understand people sometimes. This is a series with death, torture, genocide, sometimes implied rape and many other atrocities of war and the thing that makes it ‘disgusting’ is who two consenting people can marry? 

Don’t get me wrong, I understand that there is such thing as problematic incest where it’s about abuse and control but the way it’s portrayed in Fire Emblem has almost always been in a consenting, loving relationship between two people capable of making their own decisions. I can understand it being squicky to some people (and even triggering to survivors of certain abuse) but how can you support certain kinds of love and not others when it’s completely consensual between the two parties involved?